Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 10

Im so sorry guys,for the late updates..i just have a tight schedule…and thank you so much for all the comments,they mean a lot…and keep commenting…i hope you like this one too…i hv made it pretty long..
Sharad malhotra:teeshay shah

5pm,Birla industries
Everyone gets ready to leave…yuvan enters krishnas cabin
Yuvan:finally tumse baath kar saktha hoon main…yeh mr.birla itna bada akdu niklega mujhe pata nahi tha(finally,i can talk to u,i didnt know mr birla was this arrogant)..
Krishna:i dont get him,he was so nice to me the other day…theres something srsly wrong with him..she said rolling her eyes..
Yuvan smiled at her jestures…
Yuvan:acha madam,shall we leave now…
He notices krishnas disturbed face

Yuvan:kya hua krish,itni disturbed kyon ho?
Krishna:ab kya batau yuvan,yeh aadmi dimaag kharab karke rakha hai mera..he wants me to go with him to sign some deal.that to at night…
Yuvan:what??but why you??krish i dont think its safe to go with him alone
Krishna:no,its not that..he is just trying his best to make me quit…but mein bhi kuch kam nahi hoon…she said in a determined tone..yuvan stared at her…he had never seen krishna this angry at any one…
Yuvan:itna gussa??take a chill pill krish…ab tumhare mood teekh karne ke liye mere pas ek plan hai!!he winked at her..

Krishna:nahi yuvan..not today…he ll be picking me at 8pm…i have to go home,freshen up and decide what to wear…
Yuvan noded his head in disbelief
Yuvan:ye ladkiyaan bhi naa…its just 5pm..u have plenty of time to decide what to wear…u r coming with me right now,and i want no excuses…
Krishna smiled at him as he pulled her outside and made her sit behind him on his bike..
Krishna:acha ye toh batao ki wer r we going??
Yuvan:suspense hai..
Sayyam watches them leaving together and fumes…he asks his driver to follow them…
They stop at a pani puri stall…yuvan gets pani puris for krishna while krishna jumps in excitement…both sayyam and yuvan smile watching her cute antics..
Sayyam realizes what he is doing,and quickly asks the driver to leave…
7:50pm,krishnas flat

Sayyam has been waiting outside krishnas flat since 5mins
Sayyam:ho kya gaya hai tumhe sayyam?why are you here so early?and why did you ask the driver to take the night off?he asked himself..He got down from the car and started pacing back and forth anxiosly…he didnt know the answers himself…
Krishna spots sayyam and wonders why he was walking around worried…
Krishna:kya hua sir?

Sayyam stops in a jerk and turns around with the same anxious expression on his face…
Sayyam:kuch nahi woh…why are you so late??he asked pretending to be angry..
Krishna:im not late,u r early..she complained
Sayyam:watever,just get into the car..
She heads towards the back seat,

Sayyam:iam not ur driver…sit in the front..he didnt know why he said that…
Krishna:par sir,aapka driver kaha hai?
Sayyam:what are we having here,a Q&A section?..listen,i have no time to answer your dumb questions,waise bhi tumhaari wajah se hum kaafi late hai…he said in his usual arrogant tone..

Krishna grumbles angrily:khud waqt se pehle aake mujhe late keh raha hai,akdu…she turned towards the window to avoid looking at him…
They reach maheshwari mansion…
Both get down & walk inside…Mr maheshwari greets sayyam..they talk about the deal..while krishna stands there bored..
Krishna thinks:i dont know y he brought me here?what am i supposed to do now…she looks at her watch,man,its just 8:15…how long do i have to wait here…she grumbled..she walks towards the drinks section…
Mrs maheshwari spots krishna and walks towards her..
Mrs M:u r krishna right?
Krishna looks at her puzzled..

Krishna:yes iam,how do you know me?
Mrs M:i have seen your engagement photos…sharad malhotra was my sons friend…krishna felt a pain in her chest at the mention of his name…she gazed at her trying to stop her tears…Mrs M saw her discomfort..
Mrs M:im so sorry beta,i didnt mean to hurt u…Krishna forced a smile on her face..
Krishna:its ok..
Mrs M:kya tum akeli aayi ho?
Krishna:no,im here with my boss…he has to sign a deal..
Mrs M:oh,u look bored…why dont you join me and my friends?

