Innocent Steps (Kanchi) episode 8 by ziya

Hi guys…it’s ziya back with my next episode. Thanku all for your lovely comments and likes. Last episode I’ve left you at cliffhanger. As promised a little of the curiosity will be unfold today. The rest will take time. Hope you guys won’t mind.
Recap: sanchi is anxious about her first night. Kabir works all night. Gayatri is not happy with this. Sanchi returns to college the next day. Kabir reminces his moments with his ex Jenny. Sanchi celebrates jenny’s birthday with her. Jenny turns out to be her sis.
Kabir arrives with flowers in his hand. He goes to meet Jenny. Sanchi is returning after her meeting. Both walks towards each other. Kabir collides with a child and his flowers fall down. He turns and sit to pick them up. Sanchi passed by without noticing him. Kabir goes and sit on the same bench sanchi sat. Jenny is still there.
Kabir: happy birthday Jenny. This will be the last time. I remember my promise. I got married yesterday. (Jenny looks at him smiles between her tears). Let’s breakup for real. Isn’t that you always wanted.
Jenny: will you be able to throw me out of your heart
K: I know it won’t be easy to forget you. And I don’t want to. You’ll always be there in a special corner of my heart.
Kabir is silent for a moment. A drop of tear escapes his eye.
Kabir: are you happy now after leaving me alone like this. I wish I could hate you for leaving me to suffer alone. You are really bad….
The scene is slowly zoomed out to show his surroundings. Kabir is sitting alone on the bench. And he is actually sitting in a graveyard and a beautiful church is shown in the background. He gets up and places the flowers on a grave. The nameplate shows \\\’Jenny Rosslyn\\\’
Kabir notices the bouquet and half bit cake. He looks around and runs towards the road. Sanchi is standing there talking on phone. She waves at her friends when they come to pick her up. She gets in the car and leaves and Kabir just missed to see her. Kabir stands there wondering who could it be who came to meet Jenny. Jenny has no relatives and no friends other than him and Emma.
He composes himself and leaves in his car.
Sanchi reaches home and finds Riya and Gayathri in the hall. Sanchi is confused as to how to greet them. She tries different lines in her mind. Gayathri notices her
G: good that you are home. We were actually discussing about you. There’s party at the Goenka’s tonight. And I want you to attend with Kabir.
Riya: it’s the first party of this year. And everyone is going to be there, from top business family to stars. And you are lucky as only you two will be attending from our side
Gayathri stops her
G: I want all the focuss to be on you. I want them to meet malhotra’s eldest bahu . So make sure you look your best.and call Kabir and remind him of the party
Sanchi just stares at her innocently
Gayathri: what are you waiting for. Call him now
Sanchi: (even more innocently) I don’t have his number
Riya tries hard to control her laughter. Gayatri glares at her , “ make sure Kabir is home on time” next she shoots daggers at sanchi, “ in my room in five minutes”
Gayatri leaves angrily upset with sanchi
Sanchi waits outside wondering to knock or not to. She paces outside tensed. “ why would have this lady Hitler call me. Will she scold me. You deserve scolding. You could have atleast asked for his number. What do I do now. Ok relax sanchi. You have faced more dire situations than this. So you will be fine. Just breathe.”
She inhales and exhales and is about to knock. Gayathri opens the door just then “ will you just keep pacing there or come in” Gayathri goes in and leaves the door open for sanchi. She surprisingly looks around before entering, “ is there cameras here?”
Gayatri is seated on her chair. She asks sanchi to sit opposite to her. Sanchi sits there nervously. She looks at the door, “come in”
A maid enters with a tray.
G: leave it here.
She place it on the teapoy and leaves.
G: close the door when you leave.
Gayatri looks t sanchi.
G: please pour a cup of. Coffee.
Sanchi obeys and offers the cup.
Gayatri: no , it’s for you. Have a sip.
Sanchi takes a sip and makes faces.
Gayathri: how is it
S: it’s a bit bitter.
G: that’s my Kabir.
She puts in a spoon of sugar and pours some milk
G: how does it taste now
Sanchi: it tastes better now
