innocent swara and naughty sanskar(swasan fs) Shot-2

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Innocent Swara And Naughty Sanskar
Shot 2
Swara went to her home and told about her day in college and went to study
At sanskar’s side :
Laksh came to sanskar’s house as he wanted some notes
Sujata:laksh come inside .how are you beta ?
Laksh:hai aunty ,uncle how are you.i’m fine
Ram :we are fine
All settled in the couch at that time servant came
Servant:sanskar bhaiyaa take the water
Sanskar after listening bhaiyaa word he remembered swara calling him bhaiyaa and he got angry
Sanskar(angry):hey u from which angle do I like look like bhaiyaa .tell me your age
Servant(afraid):I’m 25 only
Here sujatha ,ram were confused but laksh knows why he is getting angry
Sanskar:you are elder to me then also calling me bhaiyaa .
Servant:sorry bhaiyaa I’m calling you bhaiyaa from a very long time .pls muje maff kardigiya pls bhaiyaa
Sanskar:phir se bhaiyaa .who are you are? you are her relation right or don’t tell me that you also took pledge .if you took again bhaiyaa I swear I’ll kill you
Servant(scared) :I’m sorry bhaiyaa
Sanskar:again I’ll not leave you
Saying this he is going to catch him .before he could do sujata stopped him
Sujata:what happened sanskar?why are behaving weirdly ?he always calls you bhaiyaa only.why are getting angry today?
Sanskar himself don’t know what to say so he kept quiet
Laksh:I’ll say you aunty .it’s because a girl called him bhaiyaa that’s why saying this he told all the things which happened.
After hearing this sujata and ram started to laugh
Laksh:I think this made him angry .hain na sanskar?
But he passed an angry glare to him
Sujata:I can’t believe it sanskar she called you bhaiya .but how did allow her as far I know you won’t even allow a kid to call you bhaiya .
Laksh:why aunty?
Sujata:because he says that it affects his reputation
Ram :i cannot believeit my son .but someone has the courage to call you bhaiyaa .hates to her
Sanskar:she didn’t do it purposefully dad it’s all because of her stupid school.i’ll go and kill her principle and come
Sujata(teases):sanskar just tell whether she is like other gopiyan or radha hai
Sanskar:ma please stop it
Saying this he went away

Next day
In college
As usual sanskar and his gang are sitting at that time swara came so they called her
Swara:good morning laksh and arjun bhaiyaa ,ragini and shanaya di
Sanskar was happy as he thought she won’t call him bhaiya but her next word made him shock and also others
Swara:good morning sanskar SIR
Sanskar:what did you say ?
Swara:good morning
Sanskar:after that
Sanskar:after that
Swara:oh SIR
Sanskar:how many times did I say you to call sanskar?
Swara:two times you said
Swra:two times you said to call me by your name
Sanskar:what two times ?
Swara:yesterday two times you said
Now only sanskar realized that
Sanskar:uggh!!!!!.okay what did I say you?
Swara:you said me not to call you bhaiya .
All are sitting and watching their nokjhok
Sanskar:then what I said?
Swara:then you told me to call you by your name
Sanskar:what did you say?
Swara:I said sanskar sir
Sanskar:whether sanskar sir is my name
Sanskar:then why did you call me sir ?
Swara:but you didn’t say me yesterday not to call you SIR .you only said not to call you bhaiya .
Sanskar don’t what to say at this innocent creature
Swara:you know what I didn’t sleep yesterday fully .
Ragini:why didn’t you sleep yesterday.?
Swara:because I was thinking what to call ?
All laughed at her innocence sanskar also smiled a little .but our swara took it in a wrong way and said
Swara:I know sanskar sir will like it .
Sanskar(confused):when did I say that?
Swara:now only you smiled
Sanskar:if I smile that means I liked it.who said it?
Swara:if you smile at something means you really like it .
Sanskar:who said it?
Swara:I don’t know.
Sanskar:then how you said that?
Before swara could answer
Ragini:laksh ,sanskar this is the boy who is troubling me a lot
Sanskar:you come here(pointing towards that boy)
Swara was standing there silently seeing what they are going to do
Laksh:why are you disturbing ragini?
Boy:because I love her
Sanskar:she is your senior man
Boy:but I really love her
Laksh:stop the nonsense and start concentrating on her studies.if I see you near her .i’ll break your 306 bones (before he could complete swara spoke)
Swara:but bhaiya there are only 206 bones in human body .how can you break his 306 bones because he has only 206 bones (says with a giggle)
All laughs except laksh
Laksh:there is a little tongue slip okay
Swara:okay bhaiya don’t worry .but now onwards you know right there are only 206 bones just remember that
That boy also laughs at them .this makes sanskar angry
Sanskar(turning towards swara):swara come front
She comes and stands in front of them
Sanskar:both are laughing at the seniors right .now get the punishments
Swara(little afraid):but I didn’t laugh .i don’t want any punishments pls
Sanskar:no means no.okay your punishment is say these lines ten times and you go
Swara:what is that?
Sanskar:”DIRTY DIRTY JUNIORS MIGHTY MIGHTY SENIORS” say these lines and go
Swara:no I’ll not say
Sanskar:why so?
Before swara could say the bell rang and swara ran away from them .all laugh at her innocence and goes to the respective classes

