In infinity why its you only ? :a twinj os

I am here for first time with an os on twinj. and guys please support only then I will write another one but guys this is completely credit doesn’t goes to me only but to some else too who has very close and special to me.So I want to thank her for this and sorry you have tell me not to write about you but I have to because I want you to know that how much thankful I am to you.Di sorry I mean I know I have said not to mention sorry or thank you but what to do I have become emotional. Sorry guys let’s start my first is with a smile I hope you will like it.
A building is shown and entrance gate it is written as xyz engineering college.The camera shifts to the towards parking lot where a boy is shown with his bike. He is wearing a T-shirt and jeans and looking dashing hot smart and what not ;every girl is ready to die for him because of his killer looks??.The guy is revealed to be our kunj.(kya yaar itna saara title waste thodi karti kisi aire gaire nathu khaire pe?)

He parked his bike and is moving towards entrance while all girls and boys are looking at him (girls because of his hot looks and boys because of jealousy)and he was continuously looking into his mobile.Suddenly bash…..
A girl and Kunj bump into each other and fall down.
Everybody else said shit today too.??(you will get to know why they said so).
And then the girl and boy stand up and girl is revealed to be our cutteee lovely sweet twinkle (whom every guy like to die but she never paid attention to them).
And both angers went on high pick as soon as they see each other both bursted out their anger to each other.??
Twinkle:hii Mr sadu sarna I think you don’t have eyes that why you bump into me regularly since 2 years without missing a single day.Idiot aankh hai ya aalo ka phank hai(sorry I don’t know its English translation).??

Kunj:You are correct miss siyappa queen urf taneja you don’t have eyes otherwise you will not bump with me daily.I know that you want to talk with me that’s why you were doing this since 2 years I mean starting of our college.??
Twinkle: what you said I no its you who want to talk with me.
Kunj:disgusting ulta Chor kutwal ko daante.(you only do mistake and you are saying me)?
Twinkle:you idiot fool you want to say that I am one who bump with you but you are ….
Kunj(cutting her off):yes thank God you accept your mistake miss attitude oh sorry miss siyappa queen urf taneja.
Twinkle:you idiot……
And both of them went into a fight as usual.
Students gossips :
Student 1:yaar we are taking the enjoyment of their fight since two years and I am getting bored of it can’t they get bore by fighting with each others daily and every time.
Student 2:I am also thinking the same that how they I mean the two rivals of our college Mr sarna and miss taneja will live without fighting with each other.(guys they don’t know each other names because they will always fight with their title )?.

Scene 2:
It is shown that kunj is talking with his friend. (let’s see what they were talking I know private talks sunna galat baat but hum to sunn hi sakte hai at least kyuki agar nahi sune to mere stomach mein pain hone lagegi ?so let’s see what they were talking)
(Guys let’s kunj frnd name Raj)
Raj: Kunj please do something you know naa I can’t leave without her without know naa I can’t cheat her but she misunderstood me.
Kunj:don’t worry yaar I will talk to her and try to convince maya?.Give me her no.?
Raj:ok and give him number( but by mistake a minor change in number I mean instead of 3 kunj wrote down 7 and went from there).
At evening kunj call that number and a girl picked up the call.
Kunj: hello I am kunj raj friend.
Girl:Hello who kunj and raj I don’t know anyone of you.
Kunj:hey please don’t do this at least listen to me once please he was not at fault.(kunj pleaded).??
And girl get attracted to her to kunj because he is doing so much for his friend that no one do in today’s world.
Girl replied: Actually I am not the girl with whom you want to talk I am twinkle (twinkle said politely and the girl is twinkle ).And Kunj get attracted to her and somewhere get lost in her voice when twinkle speaks again that I hope your friend will get what he wants?.(she says innocently and kunj said thank you)
Then ok kunj said being sad.
Twinkle replied ok bye.(both were said as they want to talk with each other more and don’t want to end the call)??.
And Kunj manages to speak can we be friends??
Twinkle:why not?

and now its has 1 years of their friendship and now both understands each other without using words they had become best friends and they used to tell everything to each other because somewhere they have started feelings for each other but they have not meet they only used to gossip on phone.both of them didn’t knew their residence college name etc. Because they never get time to ask that as while talking both were busy in listening each other sweet voices.And on the other side on college they were unaware that they are only persons who used to talk whole day with love to each other and in college they fight like wild cats on minor things that didn’t matter but later they stop their fight thinking about talk on call and went away smiling while all get shocked to see how their fight get stopped so soon.?
One day while talking

Kunj:twinki can I ask you something?
Twinkle:kunj you don’t need permission to ask something. (A bit angry as she is hurt)
Kunj:okay sorry naa don’t be sad like devdas otherwise I will not ask.
Listening this twinkle smile and said you better know how to change my mood that why I lo….suddenly she realize what she was going to tell and said tell what you were telling.
Kunj smile listening to her half confession and ask her where she lives?
Twinkle:Amritsar and you?
Kunj:happily me too.
Twinkle:(shocked) what??
Kunj:yaa so can you come to golden temple to meet me if you believe me?(kunj asked innocently)
Twinkle:kunj don’t tell that ever that I don’t believe you as I believe you more than myself. (Tears roll down from her eyes).
Kunj is surprised as he can hear her sobbing so he said you know naa I hate tears and what to fear when kunj is here.??
Twinkle smiles a bit and ask kunj to stop his dramebaazi(acting). Kunj:ok then its fix meet me at 8:00am morning.?
Twinkle: ok as your order majesty (in a funny way).
And both of them tell goodnight to each other.?
Next day at golden temple and suddenly they both see each other and together said you here too oh my god please give me peace on my best day of life when I am going to meet him/her.??
And both call each other and it seems busy because they were doing it together. And kunj stop calling when raj come and said hii to kunj and twinkle hear it(she is shocked but somewhere happy to saw him at kunj place and she unknowingly went to them)and said to raj hii you are raj right and kunj get shocked to hear her and he unknowingly said twinkle are you my twinkle (he is more than happy now and went to hug her )

