Dedicated to Arpita darling as she asked me to write it…from her Astha baby…
“Ek ajeeb sa chubhan hota hai.. yahan”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi flirt with his lovely and innocent wife in the kitchen…

“Ek dard hota hai.. jab tum mujhe dekhti ho tumhari inn ankhon se”- Shivaay kept his hand on his chest right above his heart.
Annika looked at him with her eyes… dark orbs that can kill any one by just a look.
“Yeh meri ankhen hai Shivaay”- Annika told,”not any sword”.
“Haan tumhari ankhen hai… jo mujhe ek dard deta hai”- He blamed,”every time you look at me,” a special pain appears at my heart”.

Annika got worried at his revelation. She is the sole reason of his pain… his already weak heart is paining just because of her look.
“Shivaay”- Annika dropped the white plate from her hand and began to rub his paining heart with her soft and delicate fingers.
“I will not look at you from now onwards Shivaay”- Annika could not accept the fact that she gives pain to her pati parmeswar…
“Annika”- Shivaay was shocked as his teasing back fired on him like a boomerang,”look at me”.
Annika turned the other side.

He kept his hand on her half bare shoulder..
“Annika meri taraf dekho”- He requested.
“I don’t want you to feel any pain any where because of me”-Annika felt sorry for her deed.
“Look at me with your katilana eyes Annika”- He opened his locked heart,”let me enjoy this sweet pain”.
“Hain!!!sweet pain”-Annika threw a question at him with her dark eyes.
“Because if you look at me… and the pain it gives me”- Shivaay came very close to her and hold her waist,”I felt that I am alive”.

“I will not look at you ever”- She threatened,”it will not pain you”.
“Always look at me with your eyes Annika”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi invited,”It gives me a feeling of being alive…being watched and loved. The feeling is priceless…special”.
Annika had no idea about a lovely pain. She never experienced it.
She shouted for Rudra and Omkara. They both ran towards kitchen to see a worried Annika bhabhi ..her hand on the chest of their super hero … running her long and delicate fingers over his heart.

“Bhabhi…I will call the cardiologist”- Omkara used his brain that was hided for long time under his long hair.
“Om call the psychiatric too”- Annika was not ready to take a chance with the health of her kanji eyed husband,”he was talking non sense from last 15 minutes”.
Omkara ran to call the doctor.

“Rudra this sound is coming from some where from last two days”- Annika got a doubt,”I checked every where for a billi but found nothing”.
“There can never be mice in Oberoi mansion”- Rudra had never seen any mouse in his house.
Hurayah…….(Rudra’s funny tone of logic)
I am coming Bhabhi.. and he disappeared suddenly.

“Annika”- Shivaay who was smiling till now started again,”did you felt any pain when I look at you …in your heart”.
Annika was confirmed now… her husband had gone really mad. She wanted to send him to mental asylum as soon as possible.
“I have no problem in my heart like you”- She hold his hand tightly..,”Or any other part of the body”.

Shivaay looked sad at her denial. He thought she also feel the same for him… like he do…
“Now”-He gazed at her face while coming
very close that their breath mixed with each other,”dard hua dil main”.
“No… “- she told truth only,”my heart is keeping a very high speed like it will burst out from the thoracic cavity”.
“And now…”- Shivaay encouraged by letting her shudder by his hot and warm breath on her neck,”What are you feeling?”.

“Like there is no oxygen left in kitchen… like its very hot I am sweating “- Her innocent talk amazed him.”
“The AC is on Annika”-He teased,”windows are open and adjust fans are also switched on”.
Annika now got relieved as he talk normally leaving the topic of pain any more.
“So you never felt any pain in your heart”- He is not going to step back without knowing her feeling.
“When did it pain there… in your heart??”- He asked,”during which specific time period??”.

“At the time when my husband was lying senseless on my lap in a deserted forest”- Annika revealed,”I was looking for the medicine like a mad women”.
“and”- He want to know more.
“At a time when I felt like I lost my Shivaay in the plane crash in my early morning dream”.
“And”- He was more curious now.
Did she felt any pain when he was busy insulting her.
“Not any time before or after that”- He looked at her with his blue eyes.
“No… coz before that I never felt any happiness to realize the real feeling of pain”.
She was alone then with her brother and was used to fight with pains daily to protect her brother.

“I will not let you feel that type of pain again”- SSO promised.
“I felt that type of pain … a hurting pain only two time”-Shivaay confessed.
“When I saw you in the water filled glass box in the clutch of Daksh and”-He wait for a second,” and the second time when I found you hanging on the tree like a dead body”.
“What did you exactly feel when you hided under the couch that day”-Shivaay asked,”and ran away from under the table right from my behind”.
“You saw me that time!!”- Annika was afraid.

“I felt your presence that day in kitchen”- He answered back.
“When you came towards me… my heart was beating very fast.. a ghanti was ringing on my ear”- Shivaay now understood the meaning of her talk that day and her action of closing her ear dramatically shouting Nahi…..

The doctor you ask Om to call is not going to cure this disease.. you are suffering from … like I am suffering from this special and lovely disease..
“Shivaay “- Annika checked her self by touching her hand then face,”I am sick.. you are sick.. we both are sick and suffering with different diseases”.
“Er… no the symptoms are different “-He was doing magic in her ear by his husky voice,”I am sure we both are suffering from a same disease”.
“This doctor is not helping us”- Annika felt sad as the doctor will be arriving by now,”what shall we do now?”.

“Hug me Annika like the way I am doing with you”- Shivaay invited her ,”the pain in my heart and the mich michi in your heart will be cured for now”.
She hesitate for few seconds and then hold him tightly and her hand garlanded his neck.
” I am feeling very nice… like holding a treasure near to me”- He whispered near her ear,”a priceless one”.
“What did you told me that day in the forest while I was unconscious?”- He is not a businessman to let go of the chance .

“That I love you very much”- She bit her tongue but it was too late.
“I would love to reply the same words to you”- Shivaay finally told.
“What the wuck!!!”- She copied his words,” You are emotionally challenged”.
“I love you Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- He is not ready to let her win the challenge…
“You love me”- Annika was happy at his confession,”but we are going to die soon coz of our disease”.

“Who is going to die from disease…??”- Shivaay tried to remember all his relatives.
“We both “-Annika said,” you only told now that we both are suffering from a very dangerous disease that doctor is unable to cure”.
“Ha ha ha….. “-He laughed freely,” we have each other as medicine as we are suffering from love disease”.

“Oh!!!”- She realised the very next second,”we are suffering from love disease… all the symptoms we both felt”.
“Now tell me Annika how do you feel when I looked at you “-He asked the last question.
” Your kanji blue eyes…”- Annika finally told,” like i am drowning in a sea of love and care. their depth reminds
me of large ocean… “.

“Ahem ahem!!!!”- Rumya cleared their throat.
“Bhaiyya… khoda kitchen ke neeche ,nikla Sumo”.- Rudra managed to release Soumya.
“I got it why Bade Bhaiyya called Annika bhabhi as Jhansi ki Raani??”- Soumya chirped forgetting her pain.
“Bhaiyya aap to bade chhupa rustom nikle”- Rudra teased.
“I want to discuss a serious matter with you”- Shivaay whispered .
“About what??”- Annika wondered.
“About Ansh and Shivika”- He managed to say.

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  5. Astha di such a wonderful os
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      Thank you dear for throwing me a challenge….

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      Vaishali Jha… Thank you..
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    Hi di. U may probably not know me coz I haven’t posted on TU for a long time. But I was a writer here and I haven’t been able to update since a long time. Leave my rant.

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