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Hii guys once again back .

Thinking who is back right?

So ek hints deti hun..

Pyar karti hun sabse kyuki I guess parivaar ye hamara hai,
Waise bhi kisi ne kaha tha ki khabar to hogi hi aapko ki aab mera dil ye tumhara hai..

Guys tell me how many of you guessed its me without seeing my name.?

It is a story of a guy and a girl. How they become best friend and then……..its suspense but its a emotional story.
You will get to know in this only…..
As it an os…

Here we go…

A cute girl is shown sitting in the park wearing her dress having dirt in it. And she is wearing spectacles and have a blot on one side of her face which is making her a ugly girl. She is crying and is lost in her own dreamworld.(let’s go to her dreamworld).
Flashback shows

A cute girl of 13 years wearing a baby pink colour frock and looking like fairy is roaming in her room having a lot of crackers in her hand .
Screen shift to the playground in which the same girl is playing with crackers and suddenly a crackers get blast before time and she got hurt in one side of her face.

Girl p.o.v
Why this happens with me ?why ? I am the most beautiful girl in whole world then why destiny plays this game with me. I am so happy in my life.
Then why me ? Is it right that I don’t have right to be happy after that incident? I also want a friend who save me from those spoilt brats because they always harm or hurt me by their dreadful talk. Kunj where are you? Please come back……I haven’t seen you from 15 years but I know you will never forget me. You’re my buddy my Bestest ever friend you are the one with whom I used to share everything and who use to tell me” heart is more important than the face ,our heart reflect our face .Our inner beauty is more important than outer one .”and I used to fought by telling that “outer beauty is most important. But now I believe you. please come back.”
P.o.v ends
And she went to deep sleep in the embrace of cold air and natural beauty and we land to her dreamland….

A cutteee girl of age 5 years wearing a baby pink colour fairy dress and a ribbon on her head is seen. She is looking just like an innocent cutteee and most beautiful fairy. She is talking with flowers.

“Hllo phool kya hua gussha ho mulse ki mei tumse bhi jyada sundal hu……Mulhe pata hai nhi hoge kyuki mei hu hi itti cutee. Aala Solly kal nahi aa payi wo allmishion kalane gai thi mei meli mumma oll papa kyuki mumma boli paldhai jaluli hai naa. Pata hai kal se mai skcool jaunlgi ichile tum saf se nhi mil palungi. Chita mat kalna shaam ko milungi pakka plomish. Aaca mulhe abi jaala hoga bie….”

(Hello phool kya hua gussa ho mujhse ki mein tumhse bhi bhi jyada sundar hu…..Mujhe pata hai nahi hoge kyuki mein hun hi itni cutteee. Aacha sorry kal nahi aa payi wo admission karane gayi thi mein mummy aur papa kyuki mummy boli padhai jaruri hai naa. Pata hai kal seh mein school jaungi isiliye tum sab seh nahi mil paungi. Chinta mat karna shaaam ko milungi pakka promise… Accha mujhe abhi jaana hoga bye….)

Next morning

A lady is shown coming to a room. She enters the room. The room is full of wall stickers ,barbie dolls, teddy bears , chocolates and a cutteee bed in which the same girl is shown sleeping peacefully.
Lady went to her and gives a kiss on her forehead and went towards balcony and open the curtain because of which sun rays come inside making the girl face more beautiful and her also sleep get disturbed because of this. The girl open her eyes and pass a smile to her mother.

And her mother also does the same and….

Lady: “now wake up princess. you will get late for your school if you sleep more. ”
Girl remains silent. Due to lady continues,

“Twinkle wake up otherwise I will not give you dairy milk.”
( so guys the girl is twinkle)

Twinkle wakes up with a jerk and went to lady and hug her .

Twinkle:mumma pleache pleache mulhe daily mik clahiye..and kisses her chicks.

{Mumma please please mujhe dairy milk chahiye}

(Mummy please please I want dairy milk)

Mummy ko patane ka tareeka mei bhi yahi karti hu?

Lady: ok I will give you but for that you have to get ready fast as today is your first day of school.

Next scene,

Twinkle reached school late (hai hi siyappa queen) and then all sits are full in class except one beside a boy. He is looking so cute like an prince. He called her and offer her to sit beside him. She went there happily and sat on that seat.

Twinkle: Mela naam twingle hai. Aur tumhala?

(Mera naam twinkle hai. Aur tumhara?)

(My name is Twinkle and what’s yours?)

Boy: twingle oh ,twingle twingle little stal wali twingle….???

(Twinkle oh, twinkle twinkle little star wali twinkle)

Twinkle: nahi twingle twingle big stal wali twingle.

(Nahi twinkle twinkle big star wali twinkle.)

Boy: Kunlj.

And they both become friends like this..
They use to share everything with each other. They always stay together. And like this 4 year has passed. They make each other laugh. They share a cutteee bond together. They had become Bestest friends of each other in this four years.

4 year later;

They both were playing at playground. When suddenly they both end up fighting.

