My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 8

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Here we go!!!

Diya was about to confess her love..Confess all her feelings which she stuffed inside her heart for him..

She was damn sure..that Arjun already guess her..what was she feeling about him..

But sometimes Boys wants them to hit in their head nd say “Yes Idiot! I love you!!! I am Loving you more than anyone in the world”

These were the lines which Diya saying continuously through her mind almost for one year.

But she failed whenever she saw his Damn Hot Arjun infront of her.

So more Distraction..

As she helding his hands..she saw straight in his eyes with her teary eyes..

She still didn’t come out of the shock..but she managed her to confess..

Diya “Arj..

Tring Tring

Diya to herself “Shit”

Arjun saw her nd realised his phone rings..

She signalled him to attend..

Arjun then took the phone out nd the screen flashed Bhabhi.

He immediately press the green button.
Diya can hear her sister voice in panic, nd thought “what was happening exactly??”

Anjali: Arjun did u pick her?

Arjun: Yes.

Anjali: Do come fast..Ur bro in need of Blood..Diya was o + she should be here in half n hour.

Arjun: ok..we will be there..

Diya: what happened? Kishore jiju..

Arjun interrupted her nd narated the whole story..

Kishore met an accident with his bike..By God grace Arjun was in that spot for some work..
Then he took his brother to hospital..Then he came to see for Kishore Bike..

Diya questioned him before he completes..
” but i called u..someone says u met an accident”

Arjun realised nd said..”i dropped my phone on that spot..just now i pick that then ur mom asked me to bring u to the hospital nd now Kishore was in ICU”

Diya thought that its not right time to speak.

They reached Hospital.

Doctor came to Anjali to enquire if the donor was ready..when she about to open her mouth..

Arjun nd Diya went to her..

Then Nurse came there nd said blood was ready in nearby blood bank..

Doctor informed nurse about they got donor.

But at the same time…Diya fainted besides Arjun..

He tried to wake her..Doctor checked her nd said maybe she was low ,,its not nice idea to prefer her..

They went for the nearby bloodbank.

Nd Doctor said she must take rest.

Anjali asked her mom to took her to home nd also said her to get some freshen up.

Nd Arjun picked them in their car.

Arjun nd Diya’s mom make Diya to lie in the bed.

She offers Arjun a cup of he can’t refuse it.

Then she went to clean her room asked Arjun to go after finishing coffee.

Arjun got phone from Anjali..she said that surgery was over..he will be shifted to normal ward in an hour.

After that his heart began to think about Diya..Things happened between them sometimes ago..”She can\’t control herself when she heard that i met with an accident..does she too loves me or just she cared for me..he was confused..”

He decided to go to her room see her.

He went near her..she was sleeping with her innocent face..even though he liked her in uniform..she looks beautiful also in simple chudithar..

He went to kiss her in forehead..nd tried to move.but her Bracelet got struck in his band which he wore in his left hand..

he slowly released that from his hand..while moving he hit some was half opened.. something in that big colourful plastic bag fell from it..

He took that nd about to keep that inside..but his eyes paused with that word,,

His Name..

To my Love Arjun ❤❤❤❤❤

He was surprised as well as shocked.


To be continued..

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