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The scene continues from Shanaya’s room..

Swara received a call (a video call).. She saw towards Ragini with a scared look.. Ragini ran and closed the door, then she sat beside Swara.. Swara took a deep breathe, rejected the call.. Then, she took her laptop and called Akash (video call) and then she called the previous caller..

Means, Akash, Swara and the caller were on a conference video call..

The caller is revealed to be Nikhil..

Swara: Nik.. (interrupted by Nikhil)

Nikhil: Shona, I never expected this from you..

Akash: Nikhil, let her explain..

Nikhil: (angrily) don’t interfere Mr. Somani..

Swara: Nik, he is our elder brother.. Ohk.. Leave this.. Tell why you called??

Nikhil: Shona.. Why did you went to London.. You know na.. Shekhar Somani is dangerous..

Swara: Nik.. I’m with Ragu dii.. Don’t worry.. And I’m going to come back within few days.. Once I get that hospital’s records.. I will come back..

Nikhil: Do you really think that it’s easy??

Swara: It’s not that hard..!!

Nikhil: Okay.. Btw who lives there in Shekhar Somani’s house??

Swara: Mr and Mrs. Somani, me, Ragu dii and Sanskar..

Nikhil: Sanskar??

Swara: Yes.. He is also here..

Akash: Shonu, don’t worry about him.. Just don’t let him know that you are against Mr. Shekhar Somani and he won’t interfere.. If possible, try to be normal in front of him..

Swara: Bhai, don’t worry.. He has no doubt on me.. Moreover, he became my friend..

Hearing this, Akash started thinking something, which Ragini noticed.. She thought to ask him later..

Nikhil: Swara.. Be careful and don’t trust these people.. You will never know when they will change their colours..

Swara: Nik… Plzz.. And yaa take care of Maa and Rabii..

Nikhil: Yep.. Bye.. And take care..

Swara: Nik.. You need more care than me.. At that time, SwaNikRag were teary eyed, whereas Akash was looking a lil guilty..

They ended the call after bidding bye and giving a ‘take care’ msg to each other..!! (It was night time in India and day time in London)

Swara: Dii, I don’t know why Nikhil has to suffer this much.. And this Shekhar Somani.. I will kill him today.. You know Bhai feels guilty becoz of him..

Ragini: (keeping hands on her shoulder) Shona.. It is always said that children have to pay for their parent’s deeds and so does Akash.. Even if he tries to, then also he won’t be able to get rid of the guilt, because that’s what HIS father did..

You know I really feel proud of Akash.. After knowing what his father did, I thought he will try to justify his deeds.. But he proved my thoughts wrong.. He is helping us.. In fighting against his own father..

Swara: That’s because of Janki maa’s thoughts and values.. She had always taught us to take the stand for the good, even if we have to fight against the whole world..!! You know, even after knowing that I’m not her own daughter, she never showed that.. In fact, she loved me more than she loved bhai.. She is my goddess.. No one can take her place..!!

Swaragini talked like this and Ragini went from there..

Swara took her car and went outside.. Sanskar, who was seeing this from far followed her..

Swara went to a hospital..

At reception table:

Swara: May I know where is Mrs. Williamson..??

Receptionist: She is in the cabin no. 20..

Swara: Thanks..!!

Sanskar followed her, but he was not able to enter in the doctor’s cabin..

In the doctor’s cabin:

Swara: Hello doctor..!!

Dr: Yes.. Dear..

Swara: So, may I get that reports..??

Dr: Yes.. Why not.. Shomi helped me a lot.. I will love helping her?

Swara: Thanks.. I need one more help.. Can you prescribe some medicines for.. (rest muted)

(Swara already talked with her about the reports she wanted.. She also told her about what Shekhar did and so the Dr is helping her..)

Swara went to the pharmacy.. She took the medicines.. Sanskar was following her everywhere..

Swara soon returned back..

At night:

Sanskar’s room:

Sanskar was sitting on his couch.. He took out his phone and opened his and Swara’s childhood pics from the gallery.. He was swiping them with a smile and tears in his eyes.. He was swiping them when suddenly his and Shanaya’s (according to him) selfie appeared.. He smiled remembering yesterday night’s talks and selfies.. His smile grew a lil wider.. A person saw this and later went away..

At Shanaya/Swara’s room:

Swara was continuously swiping her and Sanskar’s pics (of yesterday night).. She was crying and saying, “It seems like destiny don’t wants us to be together.. And I’m tired of fighting with destiny alone.. I hope I will be able to live without you..”

