My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 7

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Diya can’t control her tears..
It was flowing continuously..she convinced herself for so many times..positively..

But she was hearing those words which was said by one stranger in Arjun’s Mobile.

Voice: Hello..Who is this?

Diya: Arjun?

Voice: I don’t know his name nd all..The owner of this phone was met with an accident.. His brother was with him..he took him to hospital..They missed their pls inform their family nd collect their phones

Diya was strucked..

Hearing that Arjun met with accident..She can’t even breathe..

Tears continuously fell from her eyes..

Then she tried her sister, Jiju’s mobile.

But their number was not reached..

Her mind gone blank.

She had only one option.

Pray for him nd Pray to reach him as soon as possible..

Lavanya: Don’t worry Diya..He will be alright.

Diya hugged her..She thought that would make her calm..but not.

Still there is one more hour to reach her place.

Diya thought by herself

How she searched for every gifts propose him..

She bought shirt for him..Wallet ..Watch..Coolers..Shoes..

She can’t stop with one gift for him..even after all these ..she searched for some more..

But Lavanya taunted her..nd took her


Lavanya tapped her back

She says that they reached..

She stepped out from the bus..she again called Arjun number..

No one attended..

Then she got a call from her Mom..

She picked it immediately..

Diya: Mom! Mom!

Mom: Diya..Beta..

Diya scolded every network..”what the hell Signal they giving,,it betray us on correct time,,Shit!”

Diya: Mom..Mom..i can’t hear u..Mom?? Shit!!

She can hear only paused sentence..Like this

“Beta…i ..can’ Sent.,,there ,..pick…u..we ….hospital…come..”

It got disconnected..That’s all..

Lavanya asked about it..

She explained what happened..
She offers that she can drop her but they don’t know which hospital.

So she refused nd asked her to go.

Staying alone make her thoughts more scaring..

Like Arjun with full of blood..Bandage covered his body..

Diya “No!!!”

Diya to herself ” Stop! Stop it! Stop ..Diya nothing will happen to him..u just dreaming..Arjun will be alright..perfectly alright..”

By saying she began to cried again..

Diya ” Arjun!! Pls don’t leave me!! I want to see you now..Pls Arjun!! I can’t live with you,..I love you..I want to be with u for my whole life..Arjun!! I want to see you..God I want my Arjun..Don’t take him away..Pls!!!”

She heard some bike sound while she crying..

That was Arjun Enfield sound..

Suddenly she stopped her crying nd turned to see who was that..

It was ARJUN.

Diya: Arjun!!

She ran towards him..hugged him ..she never stopped her crying even after seeing him..

She hugged him tightly..

Arjun don’t know what happened to her..He just want to stop her crying..

He caressed her back..He tried to convince her..but she never stopped..

Nd he hugged her back..

Still he never know the reason..

After few minutes she broke the hug..nd held his hand..still with teary face


To be continued

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  1. Akankshanna

    Amazing part.. Update sooooinnnnnnn

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??

  2. Swethaa

    eagerly waiting for next part…love confession may be..

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ???

  3. Pavithra1616

    Awesome di… Its really fantastic.. I read the earlier parts but didn’t comment… But in this I commented as it is the latest… Isn’t it?? I really loved it.. Update soon????

    1. Farie

      Thank u so much dear

  4. Riya5794

    Wow..Diya’s feelings for arjun was indescribable???…and i am really happy arjum didn’t met wid accident.. loved this update????

  5. Farie

    thank u so much dear

  6. TUFriendsForever

    Nice one when I read the first para i was shocked I was like what happened?? But I got relieved reading the further ones it was awesomeeeee keep writing

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