Twinkle: Kunj I am always right. You help me on that day because I am beautiful otherwise you won’t help me on that day. So only because of my beauty we become friends infact best friends. Outer beauty is most important thing for any relation.

Kunj: You start this topic again how many time I have to tell you outer beauty is nothing. A person should good from heart. It doesn’t matter how he or she looks. And our friendship is not because of your so called beauty but it is just because of the bond we share from our heart.

Both at the same time: Now leave the topic. kyuki tum to meri baat manogi/manoge nahi aur har baar ke jaisa iss baar bhi ladenge hum dono.

And both burst out laughing. It seems that nothing had happened between them.

At school,

One day Twinkle was waiting like hell for Kunj to come. But he hadn’t. So she went to principal office to ask about him.

@principal office

Twinkle: May I come in sir.
Principal: come in twinkle. I was about to call you here only to inform you that Kunj and his have shifted to somewhere else. And he gave me something for you.
Twinkle condition was like a lifeless body who has lost the most precious thing of her life. She somehow control herself and left the place.

Twinkle is shocked due to this sudden earthquake which destroyed everything, which makes her apart from her best friend. That best friend without whom she can’t think of living. She is crying and sobbing miserably sitting alone in the playground. And her eyes went to the letter which Kunj has left for her.


Hii Twinkle,
Gussayi ho? Baat bhi nahi karogi ye bhi janta hu. Lekin kya karoon tumhe roote hue bhi to nahi dekh sakta. Kya karoon majboori hai samajh. Kya tujhe lagta hai ki main tujhe chod kar jaa raha hun. Are pagal hai kya tujhe koi aur jhel sakta hai mere alawa. Nhi na? To phir. Sunn pakka waada karta hoon hum dubara jarur milenge 15 saal baad. Mera intezaar karna. Aur sunn rona nahi because it doesn’t suits you. Pakka wala promise kar nahi royegi tu? Aur hamari dosti ko bhi kabhi nahi bhulegi… USS dinn ka intezaar karunga mei aur tu bhi karna jab hum phir milenge kabhi naa bichadne ke liye…

Aur please haa ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna kaisi bhi condition ho mein tera saath kabhi nahi chodunga. Bharosha rakhna mujhpe. Ye baat dushri hai ki abhi bhi Maine teri baat nahi mani ki outer beauty is more important. I hope ki tujhe bhi ek dinn meri baaton pe yakeen ho jaye ki inner beauty is the most important thing to know about any person.

Chal aab chalta hu. Don’t cry for me please. Take Care of yourself and wait for the time when we will meet once again.


(Hii Twinkle,
Are you angry? I know that you don’t even talk to me now. But what to do I can’t even see you crying. Please understand that i had some reason. Do you feel that I am going leaving you all alone. Are you insane or what you know that nobody else is able to have your tantrums except me. Am I Right? Then. Listen I swear we will meet once again after 15 years. Wait for me. And don’t cry because it doesn’t suits you. Promise me you don’t cry? And you will never forget our friendship…. I will for that day when we will meet once again for always……

And please don’t forget one thing I am always by your side ,in each and every condition. Have faith on me. It’s another thing that I don’t accept your sayings that outer beauty is more important. I hope you will also able to believe in my talks one day that inner beauty is the most important thing to know about any person.

Now I have to go. Don’t cry for me please. Take care of yourself and wait for the time when we will meet again.


Twinkle is seen in her original fun loving avatar after reading Kunj’s letter twinkle had got a new reason for living. She starts to live her life once again. Its 4 years now after Kunj left but in this 4 years there not any single movement when twinkle is able to forget Kunj. She has a hope his Kunj will come back to her.

Same deepawali incident starts and due to this twinkle wake up from her dream sleep. And we are back to real world.

(I hope you haven’t forget that we were in her dream.)

Twinkle wakes up due to fear and screams Kunj. Then she saw the place and time.

And she left the place and went to her home.

Twinkle room,

She is continuously looking at something even without blinking her eyelids.

Twinkle p.o.v.
Kunj had given me this locket with that letter saying it is sign of our friendship. To keep it with me forever. But where is he? Please babaji sent him back to me. And she started sobbing.

Twinkle: oh shit!! It just slip out of my mind. I promised you I will never cry.
And she make herself rest on the bed.

Next scene;

A big place is seen and in the entrance gate it is written as “International airport”.

Camera shifts towards the a place where many people have gathered. And on that crowd a tall boy is shown who is looking dashing and handsome walking towards exit with media and his body guard.

Media: Showing live coverage of Mr. Sid ,the most handsome and popular star of Hollywood who have back after long 15 years. Heart of many girl’s but don’t know where his heart is?

Sid p.o.v

For everyone I am sid now who ruled many hearts but for me she had always ruled in my heart.

Jabse chaha hai sirf aur Sirf tumhe hi chaha hai hamesha se……. Tere liye to mei wahi purana tera Kunj hu.

(From the time when I understand the love I only loved you………. For you I am the same old Kunj .)