The same person saw her and went somewhere..

At Sanskar’s room:

Sanskar: (looking at Swara’s picture) Swara.. I had loved you from so long.. I never knew that we will never be together.. And I will fight for justice.. Justice for you, your brother, your sister.. I will fight against your father.. I can do anything for my princess.. You don’t worry my Shona, I will provide justice to you, your family.. After that I will die in peace..

Suddenly, someone entered in his room.. She is revealed to be Ragini..

Sanskar smiled seeing her and she got seated in front of him..

Ragini: Sanskar, why aren’t you getting married??

Sanskar: I can’t give love to any other girl except my Swara..

Ragini: But she died.. Move on, Sanskar..

Sanskar: Bhabhi, you are elder than me.. Plzz don’t do anything like this else I will forget that you are Swara’s elder sister..

Shekhar who was passing by their room heard this and his steps froze hearing whatever Sanskar said.. He got really afraid..

Sanskar saw Shekhar going from there.. After confirming that Shekhar went,

Sanskar: Bhabhi.. It’s done.. Sorry for talking rudely..

Ragini: It’s okay Sanskar.. Even I’m sorry for speaking like this.. But for how long will you wait for her, even after knowing she is no more?? You should move on..

Sanskar (sternly): Bhabhi, let’s focus on our plan..

Ragini nodded and discussed for a while with Sanskar and went..

At Shekhar’s room:

Shekhar was pacing here and there.. At that time, Sanskar entered in his room..

Sanskar: What happened uncle?? You look worried..!!

Shekhar: Sanskar.. My son.. I want to tell you that don’t trust this Ragini.. She is very bad..

At that time, someone who was passing by there stopped there and was listening Sanskar and Shekhar’s conversation..

Sanskar: Uncle.. I trust you.. That’s why I’m acting like I’m trusting Ragini Bhabhi.. But I have some questions..

Shekhar: I will answer to each and every question of you Sanskar.. But please trust me..

Sanskar: (Keeping hands on his shoulders and assuring him) I do..!!

Saying so, Sanskar went from there.. The person’s eyes was showing anger, pain, betrayal, everything at the same time.. A smirk was not leaving Shekhar’s lips and Sanskar’s expressions were something different?

Scene shifts to Shanaya’s room.. Swara was sitting all alone on her bed.. She was sobbing.. At that time, Akash called her..

Swaakash convo:

Swara: Hello bhai..

Akash: What happened.. Why are you crying


Swara: (clearing her throat and trying to cover her breaking voice) no.. I’m not crying..

Akash: Shona.. You are my sister.. I know you since childhood.. Tell me..

Swara: Bhai, actually..


Swara was sitting in her room when Janki entered..

Janki: Swara…

Swara got teary eyed but she didn’t moved..

Janki: Swara.. Listen to me..

Swara turned and said, “I’m Shanaya.. You are mistaken..”

Janki: Even though I’m not your mother, I know you since you was an infant.. You know when your dad brought you here, I was the happiest.. I always wanted a daughter.. I promised myself that I will never let your heart break.. But I broke it.. (in a crying and pleading tone..) Shona, if possible try to forgive this worst mother of the world..

Swara was not able to control further.. She hugged her tightly and said,” No maa.. You are the best mom in the world.. Even the best lady in this world..”

They broke the hug and Janki slightly kissed Swara’s forehead..

Janki: You became more beautiful than before.. Ohh god.. I am jealous.. Saying so, both started laughing..

Later, Janki sat on the bed and Swara on the floor.. And Janki started oiling her hair and massaging them..

Swara: Maa.. How did you recognized me??

Janki: Stupid.. I recognised you that day only.. I’m your mother..!!

Swara took Janki’s hand and kissed them..

Swara: You know you are the best lady in this world.. Even after knowing that I’m not your daughter, you gave me more love than your daughter..

Janki: Shut up.. You are my daughter..!!

Swara laughed and kept talking with her..

Flashback ends..

Akash: So, what’s there to cry in this???

Swara: Bhai.. I’m here to kill her husband.. Do you think it’s right??

Akash: Shona.. You are doing right.. Don’t over think.. And I know Maa.. She will never take stand for the wrong..

Swara: Okay bhai..

Saying so, she slept unaware that Sanskar was listening to her talks..

To be continued…

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