G: just like this I want you to fill in colour and sweetness in kabirs life. I can’t explain even the small things to you. So I want you to get closer to him and know him better. He doesn’t open up much or make friends. He has only very few friends. So be a good friend of his and spend more time with him. I hope you got me.
Sanchi nods her head.
She leaves for her room and wonders, “ what kind of a person is he really. I’m curious”
Sanchi comes out of the shower drying her hair. She finds Kabir in the room and suddenly feels awkward. But Kabir doesn’t make much about her appearance.
Kabir: please be ready by 7. Ma must have informed you about the party.
Sanchi: yes.
She remembers something and turns to him
S: can I have your number.
Kabir gives her his number.
K: give me a call. I’ll save your number
Sanchi murmurs: even he doesn’t have my number. Then why was I the one to be scolded. I was feeling guilty for no reason.
Kabir smiles at her
S: do you want coffee
Kabir gives her an odd look.
K: no, thanku. I don’t have coffee at this hour. I’ll go get a shower
Sanchi’s phone rings. Prasha video calls her
Prasha: sanchi…..don’t get late. Be there on time. We have set up everything.
Pragya: and we have planned a surprise for you
Isha hits her
Isha: it was supposed to be a surprise
Pragya: ya but I didn’t tell her what the surprise is. So it’s still a surprise
Isha: but you told her there is one. So it will reduce the excitement as she is already expecting one
Sanchi: guys, pls stop fighting. And I’m sorry. I won’t be coming. I’ve have to attend a party with him.
Isha: with whom
Sanchi: with him.
Pragya: whatever sanchi, I don’t care. You have to be there. How can you forget your Friends after getting a husband. Do you even know what all have we been planning. You cannot back out at the last moment. We already talked about this an hour ago. Then why suddenly
Sanchi: how can I tell him I can’t accompany him. What will he think
Isha: no excuses sanchi. Just decide to come or not to come. And if you don’t come, it’s ok, we won’t be mad at you ( Pragya states at Isha. But Isha continues in an angry tone) because we won’t be ever meeting you to be mad. (Pragya supports her)
Pragya: ya sanchi, don’t ever show us your face again.
Sanchi: listen guys…..
But they cut the call.
Sanchi gets ready to leave with Kabir. She looks stunning in her party gown. She keeps gazing at her phone. Kabir is also ready in his usual boring black suit.
Gayatri is pleased to see sanchi looking gorgeous. Riya isn’t that happy. Sanchi leaves with Kabir
In the car……
Kabir: so, where is the party
Sanchi: mhh? At the Goenka’s , “ ab yeh gajani mode pe kyu Chala Gaya”
Kabir: that’s my party. I’m asking about your party
S: uh?
K: didn’t your friends throw a party for you
S: Woh….
Kabir: I’ll drop you on my way
S: no , I’m not going
K: why? You need not worry about me. I won’t feel bad at all. But your friends might really feel bad. You shouldn’t break their hearts.
S: but mom
K: I’ll talk to her later, if you get caught. ( He winks at her)
Sanchi’s angel and devil
?: just go sanchi. You won’t get a better chance
?: no sanchi. Even if he says so, he might feel bad if you go.
?: come on sanchi. Don’t listen to her. You know how these upper class parties are. It’s just where women come to show off their designer clothes, have some drinks and gossip about others. You never liked such parties and you always ran away from them
?: but that’s not the case now. You were single then and now your married. You should support your husband by going out with him and attending such parties
?: what if she is married. You don’t have to change yourself for anyone
?: do you think your mom won’t find out
?: let her. Why are you scared when your husband gave you the permission.
?: don’t go sanchi
?: just go
?: no
?: yes
Kabir: you didn’t give me the address
Sanchi just blurts out the address
S, “ yeh tune kya Kiya. You are in big trouble”
Kabir drops her at the party venue. Sanchi gets out and thanks him
K: call me after the party. I’ll pick you on my way. And feel free to call me Kabir. I will be comfortable with that.
He drives away smiling. Sanchi just wonders if the people in her in laws know how to read one’s mind. She finds them spooky. She just glares at his way
Prasha surprises her with a back hug.
Isha: Hai… How romantic. Can’t take your eyes off him
Pragya: Hai mein marjawa. Pappi shappi diya?
Sanchi hits them both.
S: much BHI bakwas karte rehte ho…
They take her inside and she is surprised to see the set up of a disco pub
Sanchi: what is this guys
