Innocent Steps (Kanchi) episode 3 by ziya

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Recap: gayatri convinced kabir to get married. Sanchi’s father’s company is facing crisis. So there is tension in her house.

A big beautiful mansion is shown. Gayatri gets out in front of the mansion. Mrs. Mahima Saxena comes out to greet her.
Mahima: it’s so good to see you after a long time gayu.
G: same here mahi.
They go in and continue their chatting
M: I can’t believe that soon we will be in laws. It’s such a pleasant surprise.
Ruhani Saxena, the only and beautiful daughter of saxenas join them
M: meet ruhani, and ruhani beta, meet my friend gayatri.
Ruhani greets gayatri and joins them
G: she is indeed very beautiful. I remember seeing you when you were young. Now you have grown up to become a fine lady.
R: thank you aunty.
G: so what is your major.
M: she is back from the business school. She is planning to settle down here and join our company.
G: good choice dear. I’m sure you’ll be a perfect match for my son.
M: you know she is our only daughter. And we had many dreams about her wedding. But since you said you need a low key affair..
G: I can understand your feelings. Even I wanted to keep it a grand one. But his only condition for marriage was this. So I couldn’t refuse.
R: it’s ok aunty, but I wanted to meet him and get to know him a bit. Which I hope he wouldn’t mind.
G: I know that’s very important. I’ll arrange a meeting for both of you.
M: so , when is veer coming back.
G: I don’t think he’ll be able to attend the wedding. He will take a few more months to complete his studies.
M: what do you mean he can’t come for wedding, how can the wedding be held without him. Are you joking
R: wait mom, aunty, how will I marry veer if he is not here
Gayatri is shocked: what do you mean. Veer? Why would you marry veer. He is still young.
R: wait…don’t tell me you brought the proposal of Kabir Malhotra, your eldest son.
M(shocked): Kabir? Gayu, seriously? You wanted Kabir to marry ruhi?
G: what is wrong in it. And what is lacking in my Kabir
R: not lacking, he’s got too much of it. Age!! How can you even think I would marry that old son of yours. Am I lacking that much? Mom, did you know this?
M: no beta, please calm down. And gayu, what is this. I thought you were talking of veer over the phone, but this, we will have to think of it
G: just tell me mahi if you are not interested. Don’t insult my son. And what is there to think about
R: exactly. There is nothing to think. Don’t even dream that I’ll marry your son. And please don’t mind aunty, I think it’s better to find him a widow or a divorcee. Because no girl in her right sense would marry an uncle double their age.
That is the last straw and gayatri boils with anger
G: that’s it. I won’t take it anymore. Two weeks…I challenge you. Within two weeks I’ll find a better girl for my son. I’ll find a more beautiful and well behaved girl for my son and get them married.
M: gayu…I’m so..
Gayatri stops her. “ I’ll send you an invitation. Do come with your arrogant daughter. I want her to see that my daughter in law is much better than her”
Gayatri leaves from there angrily.

In the resort Riya comes to Karan and pours him a drink.
Riya: cheers, for your brother’s marriage
Karan: we should be worried if he is getting married. And you are celebrating
Riya: if my sources are to be believed, then your mother got insulted and kicked out by the saxenas. Ruhani Saxena has asked her to look for a secondhand piece for your brother.
Karan: (angry)are you celebrating my mother’s insult
Riya: calm down sweetheart ( she caresses his face) if your this angry, then imagine how angry would your big brother be once he gets to know what happened. He will drop the thought of getting married because he wouldn’t want mom to get insulted again. Now we just have to deliver this good news to your brother.
Karan: cheers!!
They drink and smirk.
Sanchi and friends are in the college filling their internship forms.
Sanchi: there are so many good companies. I don’t know which one to choose.
Pragya: simple, why do you have to choose when your father owns his own company.
Sanchi: but papa said me to do internship outside. Everyone knows me in the company. So they will only treat me as their boss’s daughter. He says I won’t be able to learn anything if I get such special treatment.
Isha: then what about citco telecom. It’s the top in India
Sanchi: sounds good. And pragya?
Pragya: jaha tum, wahan mein
Sanchi side hugs her: ishu, where is your form
Isha and pragya looks at each other
Pragya: she won’t be needing one.
Sanchi: why?
Isha: sanchi I wanted to tell you sooner. But, I know you’ll be mad..
Sanchi: whats wrong guys. Why is it that you both know something I don’t know.
Pragya: she is going abroad after we graduate.
Sanchi: what, but why. Didn’t we promise each other well be together always. Same school, same college and same company. Then how could you break our promise.
Isha: sanchi please understand na. Mamma papa want me to join them. How could I say no.
Sanchi: I don’t care. I don’t want you to leave me.
Sanchi leaves angry.
Pragya: arre sanchi sun. Yeh toh rooth gayi

Isha: it’s ok. That’s how she is. I’ll talk to her when she calls down. You go after her now.
Pragya leaves with sanchi and they arrive at citco telecom to submit their applications.
Pragya: Acha sun Yaar
Sanchi stops her: I don’t want To hear anything about that traitor. You stay here, I’ll enquire about our internship.
Sanchi leaves and wanders around the company. She marvels at the fine architecture and the interior. Someone runs into her and her file and papers go flying in the air. People pass by without helping her. She starts picking the papers one by one and struggles. Kabir passes by with his assistant miss Fernandez. Kabir stops her and notices sanchi. He goes forward and helps her with the papers.
Sanchi gets up and smiles at him. The sweetest smile ever.
Sanchi: thanku sir. Is poore floor main Lagta Hain ek aap hi ache insaan Hain. Pata Nahi baaki sab Kaha bhaage Chala Hain. Agar yeh aise Hain, toh pata Nahi inka boss Kaisa Hoga? I feel like I have entered some maze. Half an hour I have been wandering around. They have been directing me from here to there. Now I have even forgotten the way I came in.
Kabir smiles at her. : How can I help you

Sanchi: I’m here to apply for my internship. But I don’t know where to submit my form.
Kabir raises his brow.
Kabir: are you sure you want to work with our boss.
Sanchi: if he has taken this company to such heights, then he must really be a rare piece. I would definitely love to meet him and learn under him.
Ka if smiles again. He gives her the directions.
Sanchi: was it that simple. Thank you for your time sir. And I hope we get to work together.
Kabir: yes, I hope we meet again.
She leaves cheerfully. Miss Fernandez comes to him
Fernandez: she seems to be a sweet girl.
Kabir: sweet and innocent.

Precap: gayatri meets sanchi…

So that’s it guys . Hope you liked the sweet meeting of of our lead. Though it isn’t anything romantic, guess it was ok. So give me your reviews and suggestions. Love you guys and have a fun weekend. Good night??? happy weekend…



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