His Innocent Princess (The Untold Story of A Cursed Love) Part 4

An Unknown Desire…

Something was different today.
‘What?’ He didn’t know but it was certainly there. Something deep within.
Hands itching with the desire to touch the caramel like velvety soft skin of the stranger laying atop him.
Eyes closed tightly in fright as the fragile frame shook slightly in fear clutching his shirt even all the more tightly with each passing second.
His hands as if have their own mind, unbeknownst to him, tucked her safely to his chest meanwhile rubbing soothing circles on her back.

A feeling of protection growing somewhere deep iside the usually cold, isolated heart.

Unknown to the duo, two pairs of eyes were observing the exchange quietly. Shock reflecting on their aged faces a clear as water but the two best friends did nothing to wipe it off.

Abhijeet Maheshwari stood rooted to his spot as he watched his son from a corner not afar.

“How the hell it even happened?!!!” Same question lingering inside all of their minds.

FLASHBACK: A Couple Hours Earlier

Slender fingers moving up to adjust the tie knot, leisurely buttoning up the blue chckered aarmani suit with a white dress shirt underneath.
The man’s entire persona was screaming money while he casually checked himself in the mirror for one last time.
Stealthily picking up the brand new iphone in right hand since he smashed the last one in quite a fit of rage last night, the 26 years old bewitching billionaire made his way out of the bedroom pulling a cigarette out of his pants pocket before casually placing it in between his lips.
The first two buttons of the linen shirt were undone giving a peek at his toned chest.(Here is the Armani suit Sanskar was wearing. don’t know the image would show or not).

“The car is waiting outside Mr. Maheshwari.”
Nodding his head in acknowledgement as he proceeded to lit up the cigarette.
A puff of smoke following the action, diligently escaping out of his smooth pink lips.
Sighing while anticipating the drama that would unfold soon in the next couple of hours.

“Let’s just get it over with.”
Crushing the used cigarette beneath the black shiny foot before settling inside the sllek white Lamborghini Veneno.
A car that would make heads turn over for sure. (I tried to paste the picture of the car over here. Sorry if I failed in doing so).


“You didn’t tell him. Did you?”
“You realise he would know soon enough right? You can’t just hide it forever.”
She fired another question not waiting for him to answer the first one. Already having an idea of what the answer would be.
Grey hair fluttering back and forth in the wind.
Tired brown orbs gazing out of the car’s window with a frown that seems to be etched permanently onto her lips.

“It was not necessary.” Came back the subtle reply in an all too familiar clipped tone increasing her irritation upto a notch.

“And what would he do when he would see her? It would take him seconds to find out. Have you ever thought about that?!!” A slight taunting leaking out of her words while she did nothing to hide back the obvious distaste.

“Atleast he would be meeting her this way. And as far as her condition is concerned then I’m not forcing him into this Sakshi. Sanskar is free to decide what he want.” Abhijeet Maheshwari rationalised maturely. Trying to get across his point as the couple drove to the Thakur Villa. The plan was to meet ouside the Thakur’s residence so that the trio could head together inside.

Why can’t his wife just understand?!!

He is not an enemy of his own son.

A sadness looming over both his heart and mind once again. Though the man knew that his son would straight out reject the girl he still harboured a hope somewhere deep within.
Holding onto the belief that maybe somehow he would be able to fulfill the last wish of his dying best friend.

“Why is it so hard to understand?!!”


“Sanskar.” Sakshi exclaimed, happy to see her son after so many days.
The fact that he live separately on his own doesn’t help either.

“We should head inside.”
The billionaire muttered uninterested turning his face away before the woman in front of him had the chance to touch him or anything.

Sakshi’s smile faltered a bit at the blatant rejection but regained her composure soon enough. Eyes flashing hurt before plastering on a fake smile as she dropped down her raised hand awkwardly to the side.

“It’s time.” Abhijeet announced cryptically and in a matter of minutes the Maheshwari’s found themselve sitting before the infamous Omkar Thakur himself.

“Where is Ragini Om?”
The softness that Abhijeet used to utter the girl’s name didn’t go unnoticed by him.
It’s not eveyday that you see Abhijeet Maheshari being affectinate towards someone other than a family member.
And Sanskar knew the fact very well and it only managed to peak his curiosity about the said girl.

“Ragini.” He whispered the name softly under his breath.
Trying it out on his tongue.

“Ji She went onto the roof just five minutes ago. If you want I can call her here.”
A lady sitting beside his father’s best friend informed rather apprehesively which did seemed a bit peculiar to him but rushed off the matter soon.

Disha Thakur. That’s her name.
Sanskar recalled.
Still lost in thought.

Shikha’s mother……that mean she is Ragini’s aunt.

“Oh no. That’s completely okay. Why don’t you go to the roof Sanskar? I mean you can meet her alone that way.”
Abhijeet suggested while though a bit reluctant Omkar Thakur too gave his consent.

Cursing a thousand times under his breath he begrudgingly made his way to the desired location after getting the directions. But the blank demeanour of his not giving away his inner turmoil.

Abruptly he was pulled out of his thoughts by a loud scream that appeared to be coming off from the lace he was heading to.

Substantially increasing his pace black orbs frantically roamed around the area scanning for the possible source of sound.

Following the noise his eyes landed on somthing or rather someone that had him rooted on the spot.

His Imagination.

The same girl that he only considered a figment of his wild imagination.

Someone who never even existed according to him until now.

Her silky black tressess flowing freely along the wind.
Blocking his view of her.

A tear leaked out of her red, puffy eyes immediately caught his attention and that’s when the reality hit him. Snapping him back to the situation at hand.

Hanging onto the railing she was barely holding onto the roof. A 100 ft. above the ground.

A scaring height indeed.

“It’s okay. Here. Let me help you.” He tried to comfort the girl noticing how her hands were trembling with fear.

She was panicking.

He stepped forward, bending while holding out his hand as much as he can for her to take.

“It’s okay. I’m here. Nothing would happen okay?” Sanskar whispered soothingly urging her to take his hand.

Comforting a girl is something he had never done before and his own actions were confusing him even further.

The moment she tentatively placed her dainty hand in his large, gruff ones his fingers latched around it immediately on their own accord.

Gaining leverage, he was able to pull her up safely on the ground.

Wihout a proper footing her balance faltered and the couple soon found themslves falling on the floor with her atop him.

Flasback Ends.

The voice snapped him out of his stupor.

Sanskar looked up to see Omkar Thakur running over to the duo with concern.

Her weight was soon lifted off of him but his mind as aready somewhere else.

This isn’t like him at all.

Sanskar Maheshwari is not like that.

His anger and self loathing kept increasing with ec passing second.

She’s nothing different. .
A hand delicately clutching onto his pinky finger.

Forbidding him from stepping out.

An Unknown Desire…..and A Hidden Secret

AUTHOR’S NOTE – First of all thankyou soooooo much for all the constant support and comments. It’s really means a lot. I know I had not updated for almost a month but from now on there would be regular updates for sure.

Thank you for reading the chapter if you liked it then please comment.

Also I think it would be better if I cover one phase of one ff before posting another.
Here is a hint of what’s going to happen-

HSHA – How it all started : The beginning of an unyielding obsession.

His Innocent Princess : The Billionaire Casanova IN LOVE?!!

His Soulmate : Memories of Past and Their FIRST KISS.

Please comment which ff would you like to read first.

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