Isha: you always wanted to go to pub. So this is all specially opened for you. You like it?
Sanchi: no, I love it
Pragya: then let’s get down there and shake your booty baby. (She hits on her butt)
Isha: ladies and ladies….this special pub , ladies only pub, is open tonight to honour the wish of our sweet friend sanchi. So guys…booze all night and break some legs…
All cheer and the music starts. Everyone dance like there is no tomorrow. They are all crazy. Prasha has even more surprises for sanchi. They present her pole dance…by midnight…the three are talli.
Isha and pragya laugh at sanchi
Isha: you deserve to be scolded. Arre koi wife ko husband Ka number pata na ho…sort tum hi ho…
Pragya raises her palm: I object. Husband no wife Ka numb Nahi pata. Only wife scolding. Husband ko kyu Nahi scolding
Sanchi hugs her: I love you
Isha: Jake Apne husband ko bol
P: yeh dono hi fattu Hain. Kuch Nahi Hoga in dono Ka.
Sanchi: khadoos Kumar Hain Woh. Kadwa coffee peeta Hain. Aur fork we parathe khaathe Hain.
Isha: what the
Pragya: Haan…mein BHI what the…
S: Nahi…uska jitna khadoos nahi Hain. Par bahuth boring Hain
Isha: seduce him
Pragya: Nahi…uske Saath foreign jao… honeymoon ke live…aur shopping kart3 waqt hamare liye BHI Karna
Sanchi: shut up dono…ab mein Hitler mamma mo kya bataun. Mujhe punishment milega…
The three keep their heads closer and looks up imagining gayatri sitting as a takhurain smoking human on a cot. Riya makes a pawn for her and serves her. She is in a traditional Rajasthani dress with pallu on her head. Kabir comes there in a Rajasthani dress as well with a pagdi on his head
Gayathri: bhulao APNI bhindni no
Sanchi comes and falls in her feet.
S: maasa, humko maaf Karna. Bhool hogayi.
G: bas…taare se jo bhool hui Hain, uski saza toh tanne zaroor milegi.
Sanchi is shown mopping the floor of the huge baseline, carrying water from the well and filling a huge drum with Riya monitoring, doing loads of laundry, scrubbing utensils. As she thinks it’s over, Riya brings in more. It’s just all fast forwarded. At the end of the day, she looks in the mirror, and she looks like a ghost. So does Isha and pragya and now sanchi scream in the present.
Pragya: sassy Amma saasu Amma maaf Karo….
Isha also joins to sing along with her. They dance and sing on two Stan,a and looks for sanchi. Sanchi gets on the dance floor and sings \\\’mein kya karu Hai mujhe Buddha mil Gaya\\\’ they start dancing and others also join with the help of DJ also.
By the time party is over, sanchi is total sobber. Isha gets irritated with sanchi and pragya behaving like kids. She takes sanchi’s phone and calls Kabir.
Later as Kabir arrives, sanchi is asleep. He picks her up in bridal style and places her in his car. He fastens the seat belt and calls a taxi for Isha and pragya. He makes sure to note their car number and details before they leave. Kabir takes sanchi home and carries her inside. Gayatri watches from her room while Kabir carries sanchi to their room. He lays her on the bed.
Sanchi suddenly sits up and bold kabirs collar
S: who are you.
K: I’m Kabir
Sanchi suddenly smiles
S: oh yes, you are khadoos Kumar.
She leaves his collar and pinches his cheek
K: ok lay down now. And sleep.
She lays down, but shoots up again.
S: don’t think of anything naughty, ( laughing)mymy friends say that men get naughty at four zero forty….(serious) I know taekwondo. I’ll plaster you to the wall with a swift stroke of my hand. Like this
She moves her hand and falls back dead asleep. Kabir just shakes his head in disappointment.
Precap: how will sanchi escape from Gayathri. And how will Kabir react to sanchi when she comes to her senses.
The first spark of love between Kabir and sanchi.
So that’s it guys. I know it wasn’t much, just dragging. Will try to come up with Kanchi romance from next episode onwards… Love you all, take care and wish you a happy weekend. Enjoy…and I’m really excited for this weekend as I’ll be having a reunion with my school friends after so so long. So I’m pretty excited? . My classmates have been planning it out since a month but could come up with a date because no one could contact me. According to them, I’m the only invisible person from the whole class who doesn’t use watsap and also doesn’t have a Facebook account?. So it took them a whole month to track me down. And all are eagerly waiting for tomorrow to thrash me.?? guys too, chill out with friends and enjoy. Love you guys..??

