innocent swara and naughty sanskar(swasan fs) Shot-1

Hello everyone this is reethu with a new story on swasan .this will be only few shots .i hope u will like it

Innocent swara and naughty sanskar(swasan ff)

Sanskar maheswari: a 20 year old guy.his name doesn’t even suit for him.very very naughty .a big prankster.enjoys his life to the fullest .always do something different only .an average student .doing commerce.(oops forgot to add one thing)very handsome guy and girls drool over him
Swara gadodia: a 19 year old girl .bubblyness can be seen only in her cheeks but not in her character .she is exteremely beautiful .but she is a nerdy type always in her books .very innocent .loves her parents .always do what her parents says.always lives under her parents shadow .a very bright student always comes first in the class.she is a science student .her big danger is her innocence .always have a dictionary in her bag (will reveal it later)and she is very punctual too
Rp&sujata:parent of sanskar.very rich and loves sanskar
Shekar&sharmistha:parent of swara.loves her very much she is born after so many years of marriage.they are really worried about her innocence nature .loves her so much .modern type .parents.also very rich

A big pink room is shown where everything is kept neatly.and a girl is getting ready to go for her college .and she is ready to go to collage.and she is checking her checklist last time .
Here a lady is going to knock the door .before she could knock the door she opened the door wishing her a good morning
Lady:good morning shona .you are ready come and have ur breakfast
Swara:okay ma.i’ll come there within five minutes ma .is it okay ma?
Sharmistha:okay beta .you don’t need to ask permission beta you can ask me.
Afte saying this sharmistha went to dinning table there shekar is waiting for her lovely daughter
Sharmistha:shekar I don’t when this girl will take her own decision and I ‘m really worrying about her future .this because of us only .
Shekar:don’t worry sharmistha .i hope this college life changes her life in a good way
At that time swara came
Swara:good morning dad
Shekar:good morning beta .today is your first day of ur college .so all the best for you
Swara:thank u dad
Calcutta university:
Swara entered inside the college and saw many students sitting and chatting .seeing all this she got confused and asked her dad who accompanied her
Swara:dad we came correct place only right .is this is the university dad?
Shekar:yes swara why did you ask this question beta?
Swara:dad university means all should study only right but here all are sitting and chatting dad
Shekar(laughed after hearing swara):swara this is not the school .you are grown up now .colleges will be like this only okay.all the best beta .study well
Swara:okay dad

Boy(romantically):surbi tum na tum na bohot
Surbhi:main kya bohot
Boy:tum bohot moti ho chuki (saying this he laughs loudly)
Surbhi:I hate you sanskar .you are such an
Sanskar:I know I’m handsome and hot and all.don’t need to say and all okay bye I have to go now
Saying this he went ,leaving a fuming surbhi behind

Sanskar joined his gang members where all are waiting for him
His gang includes ragini ,laksh .shanaya and arjun
Laksh:here comes our Krishna of our college.
Sanskar:hi guys .laksh don’t call me that
Ragini:phir kya you haven’t left any girl in this college even if it is senior or really don’t care always flirting
Sanskar:that’s is in my blood it cannot be changed my dear
Laksh:behave sanskar she is my girlfriend
Sanskar:bada aaya mera girlfriend .okay let’stop this and do something with the juniors
At that time swara was passing them .sanskar saw her and get mesmerized by her beauty .all saw towards his sight and were shocked
Arjun:she is so beautiful right
shanaya:she is so bubbly right
ragini:close your mouth or else insect will go inside
sanskar jerked from his thought and looked at them who was staring him with a naughty smile
sanskar:it’s not like what you think guys
laksh:one or other day Krishna should fall in love only
sanskar:it’s not like that
arjun:okay let me call her
arjun:hey you (pointing towards swara) come here girl
swara goes there and stands in front of them
arjun:hey you what’s your name ?
swara:I don’t know you .my mom says we should not say our names to stranger
raglak,sarun(shanya+arjun),sanskar laughs at her innocence
ragini:we are your seniors so say ur name
swara:no I’ll not
sanskar:if you didn’t say ur name you’ll get punishments
swara:I have to go my class will be starting
sanskar:say your name and go
swara :my name is swara bhaiyaaa.
At that time bell rang
Swara:bye bhaiyaass saying this she run away
Sanskar was in shock
Shanya:oh god she called you bhaiya oh my god this the world record
Ragini:yes shanya the great flirter sanskar maheswari has been called bhaiya
Saying this all laughs
Ragini and shanaya(together): bye bhaiyaa we are getting late to the clas saying this they went
Sanskar:how dare she ?arjun and laksh search her branch and come

