infinity and beyond! episode 3


Thank you guys for the comments … so nice u all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry if i made u cry … but i have a message to deliver … n none other than our favourite pair can convey it ! so okay let’s start with our today ‘s epi
* * * * * * *
*/ somewhere from the basement of a hospital … we can hear someone crying .. it seems like they are deeply hurt … and confused … that person is scared ki wat might happen to her … suddenly/*
“swara!” said sanskaar
Sanskaar: swara where r u ? please come out’s not good for your health ..please at least for my sake ..
Swara suppressed her sobs and came out from behind a cuboard,sanskaaar ran towards her and held in his arms
Sanskaar: have you gone mad?!! U know how much tensed i was! How can u just run that way !!! swara i am speaking to you
Swara : sanskaar ..i didn’t know what to do … my life is going to end sanskaar….//sob..sob//sanskaar i won’t live long ..i won’t be able to be with you!! And I can’t ….do anything with my disease … //sob..sob// sanskaar…..
*/suddenly swara was stopped in mid way by a strong kiss to her lips whom? none other than by sanskaar … /*
Sanskaar broke the kiss ..and spoke
Sanskaar: swara ..u won’t leave me ..shussh ! listen to me !! u won’t leave this world …u just can’t ! u will live with me , we will hell loads of children ,we will enjoy our lives with them !! cheer up!! Your disease is just a challenge thrown by god to our love ..he is just testing us … and we have to win this test … u will live and i will go to any length to make u live ….shussh! u will live u understand that right ! then c’mon ..let’s go to the doctor ,so that he treats you to become well and fine swara!c’mon
*/ swara was spell bound ..she didn’t know what had just happened ! she was half shocked by that intense kiss .. cuz she had never received such a intense kiss from sanskaar ..yes he had kissed earlier but not in that way !!! and other shock was seeing the trust and faith shown by sanskaar..not that she doubted him , but she was shocked because he had held his faith in living while she had lost it…. /*
They reached upstairs ..and went inside the doctor’s room …
Doc: miss.swara ..are you alright ? please don’t panic so much ..u still can be saved , there are doctors who can save you , very specialized ones …
Sanskaar: where can we meet them doctor ?
Doc: you can meet them in spana hospital(imaginary name)..they have arrived from amereica on my request … u can meet them tommorow itself !
Sanskaar: thank you so much doctor ! we will never forget how much u have helped us !
*/sanskaar took swara home and the whole journey swara was only thinking about how caring and nice sanskaar is and also that she was gonna leave him here alone , until now she was just feeling bad about leaving him ,,she had forgotten how much hurt he would be without her , how much sad and depressed he would become without her , he would not be able to bear it ,these thoughts stuck her like a 200 volt lighinting bolt … now ,she was more worried for him than she was for herself … just then something something struck her mind and she thought that would be the only way to save him .. if she …./*
They reach home and sanskaar makes swara get down … and they go in
Swara: sanskaar ..what are we going to do now ?
Sanskaar: hmmm………….. we are gonna watch cartoons !
Swara: huh? Cartoons … sanskaar!! I am asking about something else ..even at this point of time u are thinking of jokes !
Sanskaar: ya ..i am telling about this …(points a finger towards tv)and evrey moment of life should be enjoyed ..remember u were the one who thought me tat thing !! now c’mon , don’t tell me u don’t like tom n jerry !!!
Swara : well if its tom n jerry , then maybe i can compromise !
Sanskaar: dramebaz!
He turns on tv and put cartooons network(!!!!) where tom n jerry was coming(!!!!)
*/They both laughed a lot , forgetting all the worries for a while … but somewhere sanskaar was scared to think of losing his love , he stopped laughing and looked at swara who was still laughing like a small child who does not have any wordly worries … he observed her neatly , and noted down in his head tat he will fight with anyting ,anyone ,maybe even god to keep her alive … he made his mind firm tat his swara will not go /*
Girl: hey ! how can u watch cartoons without calling us!
Boy : sanskaar!..what man?! U didn’t even call us ! u ditcher!!
Swara: ragini !!! laksh !!! hey how r u doing ?! when did u come back from america ?
Sanskaar: hey guys! When did u arrive ?
Ragini: we came back today morning , n i wanted to see you so …
Laksh : so madam told to cancel our remaning honeymoon trip n we flown in here without informing anyone !
Swara: what ragu! U r ! u could have seen me later also na!simply cancelled your trip!
Ragini: leave that! i am very hungry ! can we eat something ?
Swara: okay ill make something for you …
Sanskaar: no!!! u are gonna rest n ya even you ragu ..u are gonna be with her while me and laksh are gonna cook lunch .. do you understand?!
Ragini: yes boss!
*/ sanskaar and laksh head off towards kitchen ragini and swara sit on the sofa and look at each other for a moment , both are very happy to see their sister respectively , meaning swara is happy to see her one year younger sister ragini n ragini is happy to see her elder sister swara ….afterall it was the first time tat they stayed apart from each other , swara got married one year back and ragini this year , they wanted to get married to the same house but they could not , still they were not sad or something because laksh was equal to sanskaar’s brother ! and he was one year younger to him too!so u can understand tat they are all like close-knit family !! ragini took in swara ‘s hands and stared into her deep brown eyes ..she seemed to be sending a message through her eyes …./*
Ragini: what exactly is wrong with you ?!
Swara: umm..hmm …ahh ..
Ragini: don’t prolong it ! swara uk how panicked i was when sanskaar sent me message saying “swara not well i don’t know what to do!”
*/ flashback /*
In the hospital ,when sanskaar bought swara to hospital …that night
Outside the cabin we saw sanskaar is tensed , and he types
To ragini: “swara.. is not well i don’t know what to do !”… n ragin instantly replies “ i am coming , 2morrow , don’t worry”… well tat’s actually the reason for her cancelling her honeymoon..
*/ present /*
Swara: ragini ..promise me that u won’t panick ..
Ragini: okay i won’t
Swara: i have brain cancer n its reached the third stage
Ragini was hell shocked!!! She felt like her whole world was turned upside down ..she felt like the earth was shaking , she didn’t know what to do … she had told this stuff to hundreads of her patients ,afterall she was doctor (who is also currnetly working on medicine to cure cancer) … but she had never felt this way , c’mon this was her sister who she loved more than her parents n even god . see even a doctor can falter ,when it comes to their loved ones …. she bacame dumb for a second ,then
Ragini: swara … is this really true ? u r kidding rit?! Yes u r ! no no this can’t be true !!…
Swara: ragu …. shussh! It is true , i not kidding … i know tat u r devasted ..but are a doctor … you can’t beahve like this ..u are supposed to take everything as a challenge and help your patients!
Ragini: swara !! this is you we are talking about ! not someone else !
Swara: ragini ..chill down ! accept it ..i have , so c’mon !! be a sport and accpet it … we will find a way to save me ..okay?
Ragini : okay! But i will be taking your case !
Swara: obvi! But ragu i want a favour .. can u grant me one?
Ragini: hmm tell
Swara: oh! Not now ..i wil tell when time comes … n promise me to do it !
Though ragini felt a foul play … she still promised her .
Sanskaar and laksh: “dinner ‘s ready!”
* * * * * * * * *
Sorry guys for a late update..but i did tell you the reason ..remember ?that i have test n all .
So guys tell me how you found this epi and i will be launching a mega one for you as a compensation for being late!
N ya tell me how you found ragini in this epi ! like a small character sketch of her !
Okay now bye !!! i will meet you next time , with my next epi …until then this is mini signing off!

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