Infinite Love (Episode 1)

Guys I am Siddhi.This is my imaginary story so please comment at least more then 10.

Character Sketch

Shikhar Malhotra:He is an rude and arrogant business tycoon.His age is 32 years.

Shivani Khurana:She is a sweet girl who will fall in love with Shikhar soon.Her age is 19.

Shivraj Malhotra:He is Shikhar’s father.His age is 55.

Saisha Malhotra:She is Shikhar’s small sister.Her age is 17.

Veer Khurana:He is Shivani’s father.

Shanti Khurana:She is Shivani’s mother.

A boy is seen walking in a place.He enters the office and sees all the employee’s talking with each other.He gets angry.

Boy:Do your work!!!!!!

All go to their seats.Boy goes from there and one employee talks with other.

Employee 1:Shikhar sir is very rude yaar.

Employee 2:Yeah he is very rude.

Shikhar enters to his cabin.He calls CEO of his company Akash Mehra.

Akash enters the cabin.

Akash:Yes sir

Shikhar:Akash you know that I need employee so what happened about that?

Akash:Sir some people have appointed.And they would coming soon.

Shikhar:Okay when they will come then tell me.

Akash goes from there.

A girl is seen in salwar kameez.She takes a file and is about to go when her mother stops her.

Mother:Shivani wait.

Shivani stops.

Shivani:Yeah mom what happened?

Shanti:Before going you should have curd and sugar.

Shanti makes her eat curd and sugar.Veer comes there.


Shivani turns hugs Veer.

Shivani:Good morning papa.

Veer:Good morning beta.All the best for your interview.

Shivani:Thanks papa.

She leaves from there.

Shikhar is reading files when Akash knocks the door.

Shikhar:Come in.

Akash:Some people have came for interview.

Shikhar:Okay call them one by one.

Akash:Okay sir.

Akash goes from there.

A young boy comes there.

Young boy:Good morning sir.

(The boy is wearing casual)

Shikhar:So what is your name?

Young boy:Ravi Verma.

Shikhar:Okay.But if you join our office then I want you to wear formal cloths not casual.

Ravi:Okay sir.

Shikhar:You are not selected for the job.

Ravi:Why sir!

Shikhar:Who will have a attitude that person will only become my PA.Attitude si everything.

Ravi goes from there.Like this everyone comes but Shikhar rejects everyone.

Akash:Sir now one girl is only left.

Shikhar:Okay call her.

Akash goes out.

A girl comes in.

Girl:Good morning sir.

Shikhar:Good morning.What is your name?

Girl:My name is Shivani Khurana.

Shikhar:Good name.So why you want to become my PA?

Shivani:Sir I want to do something in my life that is why.

Shikhar:Okay but I don’t want that you wear this salwar kameez.

Shivani:Sorry sir I can only wear this.

Shikhar gets happy and says

Shikhar:You are selected for the job.

Shivani gets happy.

Shivani:Thank you sir

She is about to go when Shikhar stops her and says

Shikhar:And Wear salwar kameez only.

Shivani:Okay sir.

She goes from there.

Shivani comes out of cabin getting happy when she bumps into a girl.


Girl:It’s okay and by the way I am Priya

Shivani:And I am Shivani.

Priya:Why were you happy?

Shivani:I got selected to become PART of Shikhar sir.

Priya:Wow you are so lucky.You know to become PA of a hot guy it’s awesome.

Shivani:Yeah I know

Priya:If I would become his PA then somehow I would make him my bf but you are lucky you should make him your bf.

Shivani:No Priya I have came here to get a job and I got it so I will do that only.

Priya:Okay!!So from tomorrow you are joining the office.

Shivani:Yeah so meet you tomorrow.Bye


Shivani leaves from office.

Precap:Shikhar to get a unusual flashback while saving her from falling.
So how is first episode? Here Shikhar don’t have a mother.This story is based on rebirth drama so pls comment loads.

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