innocent swara and naughty sanskar (swasan fs) (shot-10)

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Innocent swara and naughty sanskar


Recap: swasan masti

At  Calcutta university

Sanskar and his gang was sitting and chatting but our hero is desperately waiting for swara

Laksh:sanskar you are looking dashing dude .i’m sure swara is going to be flat on seeing you

Sanskar:thank u dude .but I don’t where is she?

At that time swara came  and  she moved towards them

Swara:hello everyone

Sanskar(with cute smile):good morning swara

Swara:good morning sanskar

Sanskar:so what’s special today ?

Swara:nothing .but I want to say something sanskar

Laksh:haan say swara

Swara:sanskar you don’t look good today


Laksh:haan swara why? sanskar is looking so dashing today.all girls even complimented him

Swara(pouts):it’s because I don’t like the grey colour which sanskar is wearing.

Sanskar is wearing grey colour shirt and black jeans and he is looking super dashing and hot

Sanskar:so I don’t look good

Swara:haan .but if you wear  my favourite colour shirt you’ll  look good

Sanskar:so what is your favourite colour?

Swara:mine is purple and pink .if you wear pink you’ll look cute in that .then I’ll say you look co cute and good too

Swara:sanskar I have to go the class ,I’m getting late .okay bye

After swara went ,

Laksh:sanskar how are you going to manage her dude?

Sanskar:I don’t dude ,but what to do she is the one for me !

Ragini:but sanskar do you think it’s easy for her to make fall in love with you

Sanskar:i know she has feelings for me ,I’ll make her to confess soon

Laksh:itna confidence .then I have a challenge for you

Sanskar:what is that?

Laksh:the challenge is you have to make swara say “I LOVE YOU” to you in anyways


Laksh:shocked !i know you can’t do it

Sanskar:challenge accepted!but I’ll say in anyway  dude .

Laksh:okay all the best!

At lunch :

All are waiting for swara and she came there

Swara:sanskar you know today I don’t have in the afternoon

Sanskar:oh!we also don’t have classes

Swara:okay ,I’ll go to the washroom and come

After she went

Laksh:sanskar  do you remember the challenge?

Sanskar:I  remember it

After sometime swara came

Sanskar:swara  “143”  (guys guess what is that?)

Swara(confused):what is that?

Sanskar:haw  swara  you don’t this?

Swara:I don’t

Sanskar:oh no how come you don’t know this?

Swara:I really don’t this.but what is that tell me please?

Sanskar:okay  that is !you want to know what is that ?

Swara(nodded her head vigoursly):tell me

Sanskar:then you also say that to me

Swara:sanskar “143”

Sanskar(happily):”143” too swara

Swara:okay tell me what is that?

Sanskar:okay I’ll tell you but not now ,but if you say this daily only to me then I’ll say you

Swara(pouts):okay I’ll say ,but you have to tell me

Sanskar:okay but you have to tell me only .deal!

Swara(confused):but why only you?

Sanskar:because it’s known only by me and I found it and no one should know this now promise me that you won’t say this to anyone except me

Swara:okay promise

Sanskar:okay now go and get your bag ,we’ll be waiting for you in the garden and haan come soon


After she went

Laksh:what is “143” and what about the challenge?

Ragini:haan sanskar what is”143” say na and you also told her to say only to you ,what is that?

Sanskar:wait guys .laksh your challenge is finished

Laksh:when?how?i think you have partial amnesia dude

Sanskar:I think you have some hearing problem .she only said na


Sanskar:she said

Laksh:I told you to make her say “I love you”

Sanskar:that’s what she also said

Laksh(irritated):I’ll get mad by this

Sanskar:okay .ragini you asked what is “143”right?


Sanskar:”143” means”I LOVE YOU”


Sanskar:I has “1” letter  and love has “4” letters and you has “3”letters  and simply “143”

Laksh:but this is cheating

Sanskar:everything is fair in love and war dude


At that time swara came and all went to garden.they sat in the garden in round

Ragini:shall we play something?

Swara:haan okay what we ‘ll play

Laksh:how about antakshari?

Sanskar:cool! i’m in

Swara:what is that game ?

Sanskar:means you have to sing the song with the ending letter ,for example if I  sing something and it ends with some letter then you have to start the song with the same letter which I ended okay you understood .it can be anything

Swara:okay I understood

Ragini started the game and she ended with ba

Ragini:so swara  it’s your turn now .so you have to start with ba

Swara:me  ba .wait I’ll think

Laksh:swara your time is running sing  quickly

Swara:I’m not getting anything .wait idea she sang

(warning :only 18 below)











Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!

One for the master,

One for the dame,

And one for the little boy

Who lives down the lane


All lauged hearing this and after sometime they stopped

Swara(pouts):why are you laughing

Sanskar:swara this is rhymes .we said to sing a song

Swara:I know sanskar but it’s all because of you guys only

Laksh:because of us?what we did?

Swara:because you were not giving me time .that’s why I sang!

Laksh:okay sorry

Swara:but now I  got one song shall I sing?



(warning :only 18 below)












pagal ye pagal voh

pagal karde jahan bhi yeh jaye

dekho karta hain kaisa deewana sab ko

o shin chan

mera naam hee shin chan hain

mein shararat se bhara

badi mushkil mein padi

meri family noahara

come on baby come on baby

ao kare dance shuru

zor se ghoome hum tum jhoome

nacho nacho

to dekho tumko hiladoon

kabhi yeh uchaltah hain

kabhi yeh machalta hain har dam bekaboon

roj yeh karta hain nayi nayi gadbad

tumko hasadega  SHIN CHAN


sanskar:oh god swara !today this is enough .i can’t laugh my stomach  will start aching.pls stop

swara(pouts):why are you laughing?

Sanskar:because this is a cartoon song !

Swara:haan so what ?

Sanskar:we said to sing songs from movies


Laksh:don’t tell me you didn’t see any movie

Swara(nodded her head vigoursly):yes

All got shocked by her answer



swara:sanskar  here after  I’ll not be your friend !

Sanskar:what is this for this small matter you are saying this ?


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