Mrs M introduces krishna to her friends…
Mrs K:So is this the girl whose groom met with an accident on the wedding night?
She whispered to mrs M…
Mrs M nodded..they gossip among themselves…krishna felt awkward as all of them stared at her strangely…she excuses herself and goes to drink water..
Mrs K:shayad isi ki badkismati ki wajah se uski hone wale pati ka moth huwa(perhaps her groom died because of her ill fate)
Mrs A:mein kya kehti hoon,aisi ladkiyon ko apne beton se door rakho…(just keep such girls away from your sons)

Mrs M:just stop it you two,how can you be so insensitive…and who talks about such stuffs these days..
Mrs A:o please…agar itni pasand aayi uss ladki ko tho usse apne bete ki shaadi kyon nahi karvathe?(if you like her so much,why dont you get your son married to her?)
Mrs M:aisi baath nahi hai(its not like that)
Mrs K:then what is it huh?Tum kuch bhi kaho,lekin itni badkismathi ladki ke saath kon dobara rishta nibhana chahega?(no matter what u say,who ll want to take such an ill fated girls hand?)

Krishna listened to their conversation as tears ran down her eyes….she felt immense pain in her chest..she stormed towards the drinks counter and gulped down a glass full of vine…she recounted the womens convo as tears ran down her eyes…she asked for more and more until she was completely drunk..
Sayyam noticed that krishna was missing..he looks around for her…he spots her talking to the bartender..
Sayyam:ye waha kya kar rahi hai?

He walked towards her..
Sayyam:krishna tum..she turns around,he is shocked to find her completely drunk..
Krishna:acha tum bhi aao,she turns towards the bartender,bhaiyya isko bhi ek glass do…humesha mujhe sunatha rahtha hai..she complained like a little child..
Sayyam:what are you doing here?and why are u drunk?
Krishna to the bartender:dekho bhaiyya,kaha tha na meine…sayyam grabed her arms…
Sayyam:i know what you r trying to do,stop trying to humilate me infront of my clients..he said gritting his teeth in anger…
Krishna:ouch,mujhe dard ho raha hai..she cried..
Sayyam losened his grip:chalo,lets leave..
Krishna:mujhe nahi jana…mujhe iss bhaiyya se baath karni hai…she pouted like a child..she stumbles but sayyam holds her..

Sayyam:dekho,tumhaari wajah se,i have to leave without signing my deal,i dont want to create a scene just stop throwing tantrums and come with me…he ordered..
Krishna narrowed her eyes playfully:nahi aaungi tumhaare saath,kya karloge tum?
Sayyam stared at her with anger fuming inside him,forcing her to come with him will only cause her to throw more tantrums..he thought..

Sayyam:dekho,if u come with me,i ll get you more of these drinks..he said,faking a sweet smile..krishna jumps in excitement like an adorable child,sayyam is taken aback by her antics…he smiles at her..
Sayyam:ab chalo mere saath…
He held her hand and walked towards the car…he looked around to make sure no one was watching them..he jerked her hand off,and clutched her arms tightly and pulled her towards him..she cried in pain…
Sayyam:u did this to humiliate me right?

Krishna tried to free herself from his grip…
She looked at him with misty eyes…
Krishna:it hurts…
He quickly frees her,and looks at her with concern…
Krishna:is it my fault?kya sab kuch meri galti hai?Did he get into an accident because of my ill fate??she asked as the tears that she tried to hold back gushed forth from her eyes…Guilt stung sayyams heart,he knew he was responsible for her grief,the very reason why he had to stay away from her…He subconsciously wiped her tears..
Sayyam:its not your fault,trust me..he whispered soothingl,like a father consoling his child…krishna looks at him innocently..

Sayyam wakes up to find him holding krishnas hand whos still asleep..he smiles looking at her…

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  2. Really cute…….love ur ff…please update ur other ff also….

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