innocent swara and naughty sanskar(swasan fs) Shot-3

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Innocent swara and naughty sanskar
Shot 3
After bidding bye to sanskar ,swara went
Laksh:finally you are succeced sanskar
Sanskar:don’t know yaar .she ‘ll again come with a new word.god only knows how I’m going to manage her
Ragini:what you mean by that ?
Sanskar:nothing yaar.yeh lucky tumari iss tomgirlfriend ko leke jao

Next day
Calcutta university
Sanskar was waiting for swara.but ther is no sign of her .at that time bell rang so he went to his class .but he can’t concentrate on his class .he is waiting for the break last his wait came to an end
Break period
Swara was sitting and eating her lunch .at that time sanskar and his friends came there
Swara:hi laksh,arjun bhaiya ,ragini and shanyu di
Sanskar was eagerly waiting to hear his name with out any attachment
Swara:hi sankar
Sanskar(relieved):hi swara
Laksh:swara muumy ne nahi sikaya tumhe (didn’t your mother teach you)
Swara:kya bhaiyaa
Swara:no bhaiya sharing is a crime
Swara:yes bhaiya in my school students should not share their foods with others .if we share also they will find in cctv camera and they will

Laksh :what?
Swara:they will give us punishments
Sanskar:what punishments they will give ?
Swara:they will call our parents and will say or they will put us in dark room where there is a lion (said in a scary voice).it’s called lion room

Hearing this all laughed loudly
Sanskar(still laughing):swara there is nothing like that okay
Swara:no sanskar you don’t know our school .our principal says that to everyone
Sanskar:okay in which standard they said like this ?
Swara: when I’m in 3rd standard.they said
Sanskar(cannot believe):so you are believing from 3rd standard till now .you are impossible swara
Swara:sanskar you are using wrong english
Sanskar:what swara?

Swara:you know what there is no word called impossible in dictionary .it says that I’m possible only
Sanskar really wanted to bang his head in a nearby wall .but can’t do
Sanskar:seriously swara out of all things you only heard this thing
Swara:again wrong
Swara:sanskar that is not a thing .that is a word .that too 10 letter word .
Sanskar:swara seriously you are an dumb

Swara:sanskar don’t talk like this .bad boys only talk like says we should stay away from such bad boys .if you talk like this theni’ll not talk to you
Sanskar mouth hanged down hearing this and also afraid if swara will not talk then what will happen
Sanskar:swara I’m sorry .i’ll not talk like that okay .
Swara:okay last time
Sanskar:but you should hear me and that too without any interruption okay
Swara:but (before she could speak)

Sanskar:finger on the lips swara
Swara also did like a obedient kid
Sanskar(smiled seeing her):good .they said when you are small but you are grown up now .and believe me there is no room like dark and lion room .do you understand ?
Sanskar:say me something swara

Swara was showing some signs to sanskar .now sanskar understand
Sanskar:okay take your fingers
Swara:so there is noo room like that .but they said like that why
Sanskar:because you’ll not eat like and moreover where are you ?
Swara:I’m in canteen
Sanskar:urggg.i’m asking whether you are in school or college?

Swara:in college
Sanskar:so there is no room like that and moreover you can share here okay
Laksh:swara now you will give right
Swara yes
When laksh was going to take a spoon from her plate .swara stopped him again
Laksh looked confused
Sanskar:now what happened swara ?
Swara:but I already ate that right

swara:bhaiya it contains my saliva right.if you eat it you’ll get ill bhaiya
sanskar:it’s not like that swara
swara:no sanskar you should not eat it otherwise you’ll get disease .seriously I studied
ragini:always proving you are a science student swara
sanskar:may I know who said this thing.don’t say that your stupid school said swara?
Swara:no sanskar my mom said .we should give our food before eating only ,otherwise all will feel bad my mom said
sanskar:but we’ll not feel bad swara

Swara:but I cannot take risk by giving it.what if you get disease or fever no no I’ll not give it.tomorrow I’ll give to everyoneokay
Sanskar:say directly swara that you don’t want to give it .don’t make any lame excuses okay
Swara:I’m not making any excuses okay
Sanskar(little angry):then give it

Laksh:stop itttttttttttt.i just asked a little spoon .but you both started your own class and here mera bhook tho jay gaya aur mera pass energy nahi hai aap dono ka lecture stop it and go
Swara:sorry bhai .i’ll bring for you tomorrow specially .bye bhaiyaa.

To be continued
Precap: swasan friendship

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