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  1. Ur story is very amazing bt i m bit confused that how they don’t recognise each other??? They had already met in kabir’s office so how come dey didn’t know each other

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Well, actually ,as I said before, it wasn’t much of a romantic or memorable meeting. And also she had met Kabir thinking of him as some random employee. Like you go to buy a shoe and the store guy helps you to select one according to your taste and size. Once you are out, you need not remember him if you meet him again outside. Same is the case with the same guy. It was just one of those random meetings with some random person at a random place. So they don’t remember each day….I hope you are ok now.
      Thanks for your comment dear and feel free to ask more…?

  2. amazing
    post soon

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanku dear. Good morning and have a nice day….☺

  3. Amazing episode as always. Precap is interesting. Poor sanchi and her crazy antics ??. Jenny’s part was bit imotional.
    Enjoy reunion party with your friends nd after that post next part of this ff, whenever you get time till then take care.

  4. Ziyarasheed

    Guys…so sorry about the typo errors…sirf became sort, paan became pawn, hookah became human, kuch much , ko no and so on. So plz adjust and read . Was eager to upload. Forgot to proof read. Sorry once again from me and my autocorrect aunty. ??

  5. Swethaa

    amazing awesome dear loved it..
    i am also invisible person in my fb whatspp
    eagerly waiting for next part dear…

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanku dear?
      And glad to find there are people like me…☺ Same pinch….love you dr. Tc

  6. Ziyarasheed

    Thanks dear…glad you like it..and there are more of sanchi’s childish antics to come..and I’ll be posting two more episodes soon this month. After that I’ll be posting only on April so that our friends with board exam can concentrate on their studies. Love you, take care?

  7. Anee

    Hey Ziya dear it was superbbb owsome and mindlowing u know what i was waiting for it and finally i read that…..okk bye tc and yeah luv u….and one thing more best of luck for school reunion have a good weekend….do lots of fun.

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanks dear. And ya , I had a great time with my friends. Everyone had changed so much that we were finding it hard to recognise many. But all together it turned out to be a great time. We also renewed our old memories. Also there was this guy who was my good friend, but we parted ways with a huge fight. And finally we patched up after all these years. He finally apologized for what he did back then. ☺

  8. RuCh23

    We don’t mind Ziyu ??? auto correct is really a big pain ??? I know how you feel… anyway my guess turned to be true. I have guessed in the last part that they were in a graveyard but forgot to share it in the comment ??? silly me. Epi was awesome. I loved how Kabir supported Sanchi when she wanted to go to her friends’ party. Well… ??? don’t know how next day turn out, but Sanchi deserve a tiny bit of scolding from Kabir for getting drunk. After all he let her go and enjoy, so she could’ve at least stay in her senses ???. Well enough of that!! Have a wonderful weekend with your friends ??? and come soon!! Love you ???

    1. Ziyarasheed

      You are right about that. Sanchi really deserves a scolding. And how she is going to tackle gayatri is pretty hilarious. And ,as you said, Kabir understand her. And that is the best thing about their relationship, that he is there to care for her…?

  9. Awesome…Superb..

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanks dear…??

  10. Dhruti

    ziyu ziyu your story was always superb and i love them……….this epi is awesome and this drunk sanchi is soo cute……………..but what happen in next epi i don’t know but i’m excited to know and and can you post this story’s epi twice in week instead of weekends because i love your story and i can’t wait till weekends i just requesting you please don’t think that i can’t wait till Saturday……………tc……….love you and enjoy with your friends…………..see you………….

    1. Ziyarasheed

      That’s really so sweet of you dear. ??
      It’s just that I stay busy on weekdays due to work. And once I’m back , I’m really tired…so I just write little by little when I’m free. But don’t worry, I’ll try to grant your dear.

  11. Amazing and there is no one in between kaanchi i am thinking when they will talk with each.u know ur story is thodi si related to a serial which u used to air on sony tv i dont remember coz i was small but ur story is superb and do enjoy with ur friends

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanku dear. And don’t worry, things are going to spice up from next episode onwards..

  12. Amazing….. Love how Kabir understands Saanchi

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanks dear, and that’s what makes their relationship beautiful..

  13. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome episode dear……now jenny secret is clear something…….. eagerly waiting for the next dear…… u dear… yaar

  14. Anu88

    Sanchi ka dream pura superb tha yaar

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanku sweetheart ?? and ya, sanchi is fultu dramebaaz and childish…

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