Innocent love #kanchi fs # by vrushti os


Hi guys I m back with my new os!!
Sorry I m in urge so
Lets start….

The story starts with a young man of about 25 yrs age standing in the middle of the corridor with some junior doctors with him discussing something about some case….after some quality discussion when he was about to leave just then he got shaken by the loud voice made by a horn near his ear which made his mind blank for sometime! When he turned to see who the hell dared to irritate mr kkk!!! Just to find an angelic figure jumping and clapping with laughter face seeing him irritated! *u must be thinking he will scold her now as he is mr khadoos plus arrogant* he was about to burst his anger out but after realizing she is sanchi his lips got curved with a big broad smile!!! Afterall how could he be angry with his childish pregnant wife??! She was in the hospital for her proper care to be taken by kabir as he spend most of his time in hospital….
Kabir (softly to her)-sanchi why r u here?! U should take rest on your bed! After all ur doll needs rest! *doll means baby* and dont jump dear or else doll will get hurt!
Sanchi stops jumping and hugs kabir tightly in front of everyone to the surrounding peoples present there as they never saw the soft side of kabir ever!
Sanchi (innocently)-kabir I want to play on swing I m bored sleeping whole day on bed…how much time has passed we didnt went to park to play….!!!
He agrees to to her as she was only two months pregnant!! Peoples around started gigling but kabir didnt bothered as he didnt felt any shame to go with his mentally sick wife who behaves like a child!
They reached to the park where sanchi sat on swing and kabir was pulling and pushing the swing!!! There too the peoples didnt controlled themself talking about this weird couple but everything got inaudiable for him accept the enjoying screams made by sanchi….anything bothered him was only her happiness….after spending sometime there they came back to the hospital and as night almost appeared kabir fed her food with his own hands and after their dinner he sat beside her on the bed caressing her hairs and making her sleep on the bed by reading the story with great fantacy! When her eyelids began to drop she folded her hands to his waist and strengthened her grip making him lie on bed and slept soundly. Kabir too pulled her close to himself to fill up the gaps between them….his eyes got watery seeing her innocent face….and he went to the flashback
When he first time met her he didnt knew that she was mentally challenged patient and scolded her for small reason but after knowing about her condition from some doctors he felt sorry for her and went to her to apologise her!! First at his insistance she disagreed to forgive him but when he removed chocolates from his pocket she got excited and finally forgave him! It was when he forwarded his hand for friendship towards her and their love journey started with their step towards friendship! (She was in the hospital for treatment along with her dadi to take care of her as her parents died in a car accident in which sanchi luckly got saved but due to the strong hit faced by her in accident made her mentallity like a child)…
Now as they were friends kabir kept visiting her daily as something between them kept attracting him towards her….
Every sunday her dadi would take and go her to the park away from the hospital atmosphere where she can breath in free air and fulfil her wish of playing with the open heart….but this time kabir too came along with them as now he was too understanding his feelings towards her so he dont want to miss any beautiful movement spend with her…it was when he got to know real meaning of love when he assured dadi to return home and he will take care of sanchi and also visit hospital after few hours….she came to him fully tired and sat on bench beside her when she heard the word love from one couple passing by and urged kabir to explain him what is love? Kabir-hmmm!! Love is the feeling in which a girl and a boy get attracted towards each other!!! With his explaination she started laughing loudly! Kabir got confused! She said-love is the melodeous music made by the anklet when its bells collide with eachother!! He was shocked by her determination!! *but guys the defination of love is still incomplete and never be completed as the words r not enough to describe love* he was alwaly having the feeling that she is very different and very special from others! When he decided to marry her everyone along with the peoples who were not close to him adviced him not to destroy his won life as they both have no future together! But from when he fell in love with her he started putting cotton balls in his ears and finally on the wedding day he carried his bride in his strong arms and took the vows together to show the peoples that he will always care for her and carry her in his heart forever! He still remembers how he enjoyed playing pakdam pakdi with his beautiful wife on their first wedding night!
Everyday as he needed to go to the hospital for his work she was getting alone in the big house so for her timepass he brought and gave her a doll to play with it….few days she played with it but one day kabir found her sobbing while seeing the doll kept infront of her! He hugged her and asked her for what she is crying ? She said-I m feeding milk to her with spoon from many days buts she is bot ready to drink it and also she doesnt responce like the doll in tv responces!!!
Kabir-ooh so u want baby means doll!! Who drinks milk and responces to u!!

