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Hey Friends!!!Its Fallingstar again with another OS. Thanks to all for liking my Previous ff- THE LOST WALLET.

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Thanks to Anu, Anjali, Dev, From Nepal, Sunkar, Sumeeta, Arati, Unknown, Ash, Angle, Pooja, Zuha Fatima, Nive, Harani, Nita, Hope, IReena, Shani, Rupa and all who read my previous ff and encouraged me to write further.(Sorry if I missed any names!!)

This time im not using Swasan because every pair should get the chance…. So this time it is Raglak…..

I don’t know whether you ppl will like this one or not because it’s a bit simple concept…… neways lets get started!!!!
Laksh Maheshwari, born and brought up in Maharashtra, was a software Engineer in a high profile Company. He lived in Mumbai in a rented flat. His parents lived in Aurangabad. He was a very Hardworking, Enjoyable, Good looking Person everyone would love to be with. Many girls were flat by his Charm but he loved only one girl-SWARA. She was his soul, his life, his everything…But everything changed in just one day…..

It was Sunday and it was Swara’s Birthday as well. And also he had got a better Job in London. He Had only two months in India. So Laksh decided to propose her. Laksh hired a whole Park and Decorated it beautifully. He brought a beautiful ring of Diamonds with ‘L’ and ‘S’ incripted on it. He had called Swara at 7 in the evening. Exactly at 6:30 Laksh entered the place in a Black jeans and red T-shirt and Blue Coat. It was Swara’s favorite color combination. He had made everything according to Swara’s Choice. He checked all the arrangements for one last time and then waited for Swara.

Now it was already 7:30. Swara din’t turn up.”Girls…” Laksh said”…take so much time to get ready” He waited and Waited but no Swara came. At about 8:30 he called her but her phone was switched off. Now Laksh started to worry. Sometime later a small girl came in and handed over a Letter to Laksh. Laksh read the letter, it was from Swara…..

“ Hey Laksh, I know u might be waiting for me, but Sorry I can’t meet you. Not only Today, I don’t want to meet you ever. Just Forget me!!!!”

Laksh felt broken, as if someone had stabbed him 1000 times straight into his Heart. Silent Tears started to roll from his eyes. He lost his Balance and fell down. But then he got up, went straight towards his bike. How can swara do this?? He had to find her and ask her the reason of the sudden Breakup…Everything was fine till this morning then why?? He had so many questions in his mind. He drove to Swara’s house and started to ring the bell continuously and started to bang the door loudly. Due to the sound the Neighbor came out “What happen??” she asked. “Where is she?” Laksh asked. But the answer shook his world off “She left this evening with all her bags”

He called her office to enquire about her.”She has taken a months leave” came the reply.

Laksh was completely shattered. He din’t had her Parents number nor her parents address. He had lost it. He went back to his flat and cried all night.

Next day he freshen up and decided to trace her down through the social networking sites. He decided to go to office. He couldn’t ignore his work for swara. As soon as he reached his office, his boss called him to his cabin. Laksh went in and his boss handed him a letter. “why the hell am I Fired??” Laksh shouted to which his boss calmly replied, ”You should have thought about this before applying for the other company…” They had got to know that he was gonna quit the job. So before he could do that, they fired him!!!!

Laksh had no choice but to go back home. He din’t care whether he had the job or no. He was gonna earn Double the salary in London than his project head. So he started to search Swara on various sites. But no…. It was as if she had disconnected herself from the world. The last update was on her Birthday saying “Thank you so much all” No Update after that….

