My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 3

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Anjali: Diya!! Just leave it..u know about her very well..she will be like this.

Diya was upset with Arjun bua Kamla..she scolded Diya for being with Arjun every time.

Anjali asked Diya to stay with her for two more days..Diya agreed as it was Week end nd She will be with Arjun for two days.

But before that happiness gonna start..Kamla Bua irritated her.

It was 10.00 pm

Diya went to the guest room Balcony with her sad face.

She saw Arjun was entering into his enfield.

He saw her nd smiled…but she turned..she didn’t know what to do..

She stayed for him..but now she can’t be there

Diya packed her stuff..not listening for Anjali words..

Diya asked Jiju to drop her at her place.

Arjun came there..Asked for what happening?

Diya stepped out of the room..Kishore (Diya’s jiju) explained him.

Arjun knows very well about his Bua..but he didn’t expect this from her to Diya.

Actually Arjun himself wanted to be with her many times..

Arjun convinced His Bhai nd Bhabhi..that he will handle this nd take care of Diya..

He took the keys from Kishore.

Arjun asked her to step into the car.

Diya sat besides him.

Neither she spoke nor him..

She turned to window side nd placed her head on window by watching the stars in the sky..

While she rewind her flashback with Arjun.

She was in her 11 th grade..

Arjun was in his final year..

One day Arjun came to Diya house to give something to his Bhabhi.

His main intention was to meet her..but he didn’t showed that to anyone till now..

Diya was with her nearby frinds chattering outside of the house.

She saw Arjun without taking her eyes from him..
Then she realised none of them spoke for a minute..

Actually every girl with saw him exactly how she saw..

He looked stunning nd hot even in his formal shirt nd Pant.

After that she somehow makes a story to go inside with him.

Then he went.

Her friends tortured her to know about him..some of them gave letter for him.

She got irritated..At some point she scolded Arjun for coming there..

Then she went to Anjali nd said about those girls behaviour.

Anjali smiled at his sister..

Anjali : Diya,.its natural..they liked him ..that’s why they asked u like that..if u don’t like this just say them..or say to Arjun ..he will take care of him..

Diya: Dhi..Don’t say all this rubbish to him..what if??

Anjali: kyun? Do u have anything to say him?

Diya: nothing like that..i was just..

Anjali: Diya…its normal in this Age..seeing, flirting..some boys..not bad one..i swear ..i won’t say this to Mom nd Dad..

Diya smiled nd said “Nothing like that” she acted like ..she was sure about it.


Diya smiled at this flashback without her sense.

Arjun looked at her nd asked..

Arjun: U looks beautiful when u smile

Diya: i know that
With tightened face.

Arjun: Diya!! Why u angry with me? U know that very well..i didn’t do anything..

Diya : Arjun..Really am not in the mood..I should ..I should keep distance from u.

Arjun: Don’t be stupid..She was old..she will think like this nd speak like..but u..

Diya watched his anger face for the first time..she didn’t know that his anger level go to extreme..

She was like..someone pressed pause button for her.

He waved at her..then he shook her..

Then she came back to normal..

Diya : (with shivered voice ) wo..wo..

Arjun realised that he just got angry with her..that he never want to..nd he saw his scared face.

Arjun : I am sorry Diya.

Diya didn’t face him..she can’t actually..she saw the road which they were upto..

Arjun stopped the car nd said.

” Diya!!keep only this in ur mind..u can go away from only when u want to not when others said”

Diya smiled at this words from him..

For the first time,.she felt that Arjun too felt for her..but She never asked him..

They both saw each other…

Finally he dropped her in his house..

He went for his car..before he step in..Diya called.

Diya: Arjun!!

Arjun turns nd wondered..

Diya: Thanks..nd sweet dreams..

They both smiled..

To be continued…

Hello was this episode..i tried my level best to shower love between them..nd i am working on love scenes..just bear with my writings..

Love u guys..drop ur comments..


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  1. Riya5794

    Irritating Kamla bua???…i think everyone will have irritating relatives like her…and
    Arjun diya’s cute flashback was OSM???

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ???

  2. Riya5794

    Nice update and waiting for the next soon

  3. Diya30

    Amazing dear…loved it

    1. Farie

      thank u dear 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Swethaa


    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ???

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