Sanchi- yes!!!
Kabir was in great confusion now how to bring baby as he knows kusum will never accept the adopted child* kusum has went to her hometown and leaves there now as she was too angry with kabir’s decision to marry sanchi!
Finally kabir made his mind hardly and asked her if she will follow him what he says! She agrees…he wiped her tears and made her stand and pinned her to the wall kissing her passionately..his mind was disagreeing his decision but his heart totally flowed with his jumping heart beats and feelings..actually here sanchi too responded him equally like god has done some miracle to bring them close!! Finally they got imitated and the seed of their love got planted!!! After few day they got the news of her pregnancy and both of them where equally in joy!!
Fb end..
Finally it was the time of sanchi’s dilevery and kabir was very tensed that how she will bear the pain!! In the ot when doctors where trying their best to deliver the baby sanchi was screaming in lots of pain and shouting with the name of kabir constantly!! Kabir!!! Kabir!!! Kabir!!! With her constant call he was getting restless! Now it was unable for him to control and he started banging the door of ot as he was wanted to go inside to her sanchi! Open the door god damn it!! He shouted loudly!! Finally the nurse opened the door and he went hastely to sanchi! He came towards her in tears and conceled her-sanchi now ur doll will come out ur stomach and u will be able to hold the doll dear! Just few minutes and u will be out of pain!!
Sanchi(cryingly holds his hand)-kabir I m feeling very pain!! Very very pain! Please take me out of this!!
Kabir(cuppes her face)- dont worry dear!! Wait for just few minutes….and kisses her forehead!
Sanchi finally gives birth to a baby boy!!
They names him as sabir….
She was also not knowing how to feed the baby but kabir helped her feeding her own milk to the baby and not of cow’s or baffaloes!!
After fifty years….
The grand wedding was arranged by their son on the occasion of their anniversary as he was very happy and not at all ashamed to do the preparations along with his wife as he was proud of his parents and also thankful for their good upbringings… the wedding while taking vows kabir was holding sanchi in his weak arms but still able to carry her along with him till eternity!! The movement he took vows with her brought tears in the eyes of many of the peoples especially to them who adviced him not to marry her but kabir proved them wrong and the peoples got the best example of love from them!
The story ends with kabir sleeping tiredly on his bed when sanchi holded his waist by her hands and strenghtening her grip bringing him close to her where kabir too hugged her and they both together went to a deep sleep….!!

Hey thats it guys!!
Please drop ur comment and tell me how’s it!!! Sorry for not commenting and replying but I assure u that I will reply whenever I get free!!! And one imp thing that my fs season one has ended and season two will start from april!!! Thanks a lot lot for commenting on my previous article…and prachi dear ur comment really made me cry and dear I have got the story for tu mila sequel and I will start posting it after finishing the fs!! And abhi dear I m really ver excited to read the next part of ur fs! Please post it if possible!! Hey guys please forgive ur chootu si sis its a humble request and please share ur opinions and reviews!!!
Love u all a lot….
Good night….
Take care…

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  1. Priyanshipp

    This was superb os dear. I got emotional while reading this. U nailed it

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear for such sweet prasing words….i loved the ongoing track of ur ff…hope its kanchi! Please make it kanchi…love u loads….

  2. Wow,,mindblwing os.. Plz post soon tu mila ff.. Nd soo sry 4 nt cmmntin in ur ff as my final test xm is going on.. Lv u..#

    1. Rajnandini

      Awww!! Sooo sweet of u dear! Thanku sooo much for ur lovely comment and sweetie I m too preparing for my exams so hardly posted this os and tu mila ff will be possible for me only in summer vacations so sorry in advance and dear I m not at all angry with u so dont apologise….all the best for ur exams… u too loads…

  3. Sajnana900

    Vrushi vrushi vrushi vrushi…..
    Yar u made me cruy at the ending part what an os yarrr u jzt nailed it
    Dont get words to describe this
    And i was touched with ur that statement that
    Was jzt amazing…
    Waiting for nxt from u…

