Infinite (Episode 19)


Episode 19
The episode start with arjun call his PA abhay and said
arjun:hello abhay
abhay:yes sir
arjun:I’m not coming today please handle office
abhay:everything ok
arjun:not really come home in evening I’ll tell u
abhay:ok see u then
arjun:ok bye saying this arjun cut the call and msg someone then arjun was about to go in but radha came and said
radha:let me meet haya
arjun:no u can’t
radha:I can I’m her mother
arjun laugh and said
arjun:mother my foot u r nothing but a blo*dy puppet of that David
radha:mind ur language Mr

arjun:just shut up ok u can’t meet haya she’s now my responsibility and I won’t let u meet her what u think after doing so much wrong u can meet her huh where were u when ur blo*dy husband were beating her huh where were ur so called motherly love that time I know u were there I heard her calling u but what u did u left ur husband to beat her to death if I haven’t reached on time I would have lost her because of u and ur blo*dy husband but not now I won’t let anyone hurt her anymore she’ll stay with me in my house and I don’t want u near her BTW just tell me how haya reach on road
radha didn’t said anything and stay mum but arjun didn’t let her go and said
arjun:tell me now or you’ll be with ur husband in jail
radha get scared and said
radha:no I’ll say actually David got to know that u heard everything so he throw haya on road to save himself and I didn’t did anything because he threaten me that if I did something he’ll throw me out and won’t give me even a single penny
arjun was now super angry he was so much angry that right there he give a tight slap to radha without any hesitation and said
arjun:this one for hurting my haya and rest of the punishment police will give u saying this he turn and said
arjun:officer I hope this much confession is enough
a man in his mid 60s who was sitting on bench just behind arjun get up and said
officer:its more than enough Mr Mehra saying this he call lady officer and they took radha with them the officer came to arjun and said
officer:ur wife is very lucky to have a husband like u
arjun smile and said
arjun:no officer it’s me who’s luckiest to have her in my life as my wife
officer:I’ll pray she’ll be fine
arjun:thank u

officer:I’ll leave now saying this he left and ana came to arjun cryingly as she heard everything and said
ana:I’m sorry bhai I didn’t knew that mom and dad did I’m so sorry saying this she start crying and arjun hug her and said
arjun:hey lil sister don’t cry its ok haya is fine now
ana looked at arjun and said
ana:but what doctor said
arjun:actually saying this he told her everything what doctor said and ana start crying badly and said
ana:I’ll never forgive mom and dad for this how can they do this with Elsa
arjun stop ana from crying and said
arjun:don’t cry ana we’ll make her alright ok
ana wipe her tears and said
ana:yeah I’ll help u bhai I’ll do anything
arjun:ok then u have to come to my house with haya as she’ll stay there with me I need ur help ana because I can’t help her in everything so u need to be with her
ana:but she’s scared of me
arjun:I’ll make her ur frd don’t worry
arjun:and do one more thing took ur frds also they stay with u na
ana:yeah but r u sure
arjun:yeah because it’ll help u also and if there will be some peoples in house haya wouldn’t be scared of people
ana:ok but my one more frd is coming she’ll also stay with me so can i
arjun:yeah took her also and now come let’s make haya ur frd first then u go home and sat everything
ana:ok saying this she wipe her tears and came in with arjun and seeing arjun haya turn her face to other side and show her anger arjun smile and came toward her he sat beside her and said
arjun:is my angel angry
haya:I’m not talking to u
arjun:I’m sorry

haya looked at arjun and laugh as arjun was holding his ears arjun smile seeing her laughing but soon haya’s laugh stop and she get scared when arjun saw behind him he saw ana and understood that haya is scared of ana he call ana closer but haya get scared and tried to hide but arjun hug haya and said
arjun:angel she won’t do anything she’s good and she loves u
haya didn’t look at ana and closed her eyes tightly and said
haya:no please don’t beat me
arjun:Angel look its me ur arjun and no one will harm u just look at me
haya look at arjun and he ask ana to come near she came and haya hide behind arjun but arjun make haya stand and in front of ana and said
arjun:Angel look she won’t harm u she’s good she’s my sister she loves u
haya look at arjun and then ana and said
arjun smile and nod in yes
haya smile and ana hug haya and start crying haya automatically hug her and said
haya:please don’t cry arjun why she’s crying
arjun:u met with accident na that’s why
haya:but I’m fine now
arjun:yeah ana stop crying
haya get excited and said
haya:ana her name is ana
arjun:yeah why
haya:its so cute name na
ana look at haya and her happiness she wipe her tears and said
ana:will u be my frd
haya think about what arjun said about ana and said
haya:yeah frds saying this they shake hands and ana hug haya then she give the teddy also and haya get happy she start playing with it and they talk arjun get a call so he said ana to take care of haya and said haya to don’t be scared and ana she her frd now and she’ll take care of u then he came out and doctor came and said

Dr:hello haya
haya get scared and hide behind ana
ana smile thinking she’s not scared and said
ana:Elsa don’t be scared
haya get confused and said
haya:who Elsa
ana remember that she don’t remember anything and said
ana:sorry I mean haya don’t be scared I’m here na let Dr check u then we’ll go home
haya get happy and said
haya:you’ll stay with me
ana nod and haya happily hug her then Dr check haya and said
Dr:she can go home
ana:thank u Dr
just then arjun came and Dr told him that they can take haya home now and take care of her arjun thank Dr and Dr left arjun came toward haya and she hug him and said
haya:we’ll go home now
arjun:yes Angel but before that u go and change ana will help u ok
haya:ok saying this haya gone with ana and arjun came out of room he call abhay and ask him to meet him at his house and remember how arjun msg abhay to send police to arrest radha just then ana and haya came out ana left first she inform her frds already and they already were in arjun’s house then haya came toward arjun and hold his hand seeing so many peoples and Arjun said
arjun:don’t be scared I’m here na now smile
haya smile and they came out arjun ask haya to wait and he’ll come he gone and came with medicines and they left for home