A week Later, when Laksh was lying on the sofa and resting. Still he had not found even a bit about Swara except the fact that her leave was extended by two weeks. That afternoon when he was cooking food a girl walked into his house. She was beautiful, wearing a traditional anarkali, hair tied into loose plaits, innocence decorating her face, no makeup except the kajol and the lip gloss. She was really an Angle landed on the Earth. For two minutes Laksh was staring at her that he forgot to ask how did she get in. Then came Mr Basu, the landlord of his Flat. He Came towards Laksh and said, ”Mr Maheshwari, I an sorry. I should have had informed you earlier but I am sorry to say that you will have to leave this flat and search for some other place for yourself.” Laksh got a shock and he din’t say anything first but then “Mr Basu how can you do this???? I’m staying here since 2 years. You can’t just throw me out like this…..” before he could continue his phone rang. He cut it and again said, “…. Where will I go know?? Anyways its…..” Again the phone rang and he cut the call again. “……its just a matter of 2 months. Then I’ll be leaving.” The Phone rang again and this time Laksh got frustrated and picked up the call and shouted-“tula kalat nahi ka? Mi call cut kartoy mhanje mi Busy assel”(“Don’t u understand? If I am cutting the call then I am busy” Its Marathi) And he cut the call again. This time mr Basu said, “Sorry laksh….she(pointing towards the Girl) is my Sister’s Daughter. I can’t say no to her” Laksh saw the Girl. Se was all quite till know. He opened his mouth to say “But….” “Do you know Marathi?” she asked. “What??” Laksh said. “I asked do you know how to speak Marathi??” she repeated her question. “Yes I do. I’m born and brought up in Maharashtra then why will I not know Marathi??? BTW why are you asking???” laksh said. The girl came forward and said, “Hi, I am Ragini Bose. I am a Bengali and from Kolkata. I want a job in the ‘Tour and Travel’ Company. But for that I need to known the regional language which is Marathi. So lets make a deal, That you will teach me Marathi and in return I’ll let you stay here in this flat. Anyways it is way too big for a single person as it has two rooms. So whats say??” Laksh thought for a while and said. “I’m OK with it but mr Basu…..” “No No I don’t have any problem as I trust you Laksh. And moreover it is not safe for her to stay alone.” Came the reply.

So as decided Laksh taught Ragini Marathi and in return he din’t had to pay the rent. They did the household work together. Like if Ragini is cleaning the rooms, the Laksh will do the cooking. Obviously both were excellent cooks. They roamed in different Parts of the city. Laksh taught ragini how to interact with people in Marathi. Ragini was a fast learner. Within a month she learned to talk in Marathi. Laksh was still searching for Swara, but not all the time. He and Ragini were now very close Friends. They went together to restaurants, parties, pub and clicked lots of photos. Ragini had a scrap book in which she used to stick all the photos and add tag lines which she never allowed laksh to read. But Laksh had realized one thing. Whenever he was with Ragini, he never thought of swara. .

Now he had only two weeks to search swara. That day early in the morning he saw swara’s post on a site “Back to Mumbai, finally!!!!!!!!” He let a sign of relief. Finally he can get the answers to his questions he thought. He went to her home immediately but there he still found a lock. He checked for her new update. “This house is nice but I miss the old one” It meant that she had shifted. But where?? He returned home with a heavy heart.

“Laksh its your turn to mob the house. Where had you gone early in the morning???” Ragini asked. “Just for a Walk” he replied and took the bucket and the mob. “Don’t clean my room today. There are a lot of bits of paper there. I’ll collect then in a basket and throw them. Then I’ll clean it myself.” Ragini said while leaving towards her room.”OK” said Laksh and started cleaning the floor. When he reached Ragini’s room he peeped in and say her picking small bits of paper while her open hair were sliding in the front and she was struggling to put them back. He entered her room and started helping her to pick up the papers. But he was continuously staring at her. He was mesmerized by her beauty and wondered how did she manage to look so pretty even in night dress? He came out of his dream land when Ragini said, “Laksh I would have managed it. But anyways thanku” and both of them stood up. A few Strands on Ragini’s hair were coming in front of beautiful eyes. Laksh came forward and pushed those hair strands behind her ear and his eyes were locked in hers. They were lost in each others eyes. But their eyelock was broken by the door bell. Laksh hurried out to see who it was.

It was the milkman. Laksh took the milk and continued to mob the floor. As he mobbed the hall area, Ragini dashed inside with a basket. She walk on the wet floor and…….. and slipped. She closed her eyes ask she knew that she was gonna hit hard on the floor. The paper basket went flying in the air. But the she felt two strong arms around her waist holding her tight. She opened her eyes and her eye met his and almost instantly lost into each other. The bits of paper falling on them gave a look of a perfect couple in show effect. They din’t realize that they were in that position for almost five minutes. Then Laksh pulled her up straight and went back to work without uttering a word. The whole day they avoided each other and when they were together they din’t look towards each other. That day Laksh had forgotten that there was a girl named Swara who once was his life.
The next two weeks went the same way. Laksh kept a track of Swara through the Social networking sites. He also got to know that she had quitted her job. Ragini was planning to go to Kolkata the very same day Laksh was to leave for London. She missed her parents a lot. She was planning to join the company a week later. Laksh was also going 2 weeks before his joining so that he could settle well. The previous day of their departure, both of them planned to celebrate their Friendship.

