Inexplicable Love : A Manan ff (Chapter 17)


I heard the door of my bedroom open and close. My mother’s footsteps echoed in my ears as I curled under the warm and cozy blanket. I took off my earphones when my mom smiled and took a seat beside me, on the bed. She held a glass full of water and some pills in her hand.
“How are you feeling?” She asked.
“Not so good.” I mumbled. I was too weak to even talk. My stomach growled and a sharp pain shot through it. I cringed at it. But it was nothing compared to the ache in my heart. I was broken. . . emotionally as well as physically.
“Have this. You’ll be fine.” Mom said, handing me the tablets. There were three of them. All had different colors. But all tasted the same – bitter. I swallowed them all at once along with some water.
I had expected mom to leave soon after that. But she stayed. She looked hesitant to say something.
“Ma. . . do you want something?” I asked. She snapped her head up and sighed.
“Yes.” She said. I beckoned. “I was wondering whether you could stay here for a few more days. You know, until you recover completely. ”
I knew the exact reason behind her, saying this; and it certainly wasn’t what she said. “Mom, I’m fine. I will be fine. Its not like I’m shot with a bullet. Besides, I’ve exams coming up. I need to pass, or else I’ll be wasting an year.” I said.
“But dear, I’m just so worried about you. You don’t even have your meals on time, you stay up all night, you prefer being alone and don’t mix up with people. . . How am I supposed to not worry now?” She asked. I sighed and took her hand in mine. Mothers can be very emotional at times.
“Ma, I promise, I’ll take care of myself. I’ll be perfectly fine. I’m strong enough. You have nothing to worry about. ” I assured. She smiled and rubbed circles on the back of my hand.
“Okay. . . Well, what time is your flight tomorrow?” She asked.
“Six thirty. . . pm.”
“Is your packing done?” She asked.

“Nope. Will do it in the morning.” I replied. She nodded and got up to leave.
“Alright. Good night, honey.” She said, plating a kiss on the top of my head. I watched her walk to the door, when she abruptly stopped and turned around to face me.
“I uh, I forgot to tell you. I met Manik today. He was at the pharmacy, where I went to get your medicines.” She said, standing at the door.
The only question that popped in my mind, was that – Why was he at the pharmacy?
“Is he okay?” I asked in an instant. To that, mom just shrugged.
“Maybe. Maybe not. . . Why don’t you call him and ask yourself?” She suggested, before saying a quick good night and shutting the door behind her.
Why don’t I call him. . .
How was I supposed to call him? I was sure, that he wasn’t going to answer any of my calls. Yet, my worries made me pick up my phone. My finger hovered over his name in the contact list.
What do I do? Call? Text? Or just do nothing. . . Ugh !!
After a lot of debates with myself, I had decided to call him. f**k the consequences. I had to know whether he was doing okay. But just as I was about to hit the green button, my phone started ringing in my hands.

Manik Calling. . .

My heart skipped a beat as I read his name. He was calling. Now, I was confused again; whether to answer or just reject. Finally, before he could end the call, I swiped the green icon and answered the call.
I pressed the phone against my ear, waiting for him to say something. But the other end of the line was blank. All I could hear, were unsteady breaths. He was there. . . listening to me. . . even though I hadn’t said I word.
Unknowingly, a tear slipped my eye, and soon, I was crying a river. I’m sure, my terrible sobs were not unheard by him. I didn’t know why, but I just felt like crying.
“Are you okay?” He asked softly. I nodded vigorously, even though he couldn’t see me. And who was I kidding? I wasn’t even one bit okay.
“I’m sorry.” He said. Why is he sorry? I broke up with him. I played with his heart. And he was sorry?
“No, please don’t. . . I’m already drowning in a pool of guilt. Don’t add to it by apologizing.” I said. My voice broke with every word I spoke. He sighed deeply.
“I’m sorry. . . for whatever I said to you yesterday. I didn’t mean it. Sometimes I just lose control over things when I’m angry. But you should know, that I still love you.” He said.
“Why? How could you still love me, Manik? Even after what I did to you. . . even after -” My cries were cut off by him.
“I don’t know. I don’t. . . this is how it is, I guess. I mean I tried, Nandini. But I cannot stop loving you. . . never. And no matter how much you deny, you are the one who’s made for me. No one has the right to come in between us.” He said.
My heart ached after hearing that. Yes, he was right. I was made for him. I was born to be his. But I couldn’t quite agree to it fully after nearly losing him twice. What kind of love was it? We had nothing but pains and cries.
“Anyway. . . you shouldn’t be shedding those tears. You have to smile. For me, okay? Cause. . . things are going to go your way. Jo tum chahogi wohi hoga. I will not force you into anything. No one will. . .” I could make out that he was saying all this with a heavy heart.
“You’re leaving tomorrow, right?” His voice shivered. He was keeping himself from breaking down. I only hummed in response. I was too broke to say anything to him.
“Hmm. Yeah. So. . . whatever time that’s left with you. . . with us. . . I want to spend it with you. I want to take you out. . . for the last time.” He breathed out.
Why is he making it more and more difficult for me?
I was sure to cross all my limits, if I had accepted his proposal. My mind was battling with my heart. I wanted to be with him for whatever time that was left in our hands.
Screw it. Last day, and I’m spending it with the man I love. . .
I don’t know what came over me, but I just made up my mind in a couple of seconds.
“Okay. . . okay. As you wish.” I said.
After that one statement of mine, I pictured him smiling from the other end. The visual melted my heart in an instant. His smile. . . I wish I could see him.
“That’s perfect. I promise, you won’t regret the day.” He said. I smiled. “So, anyway. . . you’re not well. You should get some sleep. And no more chocolates for you, young lady.” He added the last part sternly. I chuckled.
“Yes, daddy. Good night.” I rolled my eyes.
“Good night.” He said and hung up.
That night, I slept peacefully, looking forward to the last yet probably my best day with Virat. But before that, I had loads of stuff to pack. . .
I groaned and fell into a deep slumber. .


Next chapter : Competition.

The last few chapters are about their last day and what Manik will do to stop Nandini. And will she stay back or go to London remains the question. Anyway, I’m planning a season 2 after a poll but the details will be given later.
And finally im free from my exams and stuff so I will be gladly replying to your comments. So do comment guys! I need them xo. Dont remain a silent reader. :/

Credit to: Nisha

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