Incredible Love on Social Media by SAMMIE ~~~ Intro

Hey guys !!! Guess who?? Aree offcourse Samaira…btw it was easy to guess because my name is already written in the title!!!!!

Ok so taday i came up with a nw idea!! This idea came to my mind when i saw INARA\’S INTRO OF INSTAGRAM LOVE STORY though the story will be diffrent!!

So here is the intro…

Kabir Kapoor:A celebrity!! Newbie to the television!! Very less active in social media……rarely posts his pics in insta…..his fans die to see hi post!! Age:32

Sanchi Mishra:Crazy fan of Veer Malhotra …dont like Kabir!!Belongs from a simple middle class family… Insta freaker ……is online all the time…Age:24

Veer Malhotra:A very experienced celebrity!!
Works in the same daily soap as Kabir!! Best friend of Kabir!! He often comes online…Age:33

And other characters will be introduced later on….
Ok guys i know it sounds very creepy and not so interesting!! But pls tell if u want me to continue this!! U know its basically we fans story….Like we crush on Vikram..i mean i dont know ur\’s feelings towards Vikram but i really love him from the core of my heart..but thats really impossible he is 18 years elder than me…and also where he is and where i m…..
But u know it feels good if we write our feelings so its basically based on Insta love!! About how Sanchi didn\’t liked Kabir but gradualky fell for him and then with some twist and turns she meets him and like that the story goes on!!

So guys pls tell me if u want to read further of my work in this storyline and i assure u that it go waste…i will try my level best!!
Plss give ur opinion in the comment box and let me know!! And pls suggest me if there is something u want me to add

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  1. Nice concept, please continue

  2. Anee

    Heyyyy!!!! Sammie dear it’s like full of fun and twisty…. please continue it I want to know that How will you going to shape up this new plot… Really exciting for it…. and dear it’s common that first to whom you don’t like then circumstances changed and you were fell for her/him.. and yes VS is also 9 yrs elder than me btw by feelings for him is same just like you…. ha ha ha kehna toh nahi chahiye btw bol diya.

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanq…..and yeah can understood

  3. Hey samaira,
    Plzzz do continue this ff
    It sounds amazing
    I too have a cruch on him and a very big fan of VS
    Same 17 years ago difference
    Voh kahan☝️ mein kahan?
    Post soon
    Take care
    Lots of luv

    1. Sorry, actually it should read 17 yrs age difference

      This autocorrect!!!!!

    2. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanq…..Hahaha Same condition and i think u r 15 right!!


        you are 14 na!

  4. Starlight

    Hey awesome intro post the first ep soon….???

  5. Dhruti

    story is interesting post next one asap…

  6. interesting and continue it waiting for update

  7. Anu88

    Ohhhh ho dear……….????this intro is amazing,superb,mind blowing,beautiful,wonderful,awesome,outstanding yaar…………I have no words to explain it’s really so interesting to read this story…………I am Eagerly waiting for this actually I love to see kanchi hate to love story………… please yaar post soon soon soon na…………love u dear………….tc dear……….I just love this intro yaar can’t wait for it…………….

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