An Incomplete Love Story… ( SwaSan OS )

Today.. After long 5 years, I was going to my mamu's village.. My mamu, Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari was well known personality in that village.. My last year exams were finished and after 8 days, his son's, Laksh's marriage was held.. Laksh and me were always been so closed.. College friends will meet again or not, but I had taken everyone's what's app numbers… I met all my friends and returned my home and started to pack my bags..

Mom being mom, started speaking while keeping so much gifts and sweets for them in my bag..

Sujata : Sanskar.. tell ur mamu.. that ur father has some urgent work.. so we'll come on marriage day directly..

Yes.. The guy is non other than Sanskar..

Sanskar : ( irritatingly ) Mom.. Its my ironed clothes.. what are you doing.. ohh god!!

Saying this sanky started arranging his clothes and gifts in his bag neatly.. After sometime I finished my packing and bid bye to my mom, dad n lil sis and left for railway station..

Its 6:30 in evening.. Train started.. and soon suffocated air of city started to vanish.. Train was going through mountainous areas surrounded with lot of trees and all over greenery.. That pleasant and cool breeze were relaxing my mind..

But I was eager to go to village has 1 more reason..
My.. my friend..
Only friend..??
No.. more than that..
Infact much more than that..
My Love.. My Life..
My Swara!!!

From my childhood only, when I used to come village, she was always eager to meet me.. Long hairs, fair, big doe eyes, smiley face.. In short God's wonderful creation- my swara..!!!

Suddenly there was an announcement of station and here come my village.. I took my bags and got down from train.. I saw in my mobile, it was 10:30 at night.. village is still 15 mins long from station.. I took bags and started walking.. As I lived there, I know short cuts and I used 1 of them to reach home quickly.. I was hell tired.. I can see all clean and clear because of starfilled sky.. All over greenery, trees who were moving with each stroke of wind.. fireflies were playing light games while sparkling on trees.. And I was going alone, enjoying nature's beauty around me..

After sometime, I felt some movements near 1 huge tree.. which was opposite to me.. I slow down my speed and looked keenly.. bt thought it must be monkeys or any other animals.. So I ignored and started to walk again.. when I walked ahead sm distance.. I heard thud sound.. I turned back and got that sm animal from that tree had fallen.. I felt bad..

Sanskar : Ohh.. poor animal..

Saying this I stayed there to see, if that animal can move or not.. bt he was still.. lying there lifeless.. when I was abt to turn I felt light movement there.. I felt happy n relaxed.. and I again started my journey. Suddenly 1 scream took away my breath..

" Aaaaaaah aaaaaaaahh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaa…."

Someone was screaming.. it was human voice.. who was screaming on top of his voice.. I felt lil weird so I ignored itand started walking ahead.. As I started walking, that voice started to get louder.. I turned back while walking and my heart stopped beating..  some figure was staring at me and screaming loudly and coming near me.. I got scared.. I quickly took out my phone, put it on loud speaker and started songs.. Me too while walking fast, looked back.. I got horrified. That figure was all black.. long hands till knees.. big red, angry and cruel eyes.. I can clearly see.. My heart was beating faster. I speeded up.. as soon as I speeded up, that figure also speeded towards me while screaming loudly.. All atmosphere was filked with those terrible screams.. I was sweating badly.. still I kept on running.. I hitted with stone and fell down.. bt suddenly, the screams stopped.. that figure got vanished.. And cool breeze started to flow.. sm1 called me from back.. It was a girl's voice..

Girl : Oyy Sanky….

I jerked and stood still at my place.. Again that voice cm..

Girl : After so many years you come here.. Didn't you miss me? Ha?

I recognised voice.. I chuckled little. But thought to tease her.. so talked to her without  turning to her.

Sanskar : ( teases ) Who are you? I don't recognise u..

Girl : ( got angry ) Yeah yeah.. You are city people na.. why will u remember village girl like me?

I chuckled.  I could feel her anger.. I turned to her and said giving her warm smile..

Sanskar : Shonaa.. Shonaa.. You still didn't change.. ( hugs her and asked ) but what are you doing here at this time? Its too late..

Yes.. The girl was swara..

She'll get scared so I didn't tell her about incident which happened few minutes back. She started walking with me and told..

Swara : Its Laksh's marriage na.. I knew you'll come for sure.. so I was waiting for you.. ( she said smiling at me.. I smiled back )

Sanskar : ( looking at her ) How are you, Shonaa..?

Hearing my question she stopped at her place.. Her eyes were brimmed with tears.. She managed to smile and answered me..

Swara : ( looking straight in my eyes and smiling ) How am I looking???