While they both said “in infinity why only you?” and they smile recalling their moments and were so happy to hug each other for the first time.
Next day on college same scene repeats where kunj and twinkle both bang once again and get lost in each other while students screamed not again.??
But they get shocked to see kunj helping twinkle in getting up and ask calmly that is she alright? And then he went into his knees and said “you know what on the first I bang into you I fall in love but I didn’t realised it and I went on making cold wars with you just as you said to get a chance so that I will talk to you but you always make poppat of it and I tried it everyday but i fail but that day wrong number changed my know why I call you siyappa queen because whenever I see you my heart feels like it will stop beating and I will die……Before kunj can speak more twinkle stop him by putting fingers in his lips and tell him not speak anything like this otherwise… otherwise you are an idiot and you will be always I always want to be with you as a couple from first day of college but then you bump into me and it makes my anger into peak but can’t you see love in my eyes. After that day I have always questioned god that in infinity why you only?and now I get my answer and its that I love you because you’re different from others and that is only reason to call you sadu sarna but……Kunj and twinkle together tell that I love to fight with you I love to talk with you I love to be a rivalry with you and most importantly I love you kunj/twinkle.

And they lived whole life with their cute fights in which there is love for each other and in which they cant Even think to hurt each other..??Guys please tell whether you like it or not.I am waiting for your reply either its bad or good.


  1. bulbul

    Lover it was not at all good it was………..


    Aweeeeeeeeeesssssssssssooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee loved it so so so sos so

  2. Callmenazu

    |Registered Member

    luvd it lover. nice cocept why dont u start a ff that would really be great…..will be looking forward to ur nxt post

    • Lover


      Dear I am writing a ff prank played by destiny beyond our thinking :twinj ff but I am going toto end it soon because of less comments and less readers.

      • Callmenazu

        |Registered Member

        hey lover, dont get sad and stop writing ur ff just becoz it gets lss cmmnts. I swear i read ur ff but den i couldnt cmmnt becz usually i am in a hurry or becz i am just too lazy…….but from now onward I will surely try to cmmnt in ur ff ? and yss post d nxt epi of “Prank played by destiny, Beyond our thinking; Twinj ff” as soon as possible!

      • Callmenazu

        |Registered Member

        and can u plzz tell me ur username before u were rigistered ie. before tu made these changes {of registeration and all} becoz i think dat ur an old mmbr of tu

  3. Alia

    Nice I really liked it but may be u should’ve named it wrong number it would’ve been perfect

    • Lover


      Alia thanks but I also thought the same but this title will be common one as you too give this one am I right?

  4. sonali

    wow….its mindblowing….loved it to d core…u r a fabulous writer…..eagerly waiting for ur next os

  5. Saby

    |Registered Member

    Omg lover….. Its so cute…. Uh made my day yaar….. Such a cutiepie uh r just like ur os…. Keep it up?

  6. Sayeeda

    Lover missed u so much dear nd I’m waiting for ur ff do upload it …
    Os was superb ….amazing story ..
    Too good

  7. Amaya (kashish)

    Hey.. It was brilliant .. Please write again on our lovely twinj… U r such a good writer..

    • Lover


      I am so happy that I am able to grab your attention and you comment in my ff for the first timetime.I always want you to comment on my post but you have not but now I am super wala happy but you commented in one of article I hope you remember your fan.I just hope that you remember the article twinj fans please must read.please reply if you are reading.

      • Shatakshi

        |Registered Member

        Hey lover
        Oooo…so u r that “ur fan”… Wow
        N lover as far as I remember… Ur ff is pranks played by destiny is boyond our thinking…I know its the same
        As I read each n every episode… N I have commented on ur every episode…. U can check it…
        Barely I left any episode to comment…
        Love u????

  8. Foreverfanoftwinj

    |Registered Member

    Ab dekho saare mast writers ne comment kr diya.ri8 shatakshi.
    And lover.ab bas haan.kitna accha likti ho.meri value kam krne ka irada hai kya.haan.
    Chalo ab chodo ye sab.
    Itna accha os likh k kaisa feel ho raha hai.
    Pls baatain.
    I m waiting.
    And haan
    Nice title.
    Ab mera ff padhna zaroor

    • Lover


      Thank you dear for becoming my lover. Just kidding you can become my friend not lover dear because I want to do friend ship with you.

  9. sana (aamu)

    hey i m too late sorry for datn about ff it is cute sweet story ……
    plz right more yaar

  10. Romaisah

    ???????❀❀ i lovedddd it yaar i no im late in rearig this but kya yaar exams got me bad but srsly wrong number !!! Srsly too goods !! πŸ˜€

  11. baby

    Omg lover yr osm sismin ff yr kya stry thI i mean wow yr luvd it tears of happiness r dr yr luvly beautiful stry of luv

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