Finally I am here. Back to my heart and love of my life cum my Bestest ever friend . And to the most beautiful girl that I have ever shown in my whole life.

Sabra nahi hota hai tujhse milne ke liye aab nahi jee sakta ek aur pal bhi tere bina. Bahut takleefein di hai naa tujhe aab sirf khushi dene aaya hun.
Main jaha bhi hu, Jo bhi bana sirf tere liye . tujhse meri meri zindagi ki shuruwat hai or tujhse hi iss zindagi ka aant. Kyuki pyaar karta hun tujhse mein aaj se nahi balki tabse jab se mila tha tujhe bas pata baad mei chala. Lekin tere maasomiyat se pyar hai mujhe teri khubsoorti se nahi. Khubsoorat to sabhi hote hai lekin tu alag hai.

(I can’t wait for any more to meet you as I can’t live without you now. I know I provide you a lots of pain now I had return back just to make you and your life full of happiness. Wherever I am ,whatever I am is only for you. I have my life start with you and ends with you only. Because I love you not from today but from the time when I saw you it just like that I realized it later. But I am in love with you because of your innocence not because of your face. Everyone is beautiful but you were different.)

Ends of Kunj p.o.v.

He asked his guards to leave him alone for sometime and drives alone for Taneja Mansion.

Twinkle: You have asked me 15 years and today it is going to over. I know you will fulfil your promise but how can I face you Kunj. Everybody hates me now and I don’t want you to hate me too. I wish it was just a dream.

Kunj reach Taneja mansion and slowly went inside it. He found hall empty so he quickly went to towards Twinkle room.

He reached there and screams “Twinkle”.

Tears are coming out of his eyes. His eyes become blood red as he saw twinkle on the ground and she had cut her wrist. He quickly take her up in his arms and is running like a maniac. His pain and fear to loose twinkle can be seen in his eyes. It was like a bad nightmare for him to find his twinkle in such miserable condition. He was continuously cursing himself for everything. He reached to hospital and immediately make her admit. He was sitting outside Operation Theatre like a lifeless body.

After 1 hour

Doctor came outside and informed him that she is now out of danger.

As doctor informed him that. He without wasting a single second went inside the room.

And roared at high pitch of his voice,

” Are you insane? Why you done this to me.”

Twinkle takes it in a wrong and replied,

“I am sorry Sid. I know you will get hurt seeing my ugly face. So I decided to end my life.”

K: “who are you to decide that? Are you God? You promised me that you will take care of yourself and you tried to…… ”

T: (cutting him off)”Sid its better for you to leave from here otherwise media will surely create an issue.”

K:”who the hell care for media. I only cared for you And I am not Sid I am Kunj only yours Kunj for you.”(it echoes).

They share a small eyelock which was broken by twinkle.

T:”Kunj please leave. You don’t know media’s here only knows to make issue. I don’t want to become the one to come in the way of your carrier. So stay away from me. Look at my face Kunj. I am sure till now your thinking must have changed as 15 year is such a long time…… Now every girl is mad for you so why will you choose me the most ugliest girl. So please Go back and move on in your life before I get weak.”

Tears were continue felling from Twinkle cheeks while saying all this whereas Kunj is standing numb by hearing these big words from her mouth. But twinkle sobbing brings her back and went to her, hold her hand and said,

“Twinkle, I wish you could see yourself though my eyes……how beautiful you’re. And as I used to tell I believe inner is important than outer one.
I love you…Today, tommorrow and forever….And I wanna be LOVED by you!

Twinkle: “For the first time I am looking in your eyes Kunj. I want to tell you I HAVE FOUND the one WHOM my soul LOVES. You’re Still the One Kunj!!!
You’re the only reason I believe in love till now……”

Kunj cutting her off tells her to confess it directly that,


Twinkle: You want direct confession right so let me tell you “I Love You Always Forever.”

They both pulled into bone crushing huge which shows their love, anger, pain, grief, affection and passion for each other.

After a few minutes pause both of them together said ,

” I always love to love you. You are THE SOUL OF MY HEART. I’m yours forever.”


If something is in our destiny then we surely get that when the correct time comes. We should wait for that time. Life is full of ups and downs, So we have to face it having a smile in our face. As we all know that smile is the best reaction for all critical situation. We should have faith in our loved ones. Love is that odd feeling that Begins in a Moment, Grows Over Time, and Lasts for Eternity…


We should try until our victory makes a history. Our life is just one so live it fully by cherishing each and everything movement of it and by providing love in our surrounding. I always want to owe something but not by loosing my loved ones or self identity.

We should always think before doing anything or before taking decision about it outcomes.


Din hua hai to raat bhi hogi,
Ho mat udas kabhi to baat bhi hogi.
Itne pyar se dosti ki hai,
jindagi rahi to phir mulaqat bhi hogi…..

Alvida guys…

Bahut bhasan de diya aaj guys sorry for that but I love all till eternity.

Thank you guys for supporting me till now. Love you all always. Please comment if you like it. I hope it is not boring.

Do tell how many of you guessed its me.

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