Innocent heart ”ek duje ke vaste”


Hiii guyzzzzz here i,m with a lil story 🙂

the story is about a girl and boy who study together since childhood (sumo and sharvan) but in 7th sharvan leaves that school and sumo completes 10th in that school and now they both are in 12th………………..
Means they both had not met each other since 5 years

so part 1 start with a
girl sleeping in room and she gets a call she takes a call without opening her eyes she was sumo

sumo: hmmmm bol

ria: (her friend) get up yar i have breaking news of the day

sumo: to bol na


Sumo: (gets up in suprise) what?????????

Ria:haan ji today @9pm

sumo:(with excitment) finallyyyyy we will meet our all friends after 2 years
chal ab phone rakh i hv to do preparations bye

they cut a call

@school 9pm

all old friends meet and greet each other and every one asks abt sumo

sumo: here i, am (with a wide smile )

(she is wearing a pink gown)

she meets her friend and group of boys of their class meet them and girls and boys shares school time fun memories………..

Suddenly lights gets off and every one walks here and there to inquire

sumo: (goes to a side) wowww what a perfect preparations our school has made (in iritation) and gets busy in cell phone

just then light comes and after few moments she looks up of her phone and find sharvan standing infront of her

they both just look at each other (and dj by mistake plays abhi mjhme kahen)

after some time everyone asks dj to change a song to some party type and group of friends come to sumo and sharvan who are still just looking each other

ria: guyzzzzzzzz statue bn ke kun khare ho ek dusre ko phechan to rahe ho na

aarav: (thier other friend to sharvan) dude tm to 5 years se gaib e hogae

sharvan: yeah due to study and some reasons get very busy (and looks at sumo who is looking down)

and everyone talks abt that how sumo and sharvan compete with each other in tests and be together all tym

just then a teachers come to them ( he is cool and just like freind to students )

sir: like seriously is this party itni boring com,on guyzzzz
rock the dance floor

and everyone goes to dance floor happily and dances except sumo and sharvan who still stands there looking aside

sir: tm dono ko invitatiob dena parega,,,, jaoooo

sumo:mera blkul mood nh

just then
sharvan ask for her hand to dance
sumo looks on

sir: com,on suman

sumo gives him her hand hesitatly and give fake smile to sir they both goes to dance floor

they dance and ek duje ke vaste tittle track plays…………………….

So that was first part give ur reveiws thats should i write second part


Credit to: Angel

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  1. Plz plz write the next part .
    It is awesome.

    1. angel/shweeto

      thanku so much 🙂
      sure i,ll try to post next part

  2. Superb yaar…. Plzz write next part soon…..

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanku bhoomi 🙂

      yeah i,ll post it soony soon

  3. Its really awesome…eagerly waiting for the next part.?

    1. shweeto/angel

      thankuuu abhi 🙂
      will post it soon

  4. Wow too good….update next part soon…

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanku 🙂

      will post it soon

  5. Hi its just awesome…i saw ur comment in edkv page that its real story so was dam curious to read….finally I did…update next one asap…..

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanks for comment,,,,
      yeah its true story which is quite similar to edkv isn,t

      and yeah i,ll post it soon

  6. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow very interesting shwetoo 🙂

    1. shweeto/angel

      thanku so much fatarjo 🙂

  7. All Ur ff’s r nice angel I just read Ur krpkab ff n now edkv… Awesome keepwriting dear

    1. angel/shweeto

      thanku tani but i,m not the writer of krpkab ff writer by coincedence our names r same

      but thanku for comment

      1. so good to kn that u also write a true story.
        my ff abhi na jao chor kr is also a real story n i wll reveal it in my story vry soon
        most imp fact it is my real life story
        hope u will keep reading it n cmmntng

  8. shweeto/angel

    @lovely lady

    really is it true story?? And urs?? then i,m more curious to read it plzzzz post next part soon

    will try to read and comment 🙂

    but thanku for compliment

    1. glad to see your exciyemnt. actually very cmmnts were there so i was a littl bit dissappointed as this story is very cls to me.
      now i m again excited to write.
      bt one thing as it is a true story there may nt be fairy typ love story

      1. shweeto/angel

        yeah i can understand it happens to see less cmntsss

        butttttt i,mmmm reallyyyyy veryyyy veryyyyy excited
        abt it 🙂 i guess it will be more excited to read abt real love then a fairy tale 🙂

  9. thnx angel

    1. shweeto/angel

      anytime 🙂

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