My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 1

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Hello guys ..

I hope u didn’t forget me.

Ok this is Farie here..

i am going to write FF based on orginal fiction.

As usual this story is about love.. Before dragging into u to the story ..

i should inform here..this is inspired from one tamil movie.

Not fully but the concept.

So our Hero named Arjun. He finished his studies one year working in IT company.

He was in confusion in a very big confusion…

Arjun “how could i love school girl??”

Yes he was in love with school girl 12 th grade. Nd also his Bhabhi’s (Bro wife ) sister.

All of his friends scolded him for loving school girl..

But all this confusion will fade..when he saw her.. with her cute smile..that too in his favourite school uniform..he love to see her in a school uniform..

he would like to hear his favourite song whenever he saw her.,in her Lady bird cycle..

??Malai nerathil lady bird koovum osaiyil En Enfield engine idhayam than thudikuthe??

Song from tamil movie #KadhalKasakuthaiya (Whenever i hear ur voice heart(Enfiled Engine) will beat fast )

He kept that ringtone especially for her number..

Next our Heroine Diya.

Diya was cute school girl..but she was matured more than her age.

She was in the stage..that Arjun became her secret crush. “Secret Crush” what does that mean?

I bet that every girl has their secret they like to see them secretly but they behave like they are not interested in them or scared to express their feelings in front of everyone..

Ok ..back to Story…

Diya’s secret crush. If she hear his name..she will smile..if she hear that he was coming with her dhi nd jiju..She began to fly while seeing him..she never express this feeling to him..

Coz she doesn’t know future of this feeling..

??Un viralgal korthu kolla En malar viral Thaanae irukirathae.. Un idhayam sandhikka thaan Alaveduthu valarnthenae??

(Hands of mine waiting to hold urs..grown up to meet ur heart straightly)

But she feels good..this feeling..?????

So this is the introduction for our leads.

Now to present tense..

Diya was waiting at school entrance with her friend.. Her Mom said that her jiju will pick her from the school. Some function..She was both happy nd upset.

Happy becoz she will saw her Crush..

Upset becoz she have meet him in school dress..

So she was in mood off little bit. After some minutes ..

she saw Arjun was coming his bike.. Her heart beat very fast.. Her Mom didn’t inform her about this..

Arjun was so happy to see his favourite school uniform.. She looked tired but beautiful ..

then he saw another boy came to her .. He too in school uniform..maybe her classmate.. But he was with some greeting card nd roses..

Arjun face turned to red.. Diya saw him..when her classmate Approached her with roses..


To be continued..


Guys drop ur comment also if there is negative points..???

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  1. Swethaa

    different and refreshing story…waiting for next part

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??

  2. Diya30

    Sweet one…do continue plz☺??

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ❤?❤

  3. Riya5794 of my fav movie???…am so happy dat u are writing ff on dis??…nd dis is really very interesting???..i loved both diya and arjun???…waiting for next update??

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??

  4. Pavithra1616

    Superb… Waiting for the next part… Pls sent me link as you update… Loved it a lot.. Well done… I like your writing style.. It is totally different from everyone!! Update soon!

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??? sure i will ping u once it got published..i have uploaded next part just now. Thanks once again

    2. Farie

      Thank u dear ?? sure i will send link..

  5. Akankshanna

    Awwww……. Awesome…. Blushing giggling….. ????????????

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??

    2. Farie

      Thank u ??? dear

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