In Arjun’s House
ana and her frds were there ana told them about haya and ask them to help and they agreed just then Arya came and ana open the door along with her frds arjun was shocked to see ana’s new frd and haya who was scared hide behind arjun and because of haya’s hold arjun came out of shock and ana said
ana:bhai u met lara and pearl before but not Alisha right she came just tomorrow
arjun said unaffected
alisha:hi saying this she came close to hug but arjun stop and said
arjun:I don’t like all this
Alisha get angry but didn’t show and said
arjun hold haya and said
arjun:hey angel don’t be scared come they r ur frds only saying this he hug haya from side but still haya hold arjun’s hand tightly and hide her face in his chest arjun and ana smile where lara, pearl and alisha get jealous alisha was angry as arjun was showing as if he don’t know her and was showering love on haya then Arya were coming in but alisha being jealous forward her foot and hit haya and because of that haya’s foot twist and she was about to fall but arjun hold her on right time and said
arjun:r u ok

haya nod no as her leg got twisted then haya said cryingly
haya:arjun its paining saying this she cried and arjun get worried he lift haya in his arms and make her sit on sofa and shout
arjun:ana bring first aid fast its in kitchen left shelf
ana run and came with first aid arjun kneel down and took haya’s foot he put it on his thigh and said
arjun:its ok it’ll be fine don’t cry angel
haya was crying and said in between sobbing
haya:ar…arjun its pa…paining
arjun complete first aid and wipe haya’s tears and said
arjun:it’ll be fine don’t cry u know na ur arjun don’t like to see u crying so please don’t cry and smile saying this he wipe her tears again and haya smile then haya said innocently and cutely
haya:arjun I’m hungry
arjun smile and said
arjun:let’s have food then saying this he get up and said
arjun:I’ll ask Amy aunty she’ll serve food
ana:no I’ll go she know me u stay with haya
arjun:ok till then come angel u should rest saying this he help her getting up but she wasn’t able to walk so arjun lift her in his arms and took her in room alisha get jealous and think
alisha:no arjun u can’t do this I’ll get u anyhow u were mine and always will be this haya can’t get u I’ll make u mine because this haya don’t know who I’m and she’s a kid right now so it’ll be easy for me thinking this she sat on sofa and talked with lara and pearl just then someone ring door bell and alisha open it and was shocked to see a handsome and hot boy he give a confusing look at her and said
boy:umm where is arjun
alisha:ooh he’s upstair and u
boy:I’m abhay abhay mehta arjun’s frd
alisha:ok hi I’m alisha arjun’s before she could complete Arjun came and said
Arjun:hey abhay u came good come I want to tell u something
abhay:yeah saying this he came in and both came on terrace and abhay said
abhay:I hope its ok I told them I’m ur frd
arjun:not at all yaar
abhay:so tell me what’s wrong
Arjun:remember I told u I love someone
abhay:yeah so
arjun:her name is haya
abhay get little shock and said
arjun:yeah what happened
abhay:nothing just remember someone
arjun:actually one more thing I didn’t said
arjun:she’s haya daughter of Mr David and saying this arjun told whatever David did with haya and her condition hearing arjun abhay was taken aback and then he said
abhay:haya really
arjun got confused and said
arjun:yeah but
abhay:arjun she’s my sister omg I didn’t knew that all the time haya was talking about u only
arjun:abhay what r u saying
abhay:Arjun the girl u love is my sister my lil sister haya
arjun:but how can it be u never told me that David is ur father
abhay:wait I’ll tell u come sit saying this both sat down on floor and abhay said
abhay:arjun u remember that day when u give me job

arjun:yeah so
abhay:after that we become frds not frds but we become brothers and u told me about ur past and about ur revenge I decided to help u because that David is not my father anymore u know he tried to kill my love just because she was not of our status that’s why I left and haya helped me for escaping because no one can doubt on her and no one knows about my whereabout except haya we met every week she told me that her marriage is fixed but I never ask about name but I know she is happy with her marriage and I never told u that David is my father because I want u to take ur revenge that David is a beast and I can’t forget what he did with my love my lil sister haya and u
arjun and abhay was in tears and arjun said
arjun:haya told me about u but I never asked about u name
abhay:yeah even I didn’t well leave all that where is my sister and is ana also here
arjun:yeah ana and her frds will stay here and angel I mean haya is sleeping
abhay smile and said
abhay:ooohh angel
arjun:please abhay
abhay:ok ok leave all that honestly I’m happy that my sis got u and I know u will make haya alright
arjun hug abhay and said
arjun:yeah I’ll BTW u said ur going to attend ur sister’s marriage
abhay:it was my girlfriend’s sis marriage
abhay:let’s go now I want meet my sisters
arjun:ok come saying this both left

Next Episode: Alisha And Arjun’s Past With Love & Care Of Arjun For Haya
hey frds h r u all?
here is episode 19 how’s it well sorry for late but I hope this lengthy episode is enough to forgive me and I’ll try to post soon but what to do I’m lil busy and when get time write hurriedly and have to write long na so that’s why well leave all that and tell me how’s it til then bye tc and love u all ???????????????????

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