    1. Rajnandini

      Omg!!!! Omg!!!! Ittni jyada tarif! Mai toh khushi se pagal ho gai hoon tumhara comment padhke….bohat sweet comment tha yaar ye! Aur haan mera maanna hai ke pyar kya hai aur kitna hai hum lafzoon mai nahi keh sakte usse sirf mehsoos karna padta hai kyuki hum umra bhar pyar ki kitabe padh le ya definations padh le tab bhi hame ka poora meaning nahi samajhta! sorry lecture dene ke liye woh bhi boring wala! …..good night sweet sis….love u…

    2. Rajnandini

      and dear maine april tak kuch post naa karne ka socha hai board exams ki wajha se but kabhi kabhi os post karne ki koshish karoongi…..sweet dreams…

  4. Khamoshi

    RJN it was magical story to read..such a good shaoed up story yaar.. i was lost in it.. plz post ur articles soon..haa i know kya soch rahi ho ..MAIN KHUD TO JALDI POST KARTI NAHI OR TUMHE POST KARNE KE LIYE KEH RAHI HU..hehe ?? but dear.. u r best yaar.. mere paas to aise ideas tak nahi hai.. i really enjoyed this OS yaar.. lots of love to u

  5. Riyarocks

    CVR…….yaar kya kahoon iss os ke baare mein….fav scene likhne jaaoon toh phir toh poora os hi yahaan likhna padjayega…..kamaal ka tha ye os…..tu shayad believe na karpaye but ye mujhe itna acha laga ki maine isse 3 baar padha…..but emotional hue bina reh nahi paayi……..tu ek dum ek khidkitod, darwaazatod writer hai……& tera ye chota sa brain….sunny paaji ke dhai kilo ke haath se bhi zyaada osm hai….haha……….luv u dherrrrrrrrr saara……..

  6. It’s so amazing dear

  7. Amazing… It was so emotional…. Loved it very much

  8. amazing fab

  9. Dhruti

    what i say about this os……….i was emotional when i read this……………i want to say one thing is you nailed it today………………… you dear…………….bye………….i was not able to comment after next week because of my exam so i hope you understand me…………………….

  10. Riru

    I m speechless so nice

  11. Hey vrushti dear m kya kahun yaar mere pass mere words bhi kam pad jaye but itna kahna chaungi ki one of the best os h ab tak maine jitne bhi padhe hain… Yaar tussi to great ho… Main to sachchi tumhari jabra jabra jabra fan ho gayi…. So touchy mindblowing beyond beyond beyond the world lovved it totally…. Thanks for an amaz os dearie.. Lovvvvu sisy… Bye gud ni8 tc

  12. Wowww awesome …

  13. Anee

    yaaar Vrushti kiya likha hai tum ne seriously It was Innocent love…..thank u sooo much for share this one with us….luvvvv uuu so much and takecare..


  15. Rajnandini u r queen of OS really and tum
    hamesha humare Dilo per raaj Kero go. This is Osm, heart touching and so on…

    1. Rajnandini

      Awwwwwwwww!!!! My jaws dropped reading ur comment dear! It was like unbelieveable sight for me ! Such an honorable words for me made me cry! Thanku soooo much for such a sweet compliment ever! Love u loads dear…

  16. By reading such an emotional os can not stop myself. Wow it is most fantastic os cuty u rock it.. Ur tu mila ff please write ur silent reader’/’

    1. Rajnandini

      Awwww!!! I m soooo glad dear that u finally broke the silence and commented on my article…..i m really overjoyed see ur love and support…Thanku soooo much for commenting it really means a lot for me sweetie….and dear I m surely starting tu mila sequel as soon as my board exams finishes so hope u understand…..keep commenting dear it encourages we writers a lot… u loads sweetie…

  17. Vrushti dear….u make me speechless…love it to the coree….lots of love to u.

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot niyu dear…….ur comment really means a lot for me…..I m always glad to see ur comment on my articles and also surprised that u never misses commenting me and its really a very big thing for me….thanks a lot for making me feel so special… u loads

      1. Aww….so sweet of u dear….??

  18. Superbbbbb……nothing can be beautiful than this…….it reminiscences me of soch se pare video… heart touching!!! Loved it!!

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear for ur such a sweet compliment….it really brought a broad smile on my face seeing u again after these many days…and dear have u loged out!! Badly missing u and ur fs! Everything is alright naa?! And dear I tried to see that video on youtube afyer seeing ur comment but couldnt find it!!! Hey come back soon….love u loads and loads….take care

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