Innocent Steps (Kanchi) episode 5 by ziya

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Recap: sanchi applies for internship at citco telecom. Sanchi and Kabir have a not so romantic,but a cute meeting at the company. After being insulted by ruhani Saxena, gayatri challenges to get kabir married in two weeks. Gayatri accidentally happen to see sanchi.
Sanchi is relaxing with her friends in the college. She is wearing a Jean and an off shoulder white top. Her hair is in a messy bun.
Sanchi is stuck in her phone, pragya in her packet of chips, while Isha is busy on her looks.
Sannchi suddenly screams and pragyas chips go flying in the air while Isha has lipstick smeared.
Ishagya: SANCHI!!!
Sanchi: I’ve decided on what to wear. I’ll make an exact replica of this one. I just loved it.
Isha: is there a party
Pragya: I didn’t know. What is it
Isha and pragya see Virushka wedding pics.
Pragya: who would go for a party wearing this.
Sanchi: it’s for my wedding,Dumbo. I want it to be a sabyasachi
Isha: pehle ladka toh dhoondh lo
Pragya: what about your career goals
Sanchi: kaunsa mein kal hi mandap main jakar bhaitne wali hoon. Ofcourse I’ll get married only after setting up my career. I want to make my own place in the business world.
Isha: don’t tell me you are preparing for your wedding that’s gonna take place, say, some five years from now.
Sanchi: what’s wrong in it. ( Pragya holds her forehead.) Wedding is the most important and beautiful moment in a girl’s life. Your parents start the preparation from the time you are born. So what’s wrong if I start five years early
Isha: sanchi, do you know, I’ve never met anyone crazier than you.
Sanchi: I know.
She leaves.

