A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 9)

Hello friends!! I’m back with the 9th chapter of Innocent Souls.. Hope you all are liking this ss..
Recap: SwaAkash meet.. SwaSan POV..
Well DESTINY the thing that plays a major role in everyone’s life is kinda rude to SwaSan.. You can say it have a proper problem with their meets.. You all must be wondering “How??” Aren’t you?? Here we go..

At Blueberry Resort:
Swara is working on a laptop at one of the tables.. At that time, Sanskar came there with Akash.. But this time both were in their uniform.. Swara saw them.. She was shocked seeing Akash in police uniform.. She took her laptop towards Akash and was showing him something.. They talked for some time.. Swara turned and dashed with someone.. Her laptop fell.. “What the ….!!” said Swara.. Little did she knew that she dashed with Sanskar.. Before she could say anything, Sanskar held her tightly from shoulders and said, “don’t react without knowing anything!!” Anger took control over her.. “don’t you dare Mr. Maheshwari!! You don’t know who I’m.. Better stay away from me!!” Saying so, Swara took her laptop and went..
She went straight in Akash’s room… She came in and said, “Mr. Somani.. Remember that I don’t work at those places where people don’t respect me or my work..”
Akash: What happened Shanaya??
Swara: It’s Miss. Shanaya or Miss. Mehrotara for you Mr. Somani..
Akash: I’m sorry Miss. Mehrotara!! Now tell, what happened??
Before Swara could say anything, Sanskar came in the cabin and said,
Sanskar: There is nothing to hear!!
Swara: I told you, I will never work at those place where my work or I’m not respected!!
Sanskar: I just told you not to react over anything without knowing about it..
Swara: And I’m telling you not to interfere in my work..
Sanskar: And why won’t I??
Swara: May I know why will you interfere?? (folding her hands)
Sanskar: Because this is my best friend’s father’s café.. They are like my father to me..
Swara moved towards Akash and said, “Mr. Somani.. If possible I want the legal owner of this café & resort.. After that only I will start my work..”
Akash: Actually.. He is out of the country for a month.. You can start your work.. He will come after a month and then you can discuss with him too..
Swara: Ok..
She saw Sanskar with mixed emotions and went out of the room..
She called waiter and said, “Bring one black coffee without sugar!!”
She sat..

Swara’s POV:-
“I don’t know what happened to Sanskar again.. I don’t know why he behaved like this.. And me?? I don’t know what the hell happened to me that I said this much to him.. I shouldn’t have said like this!! First HE is not coming and DII is telling me to find him ASAP.. I don’t know what will happen to me!! And Bhai, (smiles faintly) I thought he will handle dad’s business!!”
Swara’s POV ends..
The waiter brought her coffee.. Swara took her phone and started texting..
Phone msg convo:-
Swara: Hey Nik..
Nikhil: Yup Shona..
Swara: Nik.. Come at Blueberry café…
Swara: Bring Rabi too..
Nikhil: Ok.. Will meet you in ten minutes..
After ten mins, Nikhil came at the café with Rabia..
They were sitting together..
Nikhil: Swara.. What’s next??
Swara: I wanna meet dii, again..
Rabia: But it is difficult for her to manage all these..
Nikhil: But she will have to.. What’s your opinion twinny?? *he said winking at Swara*
Swara laughed and said, “yep.. Mr. Twin..” (SwaNik are twins.. Don’t think too much guys.. You aren’t going to understand anything??? Just remember SwaNik are twins)
Rabia made faces and they started talking further..
Swara: Nik, Call dii and tell her to meet me tomorrow..
Nikhil: Done, shona..
RabNik(How cute they sound as pair, haina Rabu dii???) went in their car.. Swara sat there for some more time doing something on her mobile phone..

After sometime:
Swara looked at her phone and smirked.. She went towards her car.. But alas! It was punctured.. She kicked the tyre and stood there keeping her hands on her waist.. She looked at her cell.. “I need to reach there.. I will go by cab now..”
She stood at the road stopping cabs, but no one stopped.. Being disappointed, she thought to go at the either side of the road.. She was crossing the road, when suddenly she saw a car running with a full speed, was about to dash with a person.. Before she could do anything, Sanskar came and saved her.. She looked at the Sanskar..
The girl: Thank you so much Mr..
Sanskar: It’s okay..
Sanskar saw Swara.. Before they both could say anything, Swara received a call..
Swara: Yes.. I’m coming..
Saying so, Swara hurriedly goes from there.. She takes a cab and leaves from there..
Sanskar (monologue): This Shanaya, huh.. Ruined my mood today..

At an unknown park:-
A car stopped and Swara stepped out from it.. She paid the driver and went in the park.. A lady was standing there in a traditional attire.. Swara was facing the back of that lady.. Swara tapped her shoulder and the lady turned.. She is revealed to be Ragini.. Swara hugged her..
Swara: Dii..
Ragini: Swara.. What about him??
Swara: Dii.. There are very few chances that I can meet him.. I don’t know.. But don’t worry..
Ragini: Hmm.. Its okay..
Swara kept her head in Ragini’s lap and laid there.. Ragini was caressing her hairs..
At that time, Sanskar came in the park.. It seemed like he was searching something.. He didn’t noticed Ragini or Swara..
Ragini was caressing Swara’s hair when suddenly her sight fell on Sanskar.. Her face looked worried..
Ragini: Shona!!
Swara: Yep dii..
Ragini: What is Sanskar doing here??
Listening Sanskar’s name, Swara sat..
Swara: Sanskar, where is he??
Ragini: (sternly) Shona..
Swara: But dii.. I didn’t talked nicely with him..
Ragini: Then, what is he doing here??
Swara: How will I know that dii??
Ragini: (angrily) I told you to maintain distance with him.. Then, also you are doing like this..
Swara: (in a very low voice, she was teary eyed) I fought with him unnecessarily.. I shouted on him, showed him attitude.. Bcoz you told me to maintain distance with him dii.. You know how much I wanted to hug him, when he got teary eyed remembering that incident..
Ragini: (cups her face) Shona, I never wanted to hurt you.. It is just that Sanskar don’t knows anything.. He won’t accept anything.. He loves him a lot.. Plzz understand..
Swara: (removes her hands from her face) yes dii.. I can understand.. Okay bye.. I’m leaving now..
Ragini: Swara..
But Swara left from there crying..
Here, Sanskar also turned hearing Ragini’s voice..
Sanskar: What are you doing here??
Ragini: Vo… Vo.. Sanskar.. I was bored.. So thought to come here..
Sanskar: Ohk.. Come I will drop you at home..
Ragini nodded and went..

Precap: Don’t know?
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