Infinite (Episode 18)


Episode 18
The episode start with Arjun woke up and saw haya sleeping he kiss on her forehead and stare her for sometime he can’t believe whatever happen to her how can someone do like this with any girl and with haya what wrong she had ever done she’s an Angel then why arjun came out of his thoughts when phone ring but he cut it and gone in washroom to get fresh n up after sometime he heard some crying sound he immediately came out and saw haya crying sitting in corner of room being scared when he look the way haya was seeing he was shock to see radha and ana arjun immediately came toward haya and when she saw arjun she hug Arjun tightly and arjun said
arjun:babe what happened
haya:Arjun they r taking me I’m scared
arjun:haya look at me
haya look at Arjun and arjun make her stand and said
arjun:now tell me why r u scared
haya point her finger toward radha and ana and said
haya:Arjun I Don’t Know Them I Don’t Want To Go Please Don’t Leave Me saying this haya hug arjun again tightly hiding her face in his chest arjun was shocked hearing “I Don’t Know Them” he make haya look at him and said
arjun:hey babe what r u saying look she is ur sister saying this he indicate ana to come and she came forward but haya get even more scared and start crying and said
haya:no please don’t beat me please
arjun got worried seeing haya’s condition and said
arjun:ana go out please
ana:ok saying this she was going but radha said
radha:haya beta look at me I’m ur mom saying this she was coming forward but arjun show his hand and said
arjun:ana I said go out now
ana:ok bhai saying this she took radha with her and arjun said
arjun:haya ssshhh stop crying babe look they r gone come sit saying this he make haya sit on bed haya was still scared and was crying arjun ask her to stop and said
arjun:babe why r u scared I’m here na no one will do anything
haya hug arjun and said
haya:arjun don’t go I’m scared please
arjun:i won’t go anywhere promise
just then doctor came and seeing her also haya get scared but arjun said
arjun:babe they won’t do anything they r good
haya cried and said

haya:no they’ll take me please arjun I want to home
arjun:no they won’t I’m here na saying this arjun sat beside her and said
arjun:u want to go home na so let them check u then we’ll go home ok
haya smile and said
doctor check haya and give her injection and because of that she fall asleep when she was slept arjun came out and said
arjun:Dr what’s wrong with her she’s not recognizing her family but she know me
Dr:Mr Mehra come with me I need to talk with u
arjun:ok saying this he turn to ana and said
arjun:ana please be here and look after haya she’s sleeping but still if she woke up and I didn’t came call me I’ll just come after talking to doctor and saying this he look at radha and said
arjun:don’t let anyone go in except u saying this he left and came to Dr cabin as he entered Dr ask him to sit and said
Dr:Mr Mehra I want to tell u something really important but please don’t panic because u need to handle ur wife (arjun said here also that she’s going to be his wife soon)
arjun:Dr everything is alright na
Dr:Mr Mehra ur wife had lost her memory and her mind has lost the maturity she should have at this age
arjun got confused and said
arjun:Dr what r u saying I’m not getting it
Dr:Mr Mehra look at this saying this Dr show him X-ray report and said
Dr:Mr Mehra can u see this injury on her head
arjun:yeah but what about this
Dr:because of this injury she lost her memory that’s why she don’t remember her family
arjun:but she know me

Dr:yes she recognized u because she know u helped her and saved her that’s why she trust u and believe u u know Mr mehra when her head got this injury she didn’t know that but on the spot her mind lost the stability and she just remember what happened after day like she maybe get beat n up more and then how u saved her and because of that injury now the girl who is in her mid 20 had a mind of 10 to 12 years old kid and u know how’s kid mind is they believe who is good to them and get scared and cry but in all of this the good thing is she know u she believe u completely and u can make her alright
arjun was shattered fully he never thought that his haya have to go through this but somehow he control himself and said
arjun:there must be something I mean some treatment for this
Dr:well yes there is for memory I can’t do anything and please don’t do anything to make her remember her past because right now seeing this condition of her mind it can harm her and can lead her to death
Arjun:I promise no one will try to make her remember anything but what about her mind she’ll be alright na
Dr:yes Mr Mehra for that u can help her
Dr:Mr mehra the way she show her trust on u I can say she’ll listen and do what you’ll say so try to teach her the things she should know in this age give her ur time, care and love and she should stay happy and calm because even a little stress can be harmful for her and with time her mind will be able to work properly and she’ll be alright and I’m giving u some medicine which will help her to gain her ability to be like a person should be in this age
arjun:but right now she’s ok na she can go home
Dr:yeah Mr mehra u can take her home but come for check up once in a week and if u want call on this num I’ll come to check her and please take good care of her because ur love and care is her real medicine
arjun smile and said
arjun:thank u so much Dr
just then ana call and arjun pick up and said
arjun:yeah ana
ana:bhai Elsa woke up she’s crying and calling u
arjun:I’m coming saying this he cut the call and said
arjun:Dr haya woke up I’m going but is there anything else I should know
Dr:no Mr Mehra this is all u can go till then I ask to make discharge papers
arjun:ok and thank u once again saying this arjun came in haya’s room and seeing him she run to him and hug him tightly arjun hug her back and indicate ana to go out then said
arjun:hey my angel don’t cry
haya:why did u left please let’s go else they’ll take me I’m scared here
arjun:hey don’t be scared I’m here na and no one will take u anywhere you’ll stay with me forever

