This is my first os. I have never written anything before this. This is about Shivaay’s point of view before leap. I wrote this two weeks ago but had a confusion about posting it. Finally decided to post it. Please ignore the spelling,& grammatical mistakes.

Shivaay threw the signed divorce papers on Anika’s face. He dragged her all the way and ousted her from Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay banged the door almost on her face. Both of them felt a deep crack in their heart. The sweet memories they shared were started to haunt them. Anika couldn’t stop her tears but Shivaay controlled his tears falling from his eyes at least in front of his family. Anika stood there like a statue for a long time and then started to walk like a lifeless body without knowing her destination. Shivaay locked himself in the room and told his family that he need some time to be alone. He was looking at his reflection on the mirror and could understand his agony from his own eyes. He was surrounded by a lot of emotions. Anger,disbelief, disappointment, betrayal and many more unnamed emotions. But he knew that there was no hatred for her. Even if he wanted to hate her , he won’t be able to do it. Because she is the one who turned his life a full turn.

Shivaay’s POV
I had some principles for myself. I believed that every relationship is a deal, there is nothing called as true love. I blindly believed that people who has bloodline, lineage, family name has the right to live a respectful life. But after she entered my life, one by one she proved me that I was wrong. For the very first time I felt happy for being proved wrong. I started to forget my principles and I just began to live in my own world which was ruled by her. OmRu always says that she is my angel.
But today .. Today she proved me that the Old Shivaay was right. His principles were absolutely correct. Everything is a deal,just a blo*dy deal. She again brought me to the point where we started. Everything is back to square one. I can’t still believe that my Anika did all this. Sorry, now she is just Anika.
End of POV

When these thoughts were clouded in Shivaay’s mind, his all feelings were started to become Anger. He was continously hitting on the mirror with his fist as he doesn’t want to look at Anika’s Shivaay. The mirror broke and the glass pieces started to fly in air. The blood started to ooze from his hand. But this injury gave no pain to him. At a point he couldn’t bear his own anger. That gave him an immense pain. He just fell on his knees and let his tears fell down. To vent out his anger he just shouted as much as he could. That shout clearly expressed his trauma. He just cried from his core of the heart to get a relief from this pain. He wasn’t fully successful but these tears gave him some sort of relief and peace. He tried to compose himself. He settled himself on his bed. And the battle between his mind and heart has began.

Shivaay’s POV
No,no. I can’t fall weak. If I fell weak then my whole family will be broken. I can’t afford to do that. Everyone are worried about my divorce. I shouldn’t show my pain before them. No one shouldn’t take her name in this house. For that I have to be normal. At least I have to act normal. Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything for his family. Yes Shivaay, you can do this. Just forget that cheater for the sake of your family. First of all I have to make some changes in my room. Some changes? .. No, I have to completely change my room. Because this bed, that couch, these white curtains, that cupboard, this wall, my espresso machine, everything has her memories. Oh god, what to do with this pool. This pool has witnessed our relationship often. God…… I think I have to move into another room. These memories were sweet. I thought I would feel bitter about these memories now. But why the hell it gives me sweetest feeling now.
End of POV
Shivaay’s mind was ruling his feelings and decisions. But slowly his heart started to show its dominance. She did a lot for him. Is she really able to do this betrayal for him? This single question haunted him. He started to doubt about today’s happenings.

Shivaay’s POV
How can my Anika do this? Which Anika is the real one ? Today’s one or the Anika I known for the past one year. Which is her real shade? The selfless, sweet,caring,lovable one or the greedy,selfish, self-centered, arrogant one. She has done a lot for me all these days. Did she act all these days? Wait, wait, did she act today? Oh my god, I wish it turned out to be true. But what is the reason for this drama? Or did she act sweet all these days to win my trust? Oh god, these thoughts are getting on my nerves. I wish that this day would become my bad dream and tomorrow morning would become a normal day with my Anika. But I knew this is just a wish. What should I do? I have misunderstood her many times but she proved me that I’m wrong. But I’m sure if this is a misunderstanding she won’t try this time to prove her innocence. Because my inner feeling is saying that she won’t argue on this matter anymore. I can’t live with this mixed emotions. It’s time to get into the action. I’ll surely find out the truth behind this. I don’t know what has fate decided for us. I want to complete our story whether it’s a positive climax or negative. I don’t mind. But I just want to complete it. Because now our story is incomplete….
Hamari adhuri kahani………

So this is my OS . I have never written a single Short story even in my school days. Im really sorry if you felt boring while reading. Please share your views with me. I’ll happily accept both positive and negative. Thank you so much.


  1. Anjali

    It’s really awesome ..can you just complete this adhuri kahani..with a positive ending..plz

  2. Prajkta

    It’s really nice, you should write more often. Hope to read more of your work. Really nice. Keep going.

  3. UF


    Dear Kiki
    Kya aap is os ko start karayengi.shivika ki aduri kahani poori karo please😊

  4. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    It was really nice
    u should write more.
    Don’t continue this ,this OS is perfect in itself if u will continue this OS will loose charm.
    So write new work.

  5. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    I liked ur OS… Point of views of Shivay.. How he actually became stone is what u described very nicely…
    Felt a tug at my heart.. It was nice.. Keep writing more dear…

  6. Sagithya


    |Registered Member

    Awesome … Complete the os fully with a happy ending of shivika… Waiting for the next part… post it soon

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