His Innocent Princess (The Untold Story of A Cursed Love) Ragsan part 1

An Unknown Fear…..

“Are you even listening to yourself right now?!!” Yelled Abhijeet Maheshwari agitated. Disbelief laced clearly in his tone.

“You just can’t force him !! It’s his feelings Sakshi. Not a toy that you can play with !!!”

“And I’m not his enemy but his mother. Do you think that I would do something to harm my own son ?!!” Her eyes tearing up at the accusation.

“That was not my point Sakshi !!” He sighed wearily. Tired of arguing with his own wife.

“I know that you just want his own good, but that’s not the way to go for it.”

“You can’t understand a mother’s heart Ji (an endearment used by a wife to call her husband). My mind knows that what you’re saying is right but what about this heart, which want nothing but the best for her son. I’m scared Ji. Scared of that cu-”

Fear evident in her eyes.

“He doesn’t believe in love Sakshi. Don’t forget that. And all of this is utter nonsense. I don’t believe in all this. Your son is a multi-billionaire for god’s sake and a stupid curse will not change his life.”
His words interrupting her from speaking anything further.

“Now I’m getting late, I need to go.” Speaking, as he walked away from the place leaving his wife alone with her thoughts.

“I hope that you will be proven right Ji.”
The words spoken barely above a whisper.


A girl was nestled a bit awkwardly in between the white sheets, plopped down on a king size bed. Her hair all tangled up, resembling a bird’s nest.

“Took you long enough.”
A husky voice breaking her out of her dazed state.

“Get Out.”

“W-what ?”

“You heard it.”

“B-but I-”

“You what?”
It was clear that the man standing a few feet across her was irritated.
Displeasure evident on his handsome face.

She gulped, scared, and was about to open her mouth when he cut her in between, quite harshly.

A bundle of cash smacked rather unceremoniously on the rectangular glass table with a thud.

“The door is out there. See yourself out.”

The girl didn’t need to be told twice as she sprinted out of the hotel room after putting on her clothes in a hurry.

Of course, he wouldn’t let her stay in the night with him.

What was she even thinking?

Idiot !!!!

Another night. Another girl and the same old life.
He scoffed, driving through the roads of Mumbai late at night, a half lit cigarette in hand.

No Smoking While Driving.

Yeah, like as if he give a damn.

A puff of smoke escaping his lips, charcoal intense orbs carelessly gazing out of the car’s window.

It’s not like he smokes regularly or anything.
Just once in a while.

His mind reeling back to the incident that occurred just an hour before.

A smirk creeping up onto his lips as he recalled the shocked look of that girl.

What was her name again?

Piya ?

Or was it Diya ?

Or maybe, it was Siya?!!

Whatever !!!!

It’s not like he care anyways.

They’re all just the same.

A one night stand. Nothing more.

What ?

A man has needs after all.

And it’s not like he is cheating on someone or anything for that matter.

The girls know what they are getting into when they agree to spent the night with him.

They want cash and a man has his needs.

Perfect arrangement !!


“What the hell ?!!!” A beautiful but self conceited girl shrieked, completely annoyed.
Arrogance dripping from her tone like sugar coated honey.
“I-I’m sorry Mam. I d-didn’t mean to. Actually I-”
“Keep your apology to yourself.” She snapped rudely. “How dare you?!! Do you even know who I am?”

“You can go.”
A deep alluring voice cut in, causing the poor man to sigh in relief.
For once in his life he was elated to be in his boss’s presence as he hastily nodded his head, before scurrying off the scene like a frightened rabbit being chased by a lion.

“What ?!! How could you Sanskar? You know that man-” She stared up at him baffled.

“What are you doing here Shikha?”
He questioned before the girl could rant out to him about how one of his office staff ruined her designer dress by bumping into her, which was partially her own fault to begin with.

If only she would’ve concentrated on the way in front of her, rather than sticking up her nose in her oh-so-pricey- i-phone then she could’ve avoided the collision.

“Spoiled rich brat!!”
He scoffed, mentally rolling his eyes at her antics.

“What? Can’t I come here now?!! I’m your to-be-fiancee after all.” The girl defended a bit hesitantly, with a hint of apprehension.

“I don’t do well with someone barging into my office like that Ms. Thakur and then, have the guts to create a commotion as such. I’m the boss here and as I said we will talk later on. Now you may leave.”

Shikha Thakur, though a girl most of the time lost in her own world of fashion and glamour, knew better than to defy him.

“And one more thing. You are my “To-Be-Fiancee”. You still haven’t become one.”
His tone void of any emotion as he air quoted the words ‘to-be-fiancee’ and it was enough to humiliate her but she knew better than to act on it.

“Soon Mr. Maheshwari. Very soon.”
Her eyes held a strong conviction.

“Soon enough, I would have you wrap around my fingers. Just you wait.”
Eyes gleaming brightly at the thought.

An Unknown Fear……..and A Multi Billionaire Casanova

Thank you so much for reading. If you liked this part then please comment.
I just now got a couple of days break, so I would try to update my other ff by tomorrow.
Please tell me if you guys want me to continue this story or not.

Till then, be happy and take care.
Love you all ????????

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    that hotel scen…..was it sanky?or…shikha ko kya mooh tod jawab dia hai…”u r my to be fiance”haha…….loved it
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      Did you read the next part of his soulmate? I updated it a couple of days ago. I alos write one more story His Solace his Angel. If you are interested to read it. Right now I am writing season 2 of it and just now posted it’s next part.
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