So they went to marine drive to enjoy the sea and the Delicious food of Juhu Chowpatti. They ate Pav bhaji, Panipuri, Sevpuri, Bhel, Noodles and last but not the least Baraf Gola. They clicked many pictures together. After they were full, they went near the rock s to sit and see the calm sea and the enjoy the cold sea breeze. They were sitting really close to each other. Suddenly Ragini started to laugh. Laksh asked her what happen but she din’t reply. She kept laughing. Finally She somehow said while controlling her laughter “I remembered… the….. milkshake scene”

A Flashback
Ragini and Laksh come home late.
Ragini-Laksh please I want to drink milkshake.
Laksh-So make it I’ll also drink.
Ragini- No you make it. I’m am tired.
Laksh went to the kitchen. After ten minutes Ragini goes in and sees him cutting mangoes.
Ragini- are I told you to made chocolate milkshake not mango.
Laksh- Ohh madam u din’t say anything. I like mango milkshake so I will make that.
Ragini- but I want Chocolate milkshake.(like a kid)
Laksh-We will have it tomorrow. I have already cut the mangoes.
Ragini- So what I have also opened the choco chips packet.
Laksh- So wht I have put mangoes into the mixture( puts the mangoes)
Ragini- Then I also have put the choco chips in the Mixture (puts the choco chips)
Laksh- I have added the milk and sugar (adds the milk and sugar)
Ragini- then I have started the mixture(and she started the mixture)
But it was too late. The milkshake was all over the kitchen, Laksh and Ragini. Pieces of mangoes and chocolates were all over the place. Laksh and Ragini started to laugh.
Flashback ends

Laksh and Ragini both started to laugh like crazy people. They laughed till their stomach were hurting and they had tears in their eyes.”I’ll miss you laksh” Ragini said with teary eyes. Laksh din’t say anything. He just looked at her. They had an intense eyelock. Laksh moved towards Ragini. More close , Closer. Their lips were just cms apart. Just one second and Laksh would have Kissed her…but just then He got a ping.

It was Swara’s updates. ‘Enjoying at Juhu Chowpatti’ That was it. Laksh had to find her today. Today or never. He got up and went in search of swara, leaving Ragini alone. “SWARA” “SWARA” he continuously shouted. Ragini was following him. Finally he spotted her. “SWARA” he shouted on top of his voice. Swara turned towards him. As he approached her, he saw a man with her. His hand was on her waist. Then he noticed the Mangalsutra in her neck and the Sindoor in her hair line. As he reached near her she said to the man besides her, “Sanskar, He is Laksh, I told you about him na, my Friend” Laksh could not bear that sight. He just said “Thanks Swara” and turned to go but Swara shouted “Let me explain….” “I don’t want any explanation from you nor your husband” laksh said. And then he saw Ragini stand there with watery eyes. ”Lets Go Ragini” he said and put his hand on her waist and took her from there.

They came home. Laksh din’t say a word. He went to his room and started packing. After sometime he came out with all his documents like Viza, Passport, Photo ID. While coming out he dashed into Ragini.She also had some papers and books in her hand. All the thing fell down. Laksh picked all the thing and put his papers in his bag and gave Ragini her’s. and went to sleep.

Next day Laksh got up early, wrote a note to Ragini, and left for airport.When Ragini got up she got the note.

“SORRY for yesterday. And I’ll Miss you tooooo”

She saw the note and couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. She started crying.

Laksh reached the airport early. He sat in the waiting room. He took out the documents for the security check when he noticed a book with it. It wasn’t his. It was Ragini’s Scrap Book. He opened the book. He saw all the funny and happy pictures of his and hers together. Every picture had something written with it. Like for the Milkshake wala pic it was written ‘Chocolate-mango holi’ For the pic of their first party she had written ‘Together we enjoy’ He smiled at every pic. Then he came across a pic in which paper bits are falling and both are looking into each other’s eyes. The note was ‘A perfect Couple scene. I wish it was true as I Love him…..’ Laksh couldn’t believe what he just read. How can a sweet girl like Ragini love him? He is not Worth that love.

Ragini was standing in the balcony seeing an international plane take off. She knew it was Laksh’s Plane. Her flight was in the evening. Again tears started to roll as she shouted “Bye Laksh!!!!” Just then the door bell rang. For a moment she thought it might be laksh but then his flight had already taked off. But when she opened the door, She saw what she really wanted. Laksh was standing there!!!!She was on the ninth cloud, but she din’t wanted to look too excited so she asked, “What happen??” “I forgot something” he said. “What???”
“YOU” Laksh said “Why??” Ragini asked. “Because I’m Incomplete Without you” Laksh shouted and hugged her tight. And she also reciprocated.
So how was it????? Please all comment and tell your response. Even silent Readers do Comment

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