My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 10

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Avinash: Go for it man!!

Avinash pushed i losing my courage to confess my love..its becoz..i was damn nervous..

Suddenly i don’t know where that comes from..

Though i was with her for more than two years..

Avinash: if u want ur love to be alive..then u must confess.

Arjun: yeah..

Avinash: now what was with that low voice?

Arjun: I am scared man..Can’t  u see..Its not easy to confess the infront of whom we love..

Avinash: Arjun!!

After half n hour

That’s  all now he was in front  of Her..Diya..

That stupid Avinash push me into this..yes i want this to happen…but i just need some time to prepare..

But he after screaming my name..

Some hours ago( when Arjun speaking with Avinash.)

Avinash entered  Diya’s  number and said


He disconnected.

Its already 11. 30 pm Avinash..

How do i say to her..

Avinash: that’s ur plan na? U want to say that on ur go for it..

Arjun: ya..but its just some i am thinking about that..i need sometime..

Somehow Avinash convinced him to confess ..nd he dropped him in her house..

Then he pick Window to go for her..Cleverly not to wake her parents on this time..

But his cleverness worked only for maximum fifteen minutes..when jumped to her too..

She woke up by his sound..he hides behind the cupboard..

Diya was sure something happened just now..

She was actually not sleeping..becoz she was in more suddenly strange behaviour of Arjun..then his friend phone call..

So she just tossed in the bed.

Then this sound makes her mind divert from those confusions..

Diya took the broom stick which was near the door..

And said
 “Who s that?? I know someone behind cupboard..come out!!”

Arjun shocked to see her already he was scared to say his love.,but now with that..

He was blank..

Diya somehow managed herself to find out who was behind.

It was just two steps..

Suddenly Arjun came out hiding his face with hand
By saying..

“Stop it Diya!! don’t do anything’s me Arjun”

By seeing him..she shouted..


Like  its very big scream

U can say that some girls (some boys too) will scream by seeing cockroaches, lizards,,or some insects..

I am very proud to say..I am one of them..

So now back Arjun nd Diya..

By hearing her scream..
Her parents came nd knock the door..

Mom: Diya!
Dad: Diya!

Arjun shocked nd stared at Diya..who was to blank nd regret her behaviour what she did just now..

Again they shouted..

Mom: open the door..

Arjun signalled her to open..he thought hid inside the cupboard but unfortunately his height didn’t co operate with him..

So he went to bathroom which attached to her room.

Diya opened with broomstick in her hand.

Dad: what happened dear?

Diya: Nothing its just..just..

Mom: what?

She saw the broom stick..nd asked Cockroach?

Diya thanked God for helping her at this moment..

Mom: Grow up Diya..u r not a kid..its just a cockroach..i am sure u awake everyone in this colony..

Dad: Sarla..she scared..Diya u can come nd sleep with us.

Diya face worried..but she managed to handle them.

After they went..she slowly closed the door ..nd Arjun came out.

Arjun : Superb

Diya pushed him away

Diya: what? Nd why did u came here? Can u see me now..u know what i was mad..i was dreaming..

Arjun can easily understand why she was like this..

Nd he held her wrist..she try to free her hand..

But he held it very tightly..

Arjun: Diya! Diya ! Stop! Shhhh..

Diya: No..get out

Arjun: Shut up!

He shouted .. this time her parents didn’t come..Maybe they slept.

She escaped her hand from him..nd went near the window..

After in a minute..she heard a a very light music..

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Diya confused nd suddenly something slaps in her mind..

She turned..

Arjun was standing with a sad came from the mobile ..which he helding..

Diya : Arjun!! Happy Birthday!! Sorry …sorry,.its justt…i am sorry…Arjun ..Ha

He placed his finger on her lips..

Nd said..

“Shhh..Today is my birthday ..this birthday i got a special gift from god”

Diya was confused ..she was little bit shy nd scared..coz Arjun was with her close..they stood like this before..but somehow she felt some butterflies at this moment..

Also with that..she asked him “what?”

Arjun smiled nd said

” You..he said to me that u was my love..”

Diya smiled nd asked ” so?”


Diya: haan so?

Arjun: Diya am saying something..which was in my heart..

Diya: So say it..why did u bringing him in this..

Arjun: u know it ..what am gonna say..

Diya: yes..but i want it from u..

Arjun: Its ..Its..

Diya: Arjun..not this..say it..otherwise go..

Arjun: u so rude..U hurting birthday Boy..

Diya: nd u hurt me for whole two can’t i give this punishment?

Arjun agreed..that he ignored her just becoz he can’t control himself..nd he didn’t think how that hurts her..

So now..our hero smiled nd ready to confess his love..

Arjun: Ok..

Diya: Say..

Its exactly a order.

Arjun: wait…give me time..

Diya: i gave enough..

Arjun: u r impossible..

Diya: i know u go now..

Arjun slowly closed his eyes..nd prepared himself to say..nd started to say..

But before that..he felt something softly pressed on his forehead..

Nd he heard “I Love You Arjun”

He opened his eyes..he saw her in front of him..his love..his Diya..

Oh penne en kanne 
sendhane vaa munne
en uyirukkul peyarai vaithaai

Oh my girl, my heart,
my soul, come before me 
You only named my soul 

En naadiyai slirka vaithaai
En iravellaam velicham thandhaai
En aan-garvam panindhinru,
un munne paniya vaithaai

You shocked my tissues
You gave brightness to my nights
You won my ego and
made it bow towards you. 

Sollu nee I love you
Nethaan en kurinjip poo
En kaadhal endrum true
will make sure you’ll never feel blue(2)

Tell me, I love you 
You are my kurinji flower 
My love is true forever – and 
I will make sure you never feel blue

Diya: Happy Birthday Arjun..

Arjun held his hand nd said by seeing her eyes..

                              “I Love You Diya”


 To Be Continued…

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