Pragya: don’t leave me behind. She will drive me also crazy.
Pragya runs behind Isha. Sanchi pouts and chases them.
Gayatri takes a file from her table with label ‘sanchi Mishra’ she goes through the file and smiles. ( Well, not exactly a smile. Or rather, it’s a wired smile that gives us creep)
Gayatri: (on call) get ready my car
Riya is on phone. Karan comes and hugs her from behind. She hangs up and angrily moves him away.
Karan: come on sweetheart. Aaj itne gusse main kyu Hain
Riya: mom is upto something. But I don’t know what.
Karan: say clearly
Riya: I think your Bhai agreed for marriage once again. But she is not giving any hint on what she is planning. I’m sure she has someone on her mind. And this time she looks pretty confident.
Karan angrily hits his fist on the table. “ I won’t let it happen”
Jaya and Sunil are discussing the business issue. Jaya tries to convince Sunil on something
Jaya: I think God has shown us this way. We shouldn’t let this opportunity slide.
Sunil: have you lost your mind. Business and relations are two different thing. I can’t spoil my children’s future
Jaya: its Better then bringing your kids on the road. Do you think they have a future this way.
Sunil: I’ll find a way
Jaya: you have been trying to do so for one year. A tie up with that company will automatically lure investors. We cannot get a better chance than this. The kids must understand. I’ll talk to them if you can’t. I don’t see any other way to save my family. If you love your kids, then you won’t interfere.
Mishra family sit for dinner. As usual , sunny and sanchi are fighting. Jaya asks them to eat.
Sunny: papa, I’ve submitted my form for London school.
Sunil: you should look for a good college in India itself. Why don’t you apply in sanchi’s college
Sanchi and sunny look at each other
Sanchi: but that was already decided. Then why are you stopping him from studying abroad
Sunny: yes papa. And all my friends are also going to the same school. How can I back out at the last moment.
Sunil: the situations have changed now. So dont go abroad now.
Sunny: but papa, how can you suddenly ask me so. What will I answer my friends. All my life I have been dreaming of only one thing.
Sunil: tell them I can’t afford the expenses. That’s it
Jaya calms him. Sanchi and sunny are shocked at the sudden outburst of their father
Jaya: we should have told you this earlier. But we didn’t want to worry you.
Sanchi: tell us what mamma?
Jaya: your papas business is sinking. We might have to leave all this and shift to a smaller house.
Sunny: why should we leave our house
Jaya: because we might go bankrupt soon.
Sanchi and sunny are shocked. Sanchi cries and hug sunil.
Sanchi: we are sorry papa. We didn’t know you both were going through a difficult time and your never let us be worried I’m such a bad daughter. I always stayed happy not knowing you both were suffering.
Sunny: I really can’t go abroad?
Jaya consoles sanchi
Sanchi: don’t worry, we will all work together and come out of this crisis.
Jaya: your father have been trying hard for over a year. We are not being able to find any investors. But God has shown us a way at the last moment.
Sanchi: what is that
Jaya: citco telecom will help us.
Sanchi: and why would they do that.
Jaya: they want to make you their baby
Sanchi is taken back. She is dumbstruck.
Sunny: that is great mamma. They are the biggest business daily of our country. We can’t ever dream of such a proposal. I heard the youngest son of the family is studying abroad
Jaya: no, not him. They brought proposal for their eldest son.
Sunny : Kabir Malhotra? But isn’t he too old for sanchi?
All this while sanchi is silent. Tears start to form in her eyes. She stands there speechless.
Jaya holds her had: now it is in your hand sanchi. We don’t want to force you. But I know you will never wish to see your family on the roads.
Sanchi jerks her hand away and leaves from there. Sunny also leaves. Sunil sits at the table his head down…
Pragya: WHAT??? Don’t tell me they want you to marry someone double your age just to save your family business.
Isha: keep it down pragya. And what’s wrong with marrying someone too older than you.
Pragya: ya, if he got married at the right time, his daughter could have been our classmate.
Isha: ya, if he married in college. Shut up pragya. Age is just number. Look at him. He looks so hot. I would have said yes right away.
Isha tries to show sanchi kabirs photo
Sanchi: I don’t want to see any one. I don’t want to marry anyone.
Pragya: you have to think of yourself. Your dreams and ambitions.
Isha: and what about your family. Can you fulfil your dreams without their support. Will you stay happy seeing them sad
Pragya: and will she be happy with a forty plus guy. No, I mean , uncle?
Isha: what’s wrong with forty
Pragya: there’s nothing wrong if you weren’t just twenty
Isha: grow up pragya and look around. You’ll find lots of lovely couple with huge age differences
Sanchi can’t take it any more and screams: stop it guys. You are only confusing me.
Isha and pragya: what ever you decide, like always, we will support you.
Sanchi just leaves from there.
“Pairon Ki Bediyan Khwabon Ko Baandhe Nahi Re
Kabhi Nahi Re
Mitti Ki Parton Ko Nanne Se Ankur Bhi Cheenay,
Dheere Dheere
Iraade Hare Hare
Jinke Seeno Mein Ghar Kare
Woh Dil Ki Sune Kare
Na Darre, Na Darre”
Sanchi walks through the campus. She comes across a poster of a business woman with the heading ‘ give wings to your dreams’ she is lost when she is in the class.
She is leaving with Prasha. Sunny comes to her college.
Sanchi: what are doing here.
Sunny: I needed to talk. Can we.
They relocate to a quieter place.
Sunny: I know you are really tensed after hearing mamma’s words. Even I thought about it the whole night. I was angry thinking how they could ask something like that from you.
Sanchi smiles
Sunny: if I was the eldest son, I could have helped papa with his business. Or at least I could find a decent job to support you all. Now that I think of it, I feel mamma is right. If you agree, you are saving all our lives. I might sound cruel asking you to give up your dreams for the sake of fullfilling my dreams. But, it’s not just about my dreams, its also about mamma and papa. If we come on roads, well never be able to find you a good groom. Also, I won’t be able to enter a good college, nor find a good job. We will never be able to come out of this crisis. We will just suffer for the rest of our lives.
As sunny leaves, pragya advances to buy him but ishaholds her back.
Pragya: that selfish brat. Why don’t anyone think about sanchi.i want to but his face. Why did you stop me
Isha: be wise it’s their family matter. We shouldn’t interfere much.
“Subahh Ki Kirno Ko Roke Jo Salaakhein Hai Kahan
Jo Khayalon Pe Pehre Daale Woh Aankhein Hai Kahan
Par Khulne Ki Deri Hai Parinde Udh Ke Jhoomenge
Aasman Aasman Aasman “
Sanchi sits in her room thinking. She goes to sunny’s room and finds his brochures all over his table. She goes through them and leaves the room. She sees Sunil and Jaya consoling each other. She has never seen her father so worried. She returns to her room without speaking with anyone

Aazaadiyan Aazaadiyan Aazaadiyan
Aagey Na Kabhi, Mile Mile Mile
Aazaadiyan, Aazaadiyan
JoJo Cheenay Wahi Jee Le Jee Le Jee Le
Subah Ki Kirno Ko Rokein Jo Salaakhein Hai Kahan
Jo Khayalon Pe Pehre Daale Woh Aankhein Hai Kahan
Par Khulne Ki Deri Hai Parinde Udh Ke Jhoomenge
Aasman Aasman Aasman “
Sanchi takes out her diary and go through the profiles of some of the most powerful. Business women in India like Chitra Ramkrishna, MD & CEO, National Stock Exchange.
Aarthi Subramanian, Executive Director, TCS.
Anita Dongre, Founder, House of Anita Dongre.
Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Group.
Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman, State Bank of India.
She had neatly cut their images from business magazines and pasted their details. She keeps it aside. She takes out her phone and searches for Kabir Malhotra. She is unable to decide on if she should look or not.

Precap: so what will sanchi do now. Will she agree. Well , I know there is not much to guess.

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