Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 1

Saumya held krishna trying to prevent her from breaking down…krishna was motionless for a moment,she could not take in what just happened..saumya put her hand around her daughters shoulders trying to console her…krishna shook her off,she moves her head”no,this cant be happening,this is a bad dream..she says trying to bring herself together,she holds her mother”mama,please tell me this isnt true,mama please”she says,saumya cuts her off “krishna,sambhalo apne aapko “she replies in an attempt to convince her daughter that watever was happening around her was bitter but true..krishna gasps for breath as she collapses on the floor,tears gush forth from her eyes…no amount of tears could show the immense pain that she felt right then..
She sits beside sharads body,holding his face as tears run down her eyes..kishen(her dad)puts his arms around her,she pulls him into a hug,soaking his shirt with her tears…he tries to console her…

“I know its him,he killed my son”sharads father shouts in between his tears..pichle baar dhamki deke chala gaya tha,usne hi mara mere bete ko,he mumbles as his words are broken down by his tears..everyone turn towards him as they realize who he was talking about..Sayyam Birla,only son of Yuvraj Birla…he had come to their village the previous week to give his final warning to them…to sign his deal or face the consequences…”aap logon ko mein aakhri warning de raha hoon, aap log apna makan hamare company ke naam karte hue ye deal sign kariye ya iske anjaam dekhne ke liye tayyaar ho jaayiye”his words echoed in krishnas ears as she recalled his last arrival..that was it,he had killed five young men of their village…that was the consequence he was talking could someone be that cruel…she thought..

Birla Mansion
Sayyam gets down from his car and walks into the mansion that long ago was called “a home”..they say “incidents whether good or bad,always teach you to live life”,it was quite true in his case..He walks into a dark room and turns the light on…At the corner of the room,there is a large bed,thats where his mother has remained motionless ever since his fathers sudden suicide few years ago..he calls the seravant and asks him if suhani had taken all the medicines..the servant nods in affirmation….he sits beside her,removes his goggles and holds her hand..a tear drop escapes his eyes,he immediately wipes it off..he had no choice but to be strong…He had to take care of her,fullfil his dads last wish..

Yuvani was his last solace,but even his sister,had to leave him to live his fate alone…His life had taught him to be strong,but with strength comes bitterness..His strong self had turned him to the most bitter version of himself…pleas and cries moved him no more..he followed his own rules…and made everyone follow them too…he gets up and puts his goggles back on,and leaves the room…he makes a call”im sure they will sign the deal now…we dont leave them with a choice “he says,his words stern like him..he cuts the call and heads towards his car…

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    That was really good! Please update soon xx

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