My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 11

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Diya: Stupid Avinash..can’t he wait for some more minutes?

Avinash: Sis ..i forced him to confess at this time..

Diya suddenly realised that Arjun call was still connected.

Arjun smiled nd felt pity about his friend,.

Actually Avinash urged Arjun in a call..that he was panicked by the silence in road..

(Avinash waiting for Arjun outside while they confessing he called him now in fear)

Arjun: Diya..see you tomorrow..Sorry..

Diya smiled by his innocence nd gave permission for him to go.

Arjun smiled..nd went..

She see him through window..

Diya went back to her with full of full of love..full of smile…

Diya inner mind begin to tease her

Diya Finally..u confessed..Oh My God!!!  That too he loves youuu..u waited for long…ur crush..ur love..finally he is ursss…

She can’t even sleep..whenever she tries to sleep..she remembers the scene which held just now..

How close he was she could feel his hot breathe…His eyes which was always sparking..his cute smile..but now little bit romantic…

Diya said herself..I Love You Arjun!!!

Arjun tried to convince Avinash..but he acted like he was angry with this..

Then Arjun cell flashed Diya..

Avinash: Go ahead..i know who it is..

Arjun pressed green button..nd said Hello..

Diya: Give to Avinash..

Arjun confused nd handed to him..

Avinash: Hello

Diya: Sorry Anna (Bro)..i shouldn’t said like that,,

Avinash: Diya..don’t be silly..U like my sister..don’t be sorry..u can say whatever u want..i won’t mind..nd i just scared by that atmosphere..otherwise i won’t dragged him from there..

Diya: Thank you Anna..Bye..TC..

Then Avinash disconnected..nd handed to Arjun..

Arjun: She disconnected??

Avinash: Haan..Why is there anything u want to speak?

Arjun stared at him..nd said
” she is my can she cuts..without speaking with me?”

Avinash: Arjun..She needs to sleep..don’t bother my sister ..

Arjun wonders how he changed in a minute..but still in little bit anger..How can she disconnect without speaking to him.

He reached his house..before he step inside..he got call from his sweetheart..

Arjun: Hello

Diya can easily guess that he was angry with her..nd she also know the reason..

She smirked..

Diya: Hey Arjun!!

Arjun: Haan..

Diya: what is this? Can’t u be romantic ?

Arjun: No

Diya: why darlin??

His heart melted for each single dialogues of her..

Arjun didn’t uttered a word..

Diya took this chance..

She used every cheesy words to melt him..the, he can’t control him..

Finally he convinced..

Like every lovers they had a conversation..chit-chat..(like everyone say lovers never stop their conversation even if there is no matter ?? #NoOffense

While speaking someone interrupted Arjun..

Its Anjali..

Arjun suddenly disconnected..

Arjun: Bhabhi? U need anything?

Anjali: No..i just came to see..who came this time..nd where did u go? In this mid time?

Anjali shoot all her questions one by one.

Arjun struggled to say next word..

Before he starts to explain him..His phone buzzed..His favourite ringtone..
Maalai nerathil
Ladybird koovum osaiyil
En enfield engine
Idhayam thaan
Thudikithae parakuthae…


In this sounded like someone plays it in a home theater..

Anjali quickly took his phone..nd saw Diya’s name..

For his surprise..she smiled nd signalled him to Speak..without letting Diya to know about her presence.

Arjun voice was shivered to speak..

Diya: Arjun!! How dare you to cut my call..

Arjun: Diya will call u later..

Diya: No

Arjun: Diya

Before he begin to say about Anjali..again she signalled him ..

Arjun: will call u later..Pls,.

Diya: Ok..i love you..

Arjun: ok..bye..

Diya: Not like that..Say love me!

Anjali not surprised..,She knows very well about her cute little sister..nd thinks..

“after all she is my sister” (she thought the way she used to order his husband)

Arjun: Diya..pls..

Anjali signalled him like keeping hands on her ears..that she was not listening.

Finally he said..

“i love you Darlin”



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