At canteen :
Sanskar and gangs were sitting in the canteen .at that time swara came .seeing her coming sanskar called her
Sanskar:swara come here
Swara:ji bhaiyaa
Sanskar:stop calling me bhaiyaa okay
Swara:but you are my senior and I took my pledge too
Laksh:pledge which pledge ?what pledge
Swara:you didn’t take bhaiyaa
Laksh:hum bhi bhaiyaa
Ragini:which pledge swara?
Swara:yahi di `ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS”.in my school we used to say
Hearing this all started to laugh .but swara was standing there as obedient student .finnaly they stopped lauging
Ragini:oh god bubbly stop it we can’t laugh more
Swara:di my name is not bubbly my name is swara
Shanya:okay swara which group you are ?
Swara:I’m a science student
ragini, arjun ,shanya,laksh introduced themselves
ragini:you what you are talking with sanskar(before she could complete swara interrupted her)
swara:I know di I’ll talk with parents told only to talk with sanskar.
Sanskar(hearing this he was shocked ):what
Shanaya(shocked):matlab you know sanskar already
Swara:di sanskar sab ke saat hoti hai all one in this world
Sanskar is standing in shock .he was thinking whether he knows her all the thoughts are coming in his mind
Ragini:sanskar is with all of the people
Laksh:swara what do mean by sanskar?
Swara:sanskar means manners .i’ll talk only with manners because it was thought by my parents
Sanskar shocked swara rocked
All are looking her with shocked face .but she is standing with her innocent face
arjun:thank god swara tum bhi na
swara:kyun bhaiyaa
ragini:kyunki yahan ek ensan hai unka name bhi sanskar hai (she pointed towards sanskar )
swara:your name is sanskar(she said with giggles)
sanskar:what is making you so laugh ?
swara:see na my name is swara it’s meaning is sweet.your name is sanskar it’s meaning is manners .but you don’t have any manners saying this she laughed .
sanskar angrily glared her
swara:sorry sanskar bhaiyaa
sanskar:stop calling me bhaiyaa swara
swara: I cannot insult my pledge too
sanskar:but I’m a African that’s why
sanskar sighed in relief
swara:but you are elder to me and my parents gets angry if I didn’t give respect
sanskar don’t know what to say suddenly an idea came in his mind
sanskar:okay swara if you want to call me bhai you can call but my life span will be reducing
swara:why bhaiyaa
sanskar:because in kundli if any one calls me bhai I’ll die know what I’m the only one in my family .i have to take care of mymother and father’s business too but it’s okay no problem you can call me
swara:is it true bhaiyaa sorry sorry hereafter I’ll not call you as bhaiyaa
sanskar:thank u swara
Swara:okay bye sanskar,bye laksh bhaiya .arjun bhaiya ,ragini di, shanya di
Sanskar looked towards others and smile winningly
Ragini:she is so innocent yaar she believed you man .she is too cute too yaar

Precap:more masti with innocence

Thank you .i hope you like the plot of the story .it’s going to be funny story.pls leave your comments and do say whether I want to continue or not .


  1. Mars


    |Registered Member

    Superbbbb dear. Swara is soo innocent feeling to pull her cheeks.
    Sanskar is really very naughty.
    Continue soon
    Take care.

  2. Sus

    its awesome dear just becoz of pledge she is calling everyone brother and sisters …omg …..she even did not what actually brother sister relation is

  3. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bhaiya yarr it’s too insulting for Sanskaar… So cute and bubbly Shona😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😘 waiting for further episode

  4. cute girl

    superb update its osam amazing outstanding update and swaras inocent character just rocked and my naughty sanskar awww plss update regularly and make it a ff because its amazing

  5. Kanha


    |Registered Member

    Swara is tooo cuteeeee and innocent😍😍😍😍😍😍 Sanskar bhaiya wala scene was 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was just laughing throughout the episode. Seeing me, my mom asked whether I became mad or what?😂😂😂😂😂 Waiting for the moment when ‘Sanskaari Swara’ will become ‘Sanskar ki Swara’😉😉😉😉😉😉😉 Update soon dear🙂🙂🙂🙂

    • Reethu



      thank u so much dear.i’m so glad that you liked it .i’ll update soon and soon sanskari swara will become sanskar’s swara.

  6. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    omg that was awesome she was soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.. they will surely make an awesome pair, continue soon dear.. am loving it…

  7. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Woooooow😂😂😂😂swara is dam cute full of innocence loved it😍😍😍
    And sanskar naughty amazing dear😘😘😘
    Please post soon

  8. Adishu


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    ohhh God please save me someone….. i’llll surelyyyy fired sure to laughing…..

  9. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Hilarious…. OMG! Sanskaar bhaiyya….can’t control my laughter dear! Sooooooooo cute n sweet Swara. And Sanskaar…..veryyyyyy naughty! Waiting for next part dear.

  10. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Can’t stop laughinggggg..!!!! omg! i just want to bang my Head to see Swara’s innocent, i bet Sanskar want to join also.. love it!!!

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