At break period
Swara was sitting in a corner .sanskar and his friends saw her and went towards her and sat before her
Swara saw them but didn’t talk with them and just bow her head .all are confused with her behaviour
Sanskar:swara what happened ?
Ragini:what happened swara?
Arjun:did anyone teased you ?
Laksh:tell their names .we’ll see him
Here sanskar was getting restless seeing no response from swara
Shanaya:you are making us scare swara
Swara:I don’t want to talk with you?
Sanskar(shocked):why so?
Swara:because you gave me my school I haven’t got any punishment .but you all gave me .that’s why
Hearing her all started to laugh .
Swara:see again you are laughing .i’ll not talk to you .i’m katti with you all.
Sanskar:but I’m not .okay sorry we will not give any punishment .hain na guys
All: yes swara we will not give any punishments
Swara:purply promise
Sanskar:purply promise what is that ?i have heard only about pinky promise .
Ragini:yes I also heard only pinky promise.what is this swara?
Swara:it’s because I don’t like pink .i like purple a lot that’s why I changed it into purply promise.nice na
They can’t do nothing but only smiling at her
Sanskar:okay purply promise .now happy
Swara:okay.but why did you give me punishment
Sanskar:because I’m angry on you
Swara:but why .i have completed all my my assignments .then why you got angry ?
Sanskar:it’s because you called sir that’s why I became angry
Swara:oh .why did you get angry when I call you sir?
Sanskar:it’s because I don’t want you to call me sir .
Sanskar:again same question (sanskar signed and took a deep breathe )
All other’s were pitying on sanskar’state
Sanskar:okay who and all you call sir ?say me
Swara:I call my professor ,principal,correspondant
Sanskar:okay but I’m not one of them right.
Sanskar:then why did you call me sir?
Swara(with so much innocence):because I want to give you respect
Sanskar(laughed at her innocence):respect should be in your heart .it is in your heart?
Swara(nodding her head vigourlessly):yes it is
Sanskar:then no need to say anything .okay
Sanskar:from onwards you’ll say only by your name
Sanskar:okay .let’s start trial. Say my name
Swara:okay sanskar
Sanskar:okay good .now go to home and sleep properly and don’t come tomorrow with new brand okay
Swara:okay bye sanskar.bye everyone
To be continued

Precap:sanska asking swara to be their friends in a different style

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    U know there is something that is attracting me towards this ff😘😘😘 great writing skill… Loved it.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 poor servant 😢 bechare ko dat padh gai

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    Swara kis mitti ki bani hai yaar🤐🤐🤐🤐😐😑😶😶😶 Swara is really very very innocent yaar. Bilkul bachi hai woh👧👧👧👧👧👧 Waiting for the next episode. Update soon☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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