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Hi all.i know its a long time i have posted anything for our sweet edkv..but now i m thinking to write somethibg coz afterall its a year anniversay..i wanna share some news that i was having my bday 2 days aback and sorry i didnt tell but i asked god to give u long lifes and good lifes..now i thought to post an os today..so here i begin—

An airport is shown..and a girl is coming out from the aeroplane..
She is really beautiful and cute…
She arrives at airport.A man holding the slogan of “Suman tiwari” is seen.the girl bids hi to him..(so the girl is suman)
Suman:hey i m suman..
Man:come in mam.the car is waiting.
Sumo:ok wait..i want to meet someone.u go and tell uncle that i have gone to meet someone..
Man:but mam…
Sumo:no buts..wht i said is final..ok noe go.
The man goes.

Then after sometime sumo find out an address and its of a big building and the name is “malhotra enterprices”
Sumo:oh wohh so big…he have become a big man.
She goes inside and directly goes in the office. The receptionist tries to stop her but she doesnt listen.A tall and a handsome man is seen shouting on some employess.
Boy:dont u have some sense how to do work.
Employee 1:so sorry sir.
Employee 2:sir it was a small mistake.
Boy:no sorry and wht a small mistake..
Sumo sees her.
Sumo:(in mind)he havent change.angry yet handsome..
Sumo goes there.
Sumo:always shouting mr.
Boy:who r u??
Sumo:who i amm!!!r u joking..
Boy:i haye jokes and btw how can u be here ..
Sumo doesnt listen and goes and sit on the chair..??

The boy was shocked and filled with anger..
Boy:get up i said!!!
Sumo:me and get up..never if once u got to know my name u would make me sit urself and would hug himm..
All the employees were looking at each other..
Boy:wht rubbish!!and u all leave..
The employees leave..
Sumo:why r u sending them??
Boy:get up i said…
Sumo:no..i will not..
Boy:wht ur name??
Sumo:wht’s my name!!!dont u remember..
Boy:(in anger)i said get out of here

Sumo gets up from the chair…………..
Sumo:oh mr.ram malhotra ki aulad .yeh gussa na kissi aur ko dikhana.badha hai qutub minar..
The boy remembers somethibg and he goes and hug her tightly very tightly…
Boy:sumo u here..oh chipkali u here…
Sumo:bhool gya na shravo tu toh..
The guy ws our shravan..
Shravo:ohh so sorry..yaar tukhe tph pta hai na….
Sumo:wht pta.even u didnt call me text me..
Shravo:nor did u..
Sumo:atleast i remembered u.
Shravo:so sorry yaar…
They both talk for long time..
A girl enters in the office..
Girl:aaj tumhare boss ke chilane ki awaaj nhi aa rhi..
She ask from the employees..

In second she enter shravo office and sees sumo..
Girl:shravan.hello and who is she???
Sumo:i m suman and u..
Girl:i m shakshi..
Shravan:shakshi u again here..
Shakshi:i was thinking today u werent shouting why..now got to know..
Sumo:i m his childhood friend..
Shaksho:i know u r suman tiwari..shravo always talks about u..he dont have any other topic..
Sumo:afterall i m his childhood friend…
Shravan:its not like this..and shakshi….
Shakshi:ok i should leave..

Shakshi:coz shravan wants me to leave..
Sumo:dont listen to this qutub minar..
Shravan:haan haan just listen to this chipkali..
Shakshi:shravan seriously u r a qutub minar..
Shravan:haa haa!!!
Sumo:u r a qutub minar everyone knows..
Shravo:really!!!!sumo aacha yeh bta r u married..
Sumo:(laughing)seriously shravan u r the same…
Shakshi:actually there is a secret..right mr..
Shravo:sumo leave it..
Sumo:ok r u married..
Shravan:yess..and shakshi is my wife
Shakshi:wht rubbish..i m his only and only frnd after u..
Sumo:btw shravan i need to go.
Sumo:i havent met uncle yet..
Shravo:ohhh…how many days r u here..
Sumo:only 2 days..
Shravo:only 2…
Sumo:ya aftetall who is here for me??
Shravo:sumo me…
Sumo looks at him sweetly..
Sumo:haan shravsn..only u..
Shakshi:ahm..ahmm .
They boty broke the look..
Sumo:ok byee.
Shravan:meet u tomorrow..
Sumo:ok i will come here..
She goes..

Shakshi:shravan..she is beautiful right..
Shravo:right aur ho kyun na she is my sumo…
Shakshi:the love in ur eyes i have seen the first time…
The next day…
Sumo comes in the office…
Sumo:shravan ready..
Shravan:yes..2day we will remember all good time spend in childhood…
The both sit in car..
Sumo:where first??
Shravan:u know..
Sumo:oh ok..
They reach to a big ground.
Sumo:it have changed..

(In this ground shraman have spent their childhood)
They roam there and sees an icecream vender..
Shravo:lets go..
The both njoy ice cream…
They both was spending good time and both were lost fully in each otjer..

At night..
Sumo:shravo u know how much i missed u..
Shravo:the same as i missed u..
They botg were looking in each other eyes..
Shravan:sumo bachpan ki ek baat kehni thi
Sumo:what?(she asked with excitement)
Shravo:sumo,,iiii….kaise kaho..
Sumo:ok not say..
Shravo:no i mean i…
Sumo hugs him indicating she know what he want to say…
Shraman were njoying each other and even the moon and stars…

The end…

Guys its have been long time i posted i know its not too good but i wanted something sweet and lovely..so hope u all liked it..
Happy aniversary edkvians..
Love u edkv forever..
Love u all..
Urs preeti…
Sorry for mistake……..

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  1. Nikita

    Aww. It was cute baba! Im glad seeing your post.. loved itt.

    Keep posting.
    Love you!

  2. Ruchi

    Hey Preeti..
    Belated Happy Birthday.. May god bless u wid lots of happiness nd success..
    How r u dear??
    It was INDEED Amazing…
    keep posting
    Love you!!

  3. IME

    Soooooooooo cute
    you posted something afterrrr a long time
    where were you???????
    love you ????????????????????????

  4. Sammi

    awesome yrr
    u posted something after long time
    btw happy bltd bday dear

  5. hey Preeti. sorry for commenting late. acchuly I was very busy yesterday. but your os is just too good.
    it was fabulous one.
    keep writing dear.
    loads of love & tc

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    This one is such a sweet and cute one shot yaar love their friendship haha kutub minar angry shravan XD and sumo as usual sweet 🙂 and sakshi is so nice

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