Infinite Love (Episode 2)


Shivani leaves from the office.

Shikhar is in his cabin and thinks

Shikhar:When I saw Shivani first time then why some unusual flashback.Why?


Shivani comes inside Shikhar’s cabin.When he sees her first time then a image comes in front of her eyes that Shikhar is falling from mountain when a girl catches his hand.She is Shivani.Shivani is trying hard to save Shikhar.She saves Shikhar but unfortunately she falls down from mountain.Shikhar shouts her name but other name.His name is Rajat in the flashback.


He comes in sense.

Flashback ends

Shikhar:But what was in that image?

Shikhar is confused when he hears a cheerful noise from outside.It is Saisha Shikhar’s sister.

Saisha:Bhai sometimes I don’t understand that how you sit in this office cum jail?

Shikhar:Office is temple for me no not temple office is my mother.Your stone hearted God took away my ma.

Saisha gets sad.

Saisha:Bhai please don’t talk about it.

Shikhar:No I will talk about it.

Saisha:Bhai leave all this and order something for me as I am very much hungry.

Shikhar calls Akash and Saisha gives him order what what she will eat.

Shikhar:Stop eating Saisha or else you will get fat.

Saisha:Bhai I love eating and I do exercise also and now I am slim.

Shikhar gets a call on his.He sees it’s the call of Shivani.He is picking the call when he gets a flashback of he is about to pick up the call of Devrashi when someone shoots him.

He jerks from his flashback when Saisha asks him to pick up the call.

Shikhar picks up the call.

Shikhar:Hello Shivani what happened?

Shivani:Sir actually I forgot my one file at your cabin only so I will come and take the file.

Shikhar cuts the call.

After having lunch Saisha leaves from there and
Shivani enters.

Shivani:Good afternoon sir.

Shikhar:Good after noon.Your file is there up on cupboard

Shivani goes to cupboard and tries to take it but she was not able to do so.Shikhar turns to see her trying to take the file when she is about to fall bhutto Shikhar catches her on time.Shikhar gets a flashback of he and Shivani romancing.

Precap:Shivraj’s entry.

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