Inexplicable Love : A Manan ff (Chapter 4)



“No, thank you, and good bye.” I said before leaving. I didn’t want his help. The person I wanted to see the least, was him. All because, I was too guilty.

I walked out of Maddy’s house, hoping to catch a cab or something. It was too late to find a cab there though. I waited for good ten minutes, but not a single soul was spotted on the empty street. I started walking towards the highway, where I thought, that I would get a cab hopefully.

I walked with the four inch long heels on. My feet hurt. Just for a minute, I thought about keeping my ego aside and going back to the house to ask for a ride. But I was stubborn and stupid.

Just a little more… I chanted to myself, and walked down the street with depressing yellow lights.

I could hear the ticking of my heels; but it was strange enough, that I was hearing a couple of more footsteps behind me. I startled and looked back, only to see a deserted street. I continued my walk, considering it my imagination.

But again, I heard the same footsteps following me. This time, instead of looking back, I walked faster. Trying not to trip due to the stupid heels I wore, made it even more difficult.

“Where do you think you’re going, eh?” A thick voice spoke from my back. I knew I was being followed, and looking back was not an appropriate option. I continued to walk. But someone stepped in front of me, blocking my way.

“I asked you something, ma’am.” He said, with a disgusting cheeky smile on his ugly face.

“Get out of my way.” I warned.

“What if we don’t? We just want to have some fun, babe!” He exclaimed. But this time, it wasn’t the man in front of me. The voice came from the back. There were two of them, which made me realize, that I was in deep trouble.

Before I could defend myself, one of them tore a piece of my dress which covered my arm. I was shocked and scared. I tried to run, but the other one pinned my arms above my head. I was held against the wall, as the man leaned in. I tried to set myself free, but I was held too tight.

I realized, that going home alone, was a bad decision. I could see what was going to come next. The men were planning to rape me. My clothes were torn, and I was barely covered. I was crying continuously and finally squeezed my eyes shut, hoping and praying to be saved.

I burned under his touch. He smelled like alcohol. Soon, his hands travelled down my thighs, pulling up my dress. I was trembling with fear. There was so much anger inside me, but I was helpless.

With my eyes closed, I was surrounded with nothing, but darkness. My heart raced at an abnormal pace. I couldn’t feel anything, but the cold air fanning my face. Cautiously, I opened my eyes only to see no one. Yes, I was all alone.

The two men had vanished, and I wondered about what the hell just happened with me. Was it an illusion? My doubt was cleared, as I heard some yelling and shouting from a distance.

I went closer, to see a man indulging in a fight with someone. I was shocked, to have identified him as none other than Manik. It really was him; throwing punches at the two men laying on the floor.

“How dare you touch her, you blo*dy swine! Who the f**k do you think you are, huh? I swear, if you ever even look at any other girl like that again- ” He yelled at them, kicking the lives out of them.

“Manik? Manik, stop it!” I exclaimed, recovering from the shock. But he didn’t seem to notice me. He just kept on hitting the men, who were now begging him to let go. With no option left, I had to step in.

“Hey, Manik, please! Stop!” I cried, pulling him away. He was strong, but somehow, I managed to do so. The veins in his neck popped out with anger. He was sweating and panting heavily. I had never seen him this enraged before.

I sighed and cupped my mouth, crying. I was still traumatized. He noticed me at last. His dark eyes softened as he looked at me. He took out the jacket he wore, and put it on me. It was warm and smelled just like him, which slowed down my heart beats.

“Its okay, its okay. You’re safe. Nandini, look at me, baby. I’m here now, you’re safe.” He kept on repeating those words in my ear. I cried loud, letting out all my fear.

“C’mon, let’s get you home.” He said softly, helping me up.


We stood by his car, awkwardly. My loud cries were now little sobs, that only came out whenever I pictured that incident.

“Are you okay? Do you need some water?” He asked, concerned. I shook my head.

“Please get me home.” I cried with a cracking voice. It was all too much to handle, but I also couldn’t thank Manik enough for stepping up. He nodded understandingly.

“Okay, get in.” He said, opening the door for me. He got in after me, and drove me home.

He was always saving me. That night too, he came in as a savior… my savior.


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Credit to: Nisha

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