Hey guys Prathi again.. Thought if posting this on Independence day but got held up and forgot about this completly. Now I found this when I tried to complete my other 4 shot.. So here it goes for your view and review!

A guy riding his bike thinking, What is really meant by Independence? All are celebrating Independence day today. Are we really independent? These are thoughts that comes to my mind when I read newspapers daily in the morning. Either someone is robbed off their hard earned money or some software engineer (Women) being rapped brutally and left on the road without clothing. Sometimes murder happens just for fun. A girl is seen sitting and thinking,Why are we celebrating Independence day today!? When Women gets brutally raped and thrown on roads without even a cloth to cover themselves!? Why can’t a Women walk on road without depending on any one!? When will this change!? Not only Women even Men are raped but of course they are men right why anyone would mind them getting raped? No one would ever bother. We are always depending upon some country or the other for our own issues. Are we really able to take any decisions on our own at any time!? Right from our Name, what we have to study, which carrier we have to pursue, whom should we marry everything is decided by some one or the other and after getting married we don’t even have the right to retain our own name with our self. Guy on his bike continues thinking, Earlier we were ruled by British Government, Now we are ruled by our own government. What difference does it make!? They give some schemes and make a fool out of us. We are not allowed to take our own decision. Should I be in this Country or leave to another Country? Can’t I have the right to make this decision by myself? Why am I not allowed to take decision.

We are not only ruled by our own Government but also by terrorists. Who gave them the rights to rule over us? When they can change our life, why can’t we change their lives? Now tell me are we really independent? I don’t think so, then what is the use in celebrating Independence day every year? when we are not at all Independent. His thoughts were broken when he saw her. She asked him, Same thoughts again Rock star? He said, Yes my dear Fuggi! I too had some thoughts and she shared her thoughts with him. He said we both have similar thoughts darling (Winking at her) Fuggi said, Are we just going to think about this or are we going to do something about this? We have to be the change we want to be, To see the change we want to see. So shall we Rock star!? They both headed towards a rally saying ‘Save us from You!’ . Both Rock star and Fuggi were affected by all those elements. Fuggi was robbed off her hard earned money. Rock star was raped when he was a child, when he dint even know what is meant by that. And now he has been rejected by American embassy around 10 times. And Fuggi is not allowed to pursue her dream of being a software engineer just because she is a girl. Both lost their parents in a terrorist attack. Now Fuggi lives with her Grandmother and Rock star with his Grandmother. He lost his sister. She committed suicide after a gang rape. He became outrageous and wanted to kill those people. It is Fuggi who told him this is not the way to do things and made him a file a police complaint. Now they are trying to be the change they wanted to see. This rally is being organized by them.

Guys this is just my thoughts, So forgive me if there is any mistake!! I am posting this on 21 st Aug around 2 O clock

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  1. Astra

    Thought provoking essay… Very well said….

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Astra ??

  2. Saranya24

    Suprb thiughts dear hope our coyntry changes☺

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Saranya, I Hope for the same.

  3. superbb yarrr……………………………same thoughts are with me tooooooooo

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Naanu.. Try to initiate any of the thought! Will be helpful. Single a time thrown in a pond create ripples!

  4. Maahi

    its was amazinggggg nd ur the change by now as u initiated it dear u rockeddd it nd tes “save us from you”suits best dear

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Maahi! Please try to initiate any of the above thoughts to bring in a change.. And I am waiting for your OS don’t forget that

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