arjun:yeah promise now smile my angel look really beautiful when she smile
haya looked at arjun and said
haya:is my name angel
arjun:no ur name is haya but I call u angel by love
haya smile and said cutely
haya:am I an angel
arjun smile seeing her cute expressions and said
arjun: yeah for me u r an angel saying this arjun hug haya and she hug him too arjun remember what all Dr said and then ask haya to sit here and he’ll come in a min haya stop him and said
haya:arjun I want teddy bear
arjun thought how she know his name and then he remember that he told her that her arjun is here and that’s how she know maybe as Dr said she remember whatever happened after getting hit on head and then arjun said
arjun:ok u sit here I’ll go and get it for u
haya:no I’ll come with u
arjun:no Angel ur not fine completely I’ll go and get it na
arjun assure her that he’ll come in just 2 min and haya agreed arjun came out where ana and radha was he came to ana but before ana could say anything he said
arjun:ana I can’t say anything I’ll tell u everything later but right now please do me a favor go ur home and bring haya’s teddy here noe
arjun:please I’ll tell u everything once we’ll go home and yeah bring some comfortable clothes of her also in bag because she’s going to stay with me in my home now saying this he give a deadly glance to radha and left from there he came near haya room but stand outside and call his pa abhay and ask him to handle office

Next Episode: Some Memories Of Past
hey frds h r u all?
here is the episode 18 how’s it tell me sorry for late update and yeah I’ll surely reply to ur comment I didn’t did because was busy and when got time I hurriedly wrote the episodes of “Infinite” & “Feelings” and posted so tell me how’s it and I hope u guys like the twist in tale please tell me ok till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???????????

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  1. Hey nice twist. I must tell u among all the seasons of arya I liked imperfect love story but this one just stole my heart. Now infinite is my favorite among all ur stories

    1. same is the case with me also sis…this story stole my heart also!!!
      I wonder from where Angel get such fantastic ideas for her beautiful stories!!!

      1. thanks a lot bhavna ? even I don’t know I just know when I get my tab in my hands to write I just go with the flow ?

    2. hello…Thanks dear ? awww so sweet of u ?

  2. I love it. I can’t wait to see how Haya gets well. Please update soon

  3. angel you made me cry dear emotional episode

    1. awww I’m so sorry

  4. Osm twist angel…dint c dis coming….vry vl a emotionally lovely epi….
    Lots of love ….hugs….tc

    1. thanks a lot ? love u too tc ?

  5. This is the best season of arya….. I agree with u aliya even my fav season was imperfect… but after reading this………… I just can’t stay away from ur ff I. Love it sosososoooooooooooo…… much…. byee tc love u

    1. thanks a lot dear love u too ?

  6. What a twist angel?pls update asap dear..

  7. heart touching….dats all I can say

  8. o…..nice….good track…

  9. awesome

  10. Angel brilliant to core…. U know I was not able to sleep i was continually searching Ur updates…. As u didn’t reply to our comments I thought u won’t update today…. Trust me it was a surprise for us as u updated both… u lots…

    Coming back to twist… Answer me is Ur brain made up of nervous or 3 to 4 artificial computer systems…..????

    As a development engineer we say artificially systems are the most powerful… Like that is Ur brain…..

    The way Ur portrayed ur name Angel instead of haya was mind blowing….

    God has really taken great effort in creating u…. Best wishes dear… I really wish u a great further…. Don’t think this will be my last comment I will comment regularly….

    Love u lots and lots….won’t u love and hug me back????????

    1. thank u so much means a lot to me dear u just made my life saying this I just can’t believe that my story is loved so much thank u thank u thank u so much ?????????

  11. so emotional episode…It made me cry…and plzzz try to update regularly because its so good that it becomes hard to wait for next episode…

    1. thanks a lot and I’ll try ??

  12. nice twist…………

  13. Wow angel superrb twist I loved it ..really your brain is just awesome yaar …eagerly waiting for coming episodes..please update asap

    1. thanks a lot dear ??

  14. Awesome twist yaar…… arjun is as usual best…ever….. he can do anything …
    keep it up

  15. this is one of the best ff I have ever read…please keep it up like this only…arjun’s character is so good like a perfect husband…please update asap…I am very much curious to know the past of David family…please reveal it soon and try to complete at least 30 episodes. ..and please update regularly…lol Angel…

    1. thanks a lot dear and I’ll try to post soon and I’ll make as soon as I can love u too ??

  16. Ya..its awesome…poor haya…but one question…evn a ten year old kid will remember her mom na..or is her mom also a stupid witch who abuses her tender.daughter… i lovd arjun here… and good tat haya stays wid arjun…aww… soo cute tat she believs and trust arjun to the core… arjuns reply to haya was really cute…loved it…plz update next one soon.. i want to c tat idiot david to get punishment plus the cure of haya witj the help of arjun… love u….well…shall i know wat u r doing currently???

    1. thanks a lot…actually she had memory loss also that’s why she don’t remembered ? thanks once again and he’ll get and arjun will give ? nothing at home but I’ll do english literature course maybe ?

  17. Hii angel i wnt to knw the character of your story are ur own imaginary or are parts of some serial

    1. helloo samiksha and yeah it’s my imagination ?

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    1. soon dear just writing will be finish in half an hour and I’ll submit ?

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  23. Angelllll, this twist is very heart touching…why the hell David beat her this much?????….she must have died if arjun won’t took her to hospital on time….n this head injury n memory loss…ahhhh….I’m feeling so hurt for poor arya….is David haya’s real father? What is his enimity with haya….no father will beat his child to death n leave her on road to die…..I’m really very immersed into this story. …plzzzz tell us what exactly the reason for this awful incident….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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