Innocent heart (part 2) ”ek duje ke vaaste”

Hiiiii,,,guyzzzzz so here i,m with second part posting fastly becoz i hv only two dayz of holidays left

and thanku for lovely comments which encourage me to share story with u all

soo r u guyzzzzzz waiting to know what happen after sumo and sharvan dance

lets go to second part

sumo and sharvan are dancing

sharvan:naraz ho

sumo: (looks at him and then looks aside)
bari jaldi khyal agya meri narazgi ka

sharvan:waise itna gusa kun??? Islye ke i leave school in btwn

sumo:(iriked) pata nh

just then a girl come to sharvan n sumo (she also studies with them and good friend of sumo but very chipcu type to sharvan her name is piya)

piya:sumooooo (and hugs her) omgggg u hv become so beautiful in 2 years

sumo: or tm 2 years mn or pagal hogai ho smilingly

piya looks at sharvan
piya:omggggg u r sharvan na u hv become soooo handsome but do u miss me these 5 years or not

sharvan: miss to mn ne srf ek ko he kiya h in years mn (looking at sumo with sweet face )

piya:(holding his arm) i knw mjhe as we r gf and bf 😀

sharvan:(escaping his arm)what???????????? (irritated)

sumo: (smiles naughtly) okk piya u dance with ur gf i hv to make a call i ,ll see u

sharvan:sumooo (she leaves)
kahan phans gya yar (in mind looking at piya)

then every one is sitting in school,s garden

and playing damsharat,s

when sumo and sharvan looks at each other and remberize something


a cute lil(12 years) girl is on picnic with friends

(wearing white frock and everyone compliments her that she is looking like princess)(she is lil sumo)

and boy comes and pulls her hairs softly from backward and runs away (12 years old sharvan)

sumo:sharvannnnn (and ran after him)

they both have cute dhshm dhshm fighting

and next they were playing dhamsharats

lil sharvan tell a movie name in sumo ear: ,i love u,

sumo: (confusingly) yeah konsi movie h
sharvan:(laughs out loudly)

flashback over

sumo was smiling while remembering this and sharvan was looking at her

then sir comes with kulfi,s in hand and gives one to everyone and when he was giving to sumo she refuses

sumo: sir i dont eat kulfi

sir: arey!!!!!!!!!! Konsi larki kulfi yan ice cream nh khati bolo,,,,,lo chup chap

sumo: nh sir plzzzz wo actually zyada sweet chezen mjhse digest nh hoti 😀

then sir gives to sharvan he also refuses saying that he has flu,,,,,,,,

then sharvan remebrise old memories


almost five years old sumo is standing out of school and crying badly as her parents did not yet came to pick her
and teacher try to console her

that time sharavn look her first time he is also 5 year
and feels sorry seeing her crying and he bring kulfi for sumo (teacher smiles at his cuteness)

sumo take kulfi and they both enjoys it and her parent reach school they bids bye and she leaves

from that day they both use to eat kulfi together daily till sharvan was in that school (till 7th) and has made promise that they will never eat it alone

flashback over

sharvan smiles

sumo:okkk guyzzzzzz now i,m gng byeeeee

everyone ask her to be here for some more time sharvan just look on

sumo: no yar ab aur drama handle nh hoga(looking at sharvan)

her friend:matlab

sumo: arey school ka last day yad h na sb kitna roe thy i know phr se wohi kroge last time p is lye i,m gng

she meets with everyone and leaves

so that was second part guyzzzz i would love to see ur review 🙂

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  1. Just love it yaar…..u are creative…plz update soon…plz tell in next ep why id sumo angry and shravu left the school….. Write soon….

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanku sooo much 🙂
      well sharvan leaves school becoz his parents want him to go in better school and sumo is angry that he did not even think to inform her before leaving

      and next part is cmng soon 🙂

  2. Great.. Update soon

    1. shweeto/angel


  3. Superb….. Post next part soon….

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanks alot,,, will post it soon

  4. Nice epi…
    post the nxt epi soon…

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanku 🙂
      yeah soon i,ll post

  5. Its awesome yaar….shravu is so cute…?

    1. angel/shweeto

      thaku abhi,,,,
      yeah he is the cutest na

  6. Shravan giving suman kulfi at the age of 5! Soo sweet waiting for next update

    1. angel/shweeto

      will post soon 🙂
      thanku for comment

  7. N yaa do write a recap so that we readers can link up with Ur prev episode

    1. angel/shweeto

      okkk i,ll add recap in next part
      thanks for suggestion

  8. Nice….post next part soon…

    1. shweeto/angel

      thankuuu i had post it

      it is waiting for review

      thanks for comment

  9. shweeto/angel

    thanku 🙂

  10. yaar really loved the reality. u hv tld it is a true story whose it is thn;)

    1. shweeto/angel

      thankuuuuuuu 🙂

      hahahahahahaha shhhhhhh its top secret 😉 🙂

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