My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 4

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Arjun was calling her for 10 th time..but she was not picking..

He was so tensed that she reached safely reached or not.

Diya went for tour to Banglore..

He said to her strictly that she should be in touch with him for those four days..

Diya picked the phone on 11 th time..

Before she spoke..

Arjun: how many times i said..”after u reach me” why don’t u listen to me..nd u know i was so tensed..

Diya: Arjun! Arjun! Pls take some breathe..nd give me a chance..we just reached now..i slept..just now i woke ..Arjun sometimes i can’t handle u..

Arjun smiled foolishly about what he did just now.

Arjun: ok..Sorry Diya..i just got worried ..

Diya: that was my point ..why u getting worry ? Am asking this for long time..u r not saying any word against me..i want to know ..that..

(Actually Diya wants to move this to next level..she wants to clear..whether he too felt for the same time Arjun ..but he want her to focus on studies..but She was not leaving him..)

Arjun: Diya its just i want u to be safe..that’s all..what u want me to say..

Diya want him to say that..but she hates when he makes it like that there is nothing between them..

Diya: Bye..i got to go..i will call you..before sleeping..

Arjun: ok..Take care..nd smile now..

Diya: No..only Bye..

She disconnected..

Arjun smiled..

Arjun: i will say after u complete all ur exams Diya

Arya(Arjun Friend ): Arjun..

Arjun: I know what u gonna say..but i love her bro..nd i am sure she loving me..

Arya: exactly …am not here to say anything wrong..just wanna say..go nd express ur feelings to her..don’t worry about her studies..i think she is smart..

Arjun smiled nd think about his idea..Seriously it was so difficult for him to hide his love..he wants to say it as soon as possible..


Diya was with her giant Teddy Bear..
She bring extra bag to keep this..

She wants this to be with her just not becoz she loved teddy..but also that was Arjun’s gift For her Birthday .

She was to make Arjun to say his love..

Lavanya(Diya’s Friend): Diya !!why u girls always expecting boys to expose their love..

Diya wondered about she says..

Lavanya: u too loving him..then y don’t say it first?

Diya thought that was correct..why should she wait..first she want confirm her love..

So she decided to say after reaching to her place..


                               To be Continue ..

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  1. Swethaa

    love lavanya thought…
    soo cute epi..waiting for next one…

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ???

  2. Riya5794

    Wow..again an osm update????..nd i agree wid lavanya’s though???? so eager hw diya is going to propose
    ..nd arjun reaction and all????…pls update it soon…loved this ?????????

  3. Farie

    Thank u dear ???

  4. TUFriendsForever

    This is awesome u have changed it in a good way seriously imaging these I get immense happiness all have relatives like bua taunting and Arjun is veryyy cute here the Tamil lines here and there is a icing to the cake I loved reading it and yeah girls can propose first too what’s wrong in that?? I am eagerly waiting for the next do post it soon if possible share me the links because I am not regular here I enjoyed it throughly

    1. Farie

      Sure dear..Thank u so much ??..i will ping u the link after i upload..

  5. Pavithra1616

    Wow!awesome…. Really love it…

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