Indirect love swasan (one shot)


hey im IREENA back with a OS hope u all like it

Payar mein thodi si khati, mithi takrar jaruri hai..
Aankhon ke es karobar mein dil ki haar jaruri hai…
Khud par khud se bhi jayada, uska adhikar jaruri hai…
Aankhon ke es karobar mein dil ki haar jarur.

My Friend told me this story so thought to tell u actually the whole story is shown through photos which is really heart touching but I’m writing it hope u will like it .

There are two characters in this story Swara and Sanskar. Both of them used to catch bus from the same bus stop but they didn’t know each other. swara was not happy with her life. One day she noticed that there was a girl photo in the bus stop. She start changing that photo to express her anger and frustration and Sanskar kept on changing the same photo to make her smiley. Now scroll through below images, I am sure this simple and short love story will touch your heart.

so story starts

swara a sweet girl but frustrated bcz of her life

sanskar fun loving guy who always thinks positive

swasan are students unknown to each other they used to get bike from stop but never saw each other bcz their bus timing is different .

one day swara was waiting for bus she was alone n then she notice a painting in the bus stop in which a girl is sitting in a bench n waiting for bus she starts drawing she draws clouds n some rain drops the pic is looking like the girl is drenching in rain she looks at painting n boarded the bus

when swara went sanskar came their n waits for the bus he also notice the painting n thinks

“i daily watches this painting but today its different . hmm someone did it to take out their frustration”

he smiles n draws something in painting n left

Next day

as usual swara came n saw the painting n shocked to see the painting

there is a umbrella in the girls hand which is showing that she is not drenching in rain

swara is shocked to see she thinks for a while n again draws a bus is passing from the girl but due to tire the mud is falling on the girl in the pic n leaves

sanky came n saw this he again draws something n leaves

next day swara came n again get shocked to see that

there is a guy sitting behind the girl n the mud is falling on him n the girl is again safe

swara thinks who did this whenever i put the girl in trouble someone always protect ok lets watch who is he

she knowingly misses the bus n waits for that person

sanky comes their n shocked to see that today there is no change in the girl

he watches the painting suddenly it starts raining he feels it

then he feels that he is not drenching he then saw a girl is holding her umbrella n protecting him.

they both lost in each others eyes standing in the same position

Moral of the story:- Sacrifice is one of the purest and most selfless ways to love someone- When you truly love someone, you give everything you can and never expect anything…

Happy ending

with few lines

“Faisla koi bhi ho, dil mein utar kar karna…
Faisla koi bhi ho, dil mein utar kar karna…
Jo tujhko dil mein rakhe, use hum safar karna..
Aur ye Mohabat hai dosto, jara soch samjhkar karna…:)”

guyz i hope u liked it plz comment

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. lovely

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  2. superb n last part was awesome….

  3. Quite different concept of the love story start. Beautiful

    1. i feel gud u like it

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  5. Fabulous…….nd the starting nd last sayings were superb mind blowing awesome etc

    1. thanx L khan

  6. its actually a song named leja leja re by shreya goshal

    1. i don’t know but my friend told me this story

    2. u r right nd I love that song very much

  7. It is really nice story…I loved it…keep writing…hope to see u with another os soon…god bless u..

    1. thanx n i always wait for ur comment shani

  8. Very nice

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  9. It’s a beautiful short and sweet story

    1. thanx but it was accidently get posted when i was writing iit is not complete while writing the data mistakenly got deleted frim my hand but thank god it got posted

    1. TQ anu ann

  10. Really very good.

  11. wah wah wah wah great shayari & story

  12. its really awesome yaar… yep you’re right love is giving without expectation…

  13. Hey when I was 4 I used to watch a song……..I forgot the name but story you show is the same…….. Wow good concept……. Love it

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