Our innocent love Shivika (4 shots)

Shot 1…
From Anika’s P.O.V

I was really nervous about moving to secondary school. It was huge and I wasn’t use to going to a big school. It was our testing days, where we have to spend 2 days in that school before going there permanently. The teachers informed everyone which class they are gonna be in and I turned out to be in Class “G”.

My class was okayish at first. I wasn’t a huge fan of the popular kids. And that same class had annoying kids as well and bullies. But then… I noticed a guy, he had stylish black hair and hazel eyes. He was popular though, but he wasn’t at all like them. He talked to nearly everybody. There was that guy called Rohan, who no one talked to but he talked to him. That amazing kid’s name was Shivaay.

I started liking him but it wasn’t as deep as crush. But I knew in a point of life, I would start to like him. I sat next to him, silly me, I made useless comments on his friend, as far as I know I think he told her all of the things I said about her. I started hating him.

After like 2 months, my friend started having a crush on him. First she wasn’t telling me but clever me, I guessed it right, it was Shivaay whom she had a crush on. We started talking about him a lot. And that made me fall for him, I realised how nice Shivaay actually is.

My friend crushing on him didn’t last long, but mine did. I had a crush on him for ages. By mistake I told Rohan, I liked Shivaay and guess what, he told him that! Shivaay confronted him and I said no. Later, I convinced Rohan that it was a joke and told him to tell Shivaay that he was mistaken and he did. Thank goodness.

Days passed, I started liking him even more!!! But sad times, he started dating a really popular girl called Tia and they became GF and BF. I couldn’t handle them together, and I couldn’t stop my tears. I know I am not pretty but Tia doesn’t deserve Shivaay. She gets a new BF like every month.😭😭😭😭😭

But I gathered courage to tell him that I like him…
(To be continued)

Precap: Anika says I like you to Shivaay…fishqbaaz

This story is based on real life incidents. I won’t tell you who’s life it is based on but you guys can have guessπŸ™ƒ

Stay healthy, stay well and stay calm. GoodbyeπŸ€—


  1. jane

    wow amazing please please make it longer…this is too short…and please update soon..waiting eagerly

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