Hi guys I am back with my new story…hope you all will like it.thanks for all your comments and please give your feedbacks.

ABHISHEK MEHRA – Deputy commissioner of police ( head of police)
PRAGYA KHANNA – she is a professor of English at Bluecot university
BULBUL KHANNA – pragya ‘s sister
PURAB MEHTA – assistant commissioner of police,abhi’s best friend
ALIYA MEHRA – abhi’s sister
NEIL KHANNA AND RAGINI KHANNA – Parents of pragya and bulbul
TANU MEHTA – pragya’s childhood friend

It was a bright cold day in April when pragya reached home from college.she called ragini to bring her favourite tea.bulbul comes there with her book as she is a final year student .she shouts ,di I could not solve these problems.pragya asked her to relax first and concentrate on her studies.meanwhile pragya starts to read a newspaper.she says oh my god.bulbul asked what happened.pragya reads the lines.” A husband and wife were found dead in their home with their 8 years old son and their daughter is missing.ragini comes there with the tea. She asked pragya to fresh up and bulbul to concentrate on her studies.

The scene shifts to place where 15 policemen where gathered together.they stood when a tall man enters.purab says mr. ABHISHEK mehra will speak about this case.abhi asked them to take their seats.abhi begins to speak.he says we have to find the murderer as the person who was found to be dead is a highly let’s start our work.Mr.purab .i want all the details of his family ,his friends ,relatives and also enimies.purab says ok sit.abhi says the meeting id over.

Abhi in his cabin, looking through the files when purab entered..purab says ,abhi these are people who are known to him .abhi says ok I will see.purab says another important information their daughter has been kidnapped three days before.abhi says then there is a chance where that kidnapped might killed them.purab says ha.we have to find it but there is no proof against them.they have planed well and executed it.abhi says let’s go to the spot.

Abhi ,purab reached their home.they saw a girl sitting on the floor crying.they both gets shocked and enquired who is she.the girl says her name is Annie and get family was killed by the person who kidnapped her.abhi asked if she can identify him.the girl says yes.abhi and purab asked her to be safe and leaves.
Abhi says there is something the girl is hiding from can she come as it is.where is the did he left’s a big question mark.we have to keep an eye on her.while they are leaving ,they saw a boy entering the house.abhi asked purab to stop the car and both enters silently.the girl hugs the boy and says I love last three is no one to stop us.the boy says I am feeling guilty for killing your parents.the girl says they didn’t accept us ,what we can do.

Abhi comes there saying finally you both killed them and asked purab to arrest them.
All the press ,media comes there.abhi asked the girl to cover her face else she will become popular.purab says finally we caught the murderers….

( this is a real story happened in Canada…)

In night, pragya and bulbul were on the way to home .pragya says the movie was good.bulbul says I agree with you.pragya saw abhi beating a man.she asked the driver to stop the auto.she gets down and went near abhi.abhi was about to slap him but pragya hold his hands.she asked what he is doing.and who gave the right to beat him.abhi asked who are you and you know what he did.pragya interrupts him saying whatever he had done may be wrong ,punish him by law not by beating him.purab comes asking you know who he is.pragya says whoever he may.I am not feared.she leaves.purab says how can she talk like this to you abhi.abhi says leave it.and more over how she will know we are police.we are not on our uniform n.a..pragya leaves abhi looks at her….

Hope you all liked….please say what you feel about this story line.

Credit to: aditi

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  1. Awesome aditi it was really really nice love it update soon na

  2. akshaya kannam

    Hy aditi this story is brilliant I have thought many times about abhi being a cop but couldn’t write a story but you did iy very well.I loved this story very much please don’t leave this story continue soon please

  3. its really very different from other ff.its nice plz continue dr….we always support u….

  4. yaar its nyc but v lyk abhi’s I AM A ROCKSTAR ATTITUDE but u introduced him as a police officer itss kkk itseems different nd wat r u telling is tht a real incident how can a girl kill her own parents just fr few days or months love its really disgusting how can a women do dizzzzz IF I HURTED U BY TELLING ABT ROCKSTAR ISSUE I AM A SRRY BUT I THOUGTH TO SHARE WITH U

  5. New idea yaar . We only saw Abhi as a rockstar or business man . Bt first time a police officer . Pls continue

  6. Hey Aditi just loved it… Thank u for another ff… When i read Abhi’s Character i couldn’t my laugh,don’t know y… But its good to see him as Police officer

  7. Hey Aditi just loved it… Thank u for another ff… When i read Abhi’s Character i couldn’t control my laugh,don’t know y… But its good to see him as Police officer

  8. Oh guys I am happy you all loved it…

  9. Don’t worry that you will miss your fav rockstar…he will be back…it’s my suspense in this story….don’t worry. …

  10. Always he will be in funny casuals imagining him in police dress s really challenging as I think I am laughing

  11. Super

  12. Super Aditiji…..u rocked… words to express my happiness… u r back with super story..plz continue. .waiting for next episode

  13. Superb yaar… It’s different n nice yaar… Carry on n continue Ur story yaar…

  14. Superb aditi… update soon

  15. hi aditi it was awesome & different story.
    abhi as police officer nice thought yaar.
    you said that it was a real story ohh no i can’t belive it how a daughter can kill their parents ridiculous . i don’t no how can she do it
    anyways its a awesome epi

  16. super ya interesting to read pls update dailly

  17. Different thought… Awesome

  18. Wowwwwwww……… Its Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome……….. I like it a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT……….Especially Abhi’s Policegiri……………????????????????????

  19. woww……abi’s charcter was completly. different….superb.

  20. Thanks guys

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