innocent swara and naughty sanskar Shot-4

Hello guys !!!.thanks for commenting . bear me only some shots left and i’ll wrap it so don’t worry .atleast till then please comment guys .okay let me stop this
Let’s begin
Innocent swara and naughty sanskar
Calcutta university
At break
Laksh:why sanskar we are sitting here ?
Sanskar:just simply
Laksh:if we go for canteen we can meet swara
Sanskar:why should we meet her ?she is just a junior okay
Laksh:why are you getting angry on her dude?she is so innocent yaar
Sanskar:I think she is not innocent she is just acting to be innocent yaar
Ragini:no sanskar she is really innocent
Sanskar:I don’t think so.she is just attracting all.this is also one kind of flirting
Ragini:no sanskar you are thinking wrong
Before sanskar could speak
Swara:laksh bhai you are here I’m searching for you everywhere in the university
All looked at her in surprise

Laksh:why are you searching me swara?
Swara just handed him a sheet which has a chappathi roll and said
Swara:I told you na yesterday that I’ll will bring lunch for all of here it is
She handed to everyone but for sanskar she just gave a book .all looked surprisingly at her
Sanskar:for all chappathi roll but for me book .do I look like a monkey who eats books and pappers
Swara:turn page no 220 and read it by yourself
Sanskar turned the page and saw that and understood why she gave him that book and smiled like unbelievable
Sanskar:okay I understood it swara.but I have a doubt ?
Swara:what doubt?
Sanskar:in this book they have said that we should not share food from a ill person.are you ill?or do you have any disease ?
Swara doesn’t know what to say because she is wrong this time because she didn’t read properply
Laksh:what is that in page no220
Sanskar:it contains the notes what she said yesterday
Laksh:so to prove she brought
Sanskar:yes swara say something
Swara(scared+nervous):I’m sorry I didn’t read properply.

All are laughing at her innocence .ragini was going to speak before she could speak .sanskar stopped her and winked at all of them
Sanskar(fake anger):ohh.don’t make any lame excuses swara .yesterday you didn’t give it because you really liked that food .say this directly we won’t mind it.why to say lie
Laksh:haan haan can say that yesterday itself
Tears started to flow from her eyes but she is bowing her head down and all are thinking like she is guilty
Swara:I’m so sorry laksh bhaiyaa and sanskar I didn’t do it intensionally.seriously when I was reading yesterday at that time bell rang and I read half only .so only I came to a conclusion bhaiyaa I’m so sorry .saying this she cries
All are panicked to see her crying
Sanskar:swara why are you crying ?we are just making fun of you .don’t cry
But she didn’t stop crying so sanskar hugged her and consoled her
Sanskar:swara stop crying .look at me .swara looked at him
Sanskar:swara we are just making fun of you okay we know you didn’t do it intensionally okay
Laksh:haan swara we are making fun of you dear
Ragini:this all of because of you sanskar see how swara is crying
swara(turned to sanskar):why did you do that sanskar.i was really scared .don’t do like this please
sanskar(felt like killing himself for making her cry):I’m sorry swara I’ll not do it here after okay .pls forgive me for the last time and hugged her tightly
sanskar:thank u so much but stil hugging
laksh(smirks):sanskar you can release the hug
sanskar left her immediately and he was embrassed
swara:but it’s not monkey ,it’s donkey
Swara:you said do I look like a monkey who eat paper.but monkey doesn’t eat papper only donkey eats
Sanskar mouth shaped in o shape
Laksh:back to masti mood swara,no no innocent mood saying this all laughs

Next day
At university (what to do always only in university they are there lol!!!)
Laksh:swara is so sweet and really innocent yaar .
Ragini:yes laksh
Arjun:why she didn’t come till now?
Shanaya:may be some work.okay lt’s call her .but I don’t haave her number.does anyone have?
Ragini:I think we all don’t have .
Sanskar:ya we should ask her today
Ragini:duffer sanskar .we should make her friend and get her number
Sanskar:okay I will make her our friend
At that time swara came
Swara:hi everyone
Sanskar:hi swara
Swara:hi sanskar
Sanskar:swara I have to say you something
Swara:okay say
Sanskar:okay listen .there is a ship swara which never sinks not even in a violent storm and nothing can make that ship weak (I think everybody guessed it what the ship is)
Sanskar:yes . will join in the ship swara ?
Swara:yes .i will .
All are happy hearing it .but her next word comes as a bomb to them
Swara:you have to take me to that ship now itself please sanskar
Sanskar and all are confused
Sanskar:swara what are you talking ?
Swara:now only you said you’ll take me to te ship which never sinks
Sanskar andall hit their forehead with their hand
Swara:sanskar now you should not say no to me please
sanskar:what will you do by going to that ship?
Swara:I really wanted to know that fact or procedure by which that ship never sinks
Sanskar:what wil you do by knowing that ?
Swara:I can use it for my physics will be very useful and sanskar who invented it
Sanskar(irritated):I only invented it
Swara:really then it will be easy for me tell me please
Sanskar:stop it swara .there is nothing like that.i’m talking about friendship
Swara:friendship .but I thought there is really a ship.okay (her face was sad)
Sanskar:what is ypur answer?
Swara:I’ll say you tomorrow please.okay bye
Sanskar:why did she ask time lucky?
Laksh:I don’t know sanskar?
Sanskar:what if she refuses it laksh
Laksh:sanskar you are becoming like her man
Sanskar:what nothing like that yaar.i’m sure she is going to make me mad by her innocence

At swara’s home
Swara:mom dad I want your permission
mishti:what permission swara?
shekar:whether your college is going for any tour dear.then you can go baby.i’m fully in for you
mishit:shona I don’t have any problem baby
swara:hold on mom dad .it’s not about tour or anything.
Mishthi:then what?
Swara:mom actually she narrated the whole story to them .what should I do mom.should I accept it or deny it
Shekar and mishthi started to laugh on her
Swara(pouts):here I’m in problem but you both are laughing
Shekar:you are the first daughter who asks permission to make friendship?
Swara:say na dad what should I do?
Mishthi:accept it
Swara:okay mom .bye good night mom and dad
Saying this she went
Shekar:we made her like this mishthi
Mishthi:yes .but now I’m praying to god to make her independent with the help of her friends
Shekar:but I’m afraid mishthi what if they took our swara in a wrong path
Mishthi:nothing will happen like that

Next day
At university
all are sitting and chatting at that time swara came
laksh:what did you think about swara ?
swara:I’m ready to be your friends
all are happy and are celebrating it .sanskar was so happy .his happiness has no bounds he was dancing very happily inside his heart .but he really don’t know why he is happy
to be continued

please read and comment guys and do tell me whether should I continue or by day comments are decreasing
lots of love
take care
hope see you soon

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