infinity and beyond! episode 2


Omg!!! U guys made me cry !! thank you so much for such nice comments ! ya ik it’s a sad ending …even i felt very bad when i wrote it …but i wanted to tell something through it … a message … i am very sorry if i made u cry … very sorry!
They reach the hospital … and sanskaar carries her to the doctor’s room…
Sanskaar: doctor wife she fainted suddenly .. i don’t know what to do … please please something …please …

Doctor : calm down… we will check her ..just wait outside … nothing will happen to her .
*/Sanskaar goes outside n sits down on bench… he is super tensed n why won’t he be ?! his love can be in danger …no she can’t be ..his love can never be in danger until he is alive to protect her … but this can be something related to health…so? He’ll take care of her even when she is battling with a foreign monster in her body … … all this thoughts were going on in his mind … when */
Nurse: r u mr.sanskaar maheswari?
Sanskaar: yes … yes i am … my wife ..what has happened ? she she..
Nurse: woah!..calm down ..the doctor has called u in ..he’ll tell everything …
*/Sanskaar goes inside the cabin …and*/
Doctor: mr.maheswari … we have taken your wife’s blood samples … we will have to wait till morning for the report … now we have admitted your wife for now as it can also be of fatigue.. so we have put her on drips … relax n be here with her for one night … nothing will happen to her .. i assure you

Sanskaar: thank you doctor ! may i go near her now ?
Doctor : ya sure ..she is in ward three
*/inside the ward… he goes near her sits beside her she is still sleeping and drips are going on n on to her body through the tube. He took her hands n started creasing it … cuz whenever she got scared or nervous ..then he is used to this which used to calm her down a lot … he gazed at her face ..she was looking fabluous ..even when she sleeping ..suddenly she got up!/*
Swara: sanskaar ..where am i ? what happened to me .. ?omg !!! why am i in hospital … sanskaar i was in our home right ? i was dancing with you ..n then ..uhhh!! i don’t remember anything !!wat’s wrong with me ??? y i…
Sanskaar: shussssh!! Nothing happened u fell unconscious n i got u here ..nothing is wrong with u my jaan ! the doctor told it maybe was because of fatigue …. that’s it .. chill down in life ya ..kya tension leti ho! Uff!

*/ he was acting like tat so swara didn’t get tensed …n scared /*
Swara: or it might be because ..
Sanskaar: because..??
Swara: aree! Yaar guess na! Maybe i am ..
Sanskaar: maybe u r ?
Swara : uhh! Budhu only u boys are.. uff! Maybe i am ………………..pregnant !!!!!
*/sanskaar had never thought him like lighting .. he was so surprised !! it could be !! he could become a dad .. !omg !!!!!*/
Sanskaar: u r right ! we could become parents !!! but now .. u have to sleep …. u need energy so sleep..

Swara:sanskaar ..what will we name our daughter or son ? have u ever thought about it .. hmm
Sanskaaar: swara sleep
Swara: okay okay fine ..!
She sleeps

Next day
*/sanskaar is waiting in doctor’s room for the reports doctor enters the room with swara’s reports and starts examining it ..sanskaar is waiting patiently to hear some good news ..he is too excited!!! He wants to hear that he is going to become a dad .. yesterday he didn’t show his excitement in front of swara but now he contain it in him.. suddenly the expression on the doctor’s face changed … /*
Doctor: mr.maheswari … i have something to tell
Sanskaar: yes please doctor

Doctor : u have to take in this news with courage and bravery ..n handle it properly…n don’t tell this news to your wife ..she might not like it n try to do something to herself …your wife….
Sanskaar: doctor please don’t prolong this silence … i am ready to face any situation i will take care of my wife in any circumstance.. please tell
Doctor : i am sorry mr.mahaeswari your wife is suffering from brain cancer ..and it’s come the third stage which is very very dangerous phase .. for her ..we have to start treating her immediately from tomorrow ..

*/sanskaar couldn’t believe his ears ..he wanted to throw all the things in cabin … he was thinking that maybe he got swara to a wrong doctor ..maybe he doesn’t know anything ..maybe he is lying … maybe he is just trying to make him a fool and maybe he was about to say no sir i am just kidding … how could his swara get something like that..his sweet innocent lovely cute swara get something like that she was never destined to get this then how ???? no this cannot happen to her /*

Sanskaar: doc ..have gone through the reports properly .. maybe there’s some mistake in it
Doc: no sir …i have gone through them three times … i know how your feeling sir …
Suddenly a sweet voice filled with hell amount of depression broke the doc ‘s sentence
Swara: sanskaar …..

*/she had heard everything the doc told when she was walking to find sanskaar … for her whole had just collapsed when she heard doc’s sentence ..she didn’t want leave sanskaar … she didn’t want to leave this world ..she had never went near alcohol or cigarettes … she never had any bad habits ..she never did bad to others ..she loved and cared for everyone .. then why her? What had she done to deserve a punishment like this ??/*
Sanskaar:swara no don’t go ..swara come here ..swara!!!!!!!!
But swara paid no heed to his sentence and started running towards nothing
I am very sorry guys for the short update because i have my exams coming up n i am in tenth …

n i am going to make it a four shots story … bye until next the epi ..this is mini singing off!

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