Independence Over Love! (Shivika TS) Intro

Hey ishqies!!! Hope you are all doing fine like me.. This is just a random idea that popped up, which was supposed to be an OS but it got too long so I am making it a TS!!!
Hope you will like it. No character except ,Shivaay, Rudra, Omkara and Anika, is taken from the original ishqbaaz series.
Character Sketch

Anika Kapoor- A young pampered brat. Once used to be really shy, dependent and obedient but one incident changed her. Now she knows what she looks for in a soulmate, her dreams are her first priority. She has taken a bitter past of her life in a positive way and tried to learn from it. Loves her family.

Shivaay Oberoi- A friendly person, but at times cruel. Too sincere towards work. Hardly is able to give time to family. Looking for his love lady. Cannot define him much because he has many shades.

Aarav Singh- A manly figure with backward thinking. Believes that girls should not do any job, and wants to cut the wings of freedom of every girl. Anika’s ex fiance but cancelled the marriage on the marriage day because he thinks Anika is too “Sensitive”.

Rudra Oberoi- Younger brother of Shivaay. Always gives him advices that he should improve his nature.

Sarla Kapoor- Mother of Anika, wants her happiness.

Omkara Kapoor- Elder brother of Anika, will do anything for her.

Sunil Kapoor- Father of Anika, is ready to give her full freedom.

Sunita Oberoi- Dadi of Shivaay.

** Other characters are added when needed **

Here we go with Shivaay and Anika-

Anika’s POV

I still cannot believe he betrayed me! What is wrong in me? Do I lack in anything? I did a mistake of loving him.
He didn’t deserve my love.
If he can’t respect me, value me, and love me, so can’t I !
But I had a dream of visiting Brazil for my honeymoon.
I am heartbroken that he left me, but why should I cancel my plans for him?
I will go to Brazil, I will go to my honeymoon….ALONE.
Shivaay’s POV

Hi I am Shivaay Oberoi! Beware of me: I am dangerous.
Waiting for my lady love,which is funny, because maybe I’ll never find one.
Why will logically, any girl love a boy like me? Not until she is foolish in love…

Anika got it all. Wealth, beauty, caring family, just not love.
Shivaay can’t wait for his love, but he is too imperfect.
How will a visit to Brazil change and intervined their lives?
Guys don’t kill me for such a horrible intro, but I can’t reveal much now. It’s a secret! Don’t forget to comment and share your views ?

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    Hey just now only I read ur Swasan’s os. Its good n amazing os. God united our Swasan…. And the last twist is unexpected! I thought u r rag————–san fan bcz in IB someone wrote shivika n rag———-san ff, her name is also crazygirls. So I misunderstood u as her. Sorry dear…

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      Hi Gayatri! Thank you for your comment.
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      Hey I don’t have problem with u. I didn’t read ur ff bcz I m Swasan’s diehard fan(even I don’t read raglak ff). I lovesss my SWASAN. U likes ur favourite pair. I just say her that I misunderstood her os is rag——san os. All the best for ur ffs. Good night.

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