My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 9

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So Arjun was so so happy ..

By seeing his name on that Pack..

He was damn sure about his love.

So he now sitting with his friend Avinash (sorry guys i forgot the name which i kept for friend .so assume that this was the name i had given before..nd i am too lazy to search for the name in my bear this)

Avinash: Arjun!! First close ur mouth.

He gave this statement becoz Arjun was with his wide smile..whenever he saw his name..

After realising He closed nd hugged him..

Avinash: Arjun!! Come back to ur sense..Am not Diya.

Yes ofcourse..He was in a dream..he can’t  control himself.

Arjun: Sorry Dude..i just thought  u was Diya.

Avinash: so what’s next? Now u sure about her.,about ur love..when u going to confess..

Arjun: i will..after bro came to house..becoz i don’t  want any sad bgm running back to me when i confessing my love.

Avinash: That’s  Good..but please control urself..don’t hug ur bro with this smile,.ur Bhabhi will feel bad.

Arjun smiled at him..nd he went for hospital.


Diya was so confused..

She can’t see Arjun..even in hospital..whenever she ask he says that he went for some bro office related work..

It’s been whole two days..

There is no even message from him..

Nd she wonders where was her gifts gone..which she bought for Arjun..

She also thought like this,.

Does Arjun sees that? What he angry about that?

So what can’t  he express his Anger to me atleast?


U know what guys ..even i kept thinking like these..when i was eager about something..

Now she was in hospital.

Diya: Feeling Better Jiju?

Kishore : yes my dear.

Diya: u don’t worry Jiju..drink this juice now..u will get more energy..becoz this is made by me..

Everyone laughed..

Anjali: Don’t Lie..this is full of love..nd that love from me..not u..

Diya smirked nd said..

All ur love was in my stomach..

Anjali: Diya!! don’t u shame of urself..U stole juice from the patient.

Kishore: so what? She is my sweet Saali..

Diya smirked again.

Arjun enter as they were chattering..

While seeing Arjun..

Diya forgets all her confusion..Actually her hearts begun  to play a song.

Neelunna vazhikkalil Thedunnathenthe?
Thoovelli nilavupol Kaanunnathaare?
Nee nin mizhikal melle
Melle chimmiyo naanamaay penne

whom are you searching on paths winding
with your silver beam of moonlit eyes shinning ?
girl, do your eyelids flutter
in shyness, they softly stutter?

Cherunna mozhikalil Kinnaramode
Raa maina kurukiyo Ninnodu melle
Thoven pulari ninte
Chundil eenamaay maariyo penne

soft words of sweet nothings,dear
did the night bird whisper in your ear ?
on your lips did dawn arise
tuned as a song of fresh surprise ?

Nee ariyaathe neer peyyume
Then mazha pole ninnilum
Manju neer peyyume hey hey

do tears gently flow when you don’t know ?
within you many a nectarine drop
moist and misty will sprinkle nonstop

(Hello Guys Its Nazriya song from #OmShantiOshana #Malayam i just match the lyrics which i bear this too..if its wrong..My Favourite)

While feeling this awesome Moment Diya forgot that she was in Hospital with her whole family..

Arjun can’t control him after knowing that she too love him..

But he should..,  atleast for 6 hours..

Yes he decided to confess his love to her..

It was his bday tomorrow..He wants his whole life to be special..after this birthday..

So now he controlled himself now..acted like that he was not even saw her..

That irritated her Most..

Like i said before..she can’t control..

Diya: Arjun!

She almost screamed..

Everyone shocked..why was she calling him so she was in angry..

Then she realised..nd calmed herself..

Diya: Arjun!! ( in a polite voice)

(Imagine when someone wants to control their anger nd to smile instead of exactly her smile was like that)

Arjun: Yes..

Diya: will u do that?

Arjun wondered..whether she found out his plans?
But how? Does Avinash said to her? Oh Shit!! I won’t leave him..Arjun!! Atleast wait for her to complete..

Anjali: what?

Diya: wo dhi..he said that he will help me in my

Arjun thought himself..
” did i say that?? But when?? Even mine was did by my Friend..but what was she saying?? ”

Diya tried to drag him out that she can clear all her doubts..

Arjun: but..i should go for Bhai’s office..

Kishore: Yes Diya..He will be here after 6 pm..nd he will complete ur project after coming..Is that Ok?

Diya said ok with saddened face..

Arjun had still more what was she trying to do..but he thanked god for not keeping him with her..becoz he can’t control him when she was with him..


      To be continued..


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