She asked me while tears were sparking in her big doe beautiful eyes.. Which was showing love for me.. but deep inside.. it has PAIN too.. I felt pinch in my heart.. I hold her hands and said..

Sanskar : ( cups her face and wiped her tears ) Shonaa.. you knw na.. I hate tears in ur eyes.. hmm?? ( she nods and smiles ) And by the way, madam is looking extra beautiful and pretty than before ha.. ( whispered in her ears huskily ) What's the secret??? Hmm?? ?

Swara blushed hearing his statement. Sanskar laughed.. She hits me with her elbow..

Swara : ( fake anger ) Huhh!! Shut up u duffer.. Always flirting..

While speaking we started to go ahead.. From some distance we saw 1 bike.. Swara said..

Swara : Sanky.. Someone is coming.. I have to go now.. bye.. or seeing us, they'll think something else.. besides ur bro's, Laksh's marriage was there.. so we will meet at night only.. Or else again people will doubt us unnecessarily.

Sanskar : but shonaa..

Swara : Plz Sanky.. I promise I'll meet u tmrw.. now plz let me go..

Sanskar : Okay.. but go carefully.. ( I pecked her forehead lovingly )

She bow down her head shyly.. Her face was shining in moonlight.. She looked at me.. we had romantic eyelock which was broken by her.. She blushed and run from there.. I smiled like idiot and scratch my hairs.. soon she got disappeared in dark..

That bike come near me and stopped.. It was Laksh!

Sanskar : ( happy ) Hey Lucky boy..

Laksh : ( angry ) What's this Sanky.. You should have called me.. I would hv cm to pick up u.. Bua called at home to ask about ur whereabouts.

Sanskar : Arey arey chill my angry boy.. I tried to call but its ur village.. which don't have any network.. ( I said rolling my eyes )

Laksh : Ya ya.. ok.. now come fast.. all are waiting for you..

Saying this Lucky started his bike.. I sat and we headed towards home.. Soon we reached there.. I took blessings from everyone. All did dinner happily while chit chatting with each other..

I lay down on my bed remembering Shonaa forgetting that horrible incident.. My Shonaa.. She was still same.. not by face ha.. she looks more beautiful now.. just like some angel.. But her behaviour and talks.. Same like 5 years before..

Our friendship was from so long.. When I used to cm to village, she used to bring raw mangoes, tamarind for me.. We used to roam all day while doing fun.. But when we cm so close, I don't know.. She used to bring sweet fruits for me searching way from thrones.. If throne pierce her she never cared but if it hurted me then she used to cry.. crazy.. But now I was also taking care of her.. I used to feel when my vacation will start and when I'll meet her.. But this friendship of childhood when n how changed into LOVE, don't know..

But it was our last meeting 5 years back.. I was 17 years old that time and she's may be 2 years younger to me.. We were roaming while talking..

Sanskar : Shonaa.. my holidays are over.. now I have to go back.. tomorrow..

Her eyes got filled with tears while laughing.. she suddenly bcm quiet.. She jerked my hand which was in hers and said going ahead..

Swara : Sanky.. look at those mountains.. How clouds are coming down.. How beautiful!!

She said further while taking deep breath..

Swara : After meeting earth, they also goes back, for returning again..

But I said in between stopping her talks..

Sanskar : Shonaa… This can be our last meet.. we can't able to meet for year then..

I was feeling little nervous but still I made myself strong and asked her..

Sanskar : ( taking her hand ) I.. I wanted to ask you something..

As I took her hand in mine.. she got shy.. and while looking at floor she said slowly..

Swara : ( shyly ) What.. what you wanted to ask?

I was about to say when Rajat.. spoilt brat of village.. cms there on bike with his friend and got angry seeing her hand in mine..

Rajat : ( angry ) Hey you.. whats going on here ha?? Wanna go alive or dead from here??? ( He said glaring at me )

Before I could answer Swara bursted out on him..

Swara : ( angry ) RAJAT!! mind ur own business.. n get lost from here.. ryt now!!

He looked at swara with anger filled eyes and said..

Rajat : ( angry ) I will only make you mi..

Before he could complete his sentence, I slapped him hard.. and we both started fighting..  I fell down from bed and woke up.. It was morning.. I remember everything which happened 5 years back..

All were busy in wedding preparations.. Because of my fight with that Rajat, Mamu restricted me to meet swara.. So I couldn't meet her like before.. freely.. anytime and anywhere..

Finally day got over and it was night.. I was eager to meet swara.. I got out of house saying I'm going to see fare near by.. I started to go to our place of meeting.. Rajat's home was on the way only.. And to my bad luck, Laksh cm there to give them invitation.. He saw me and asked me to cm.. I went inside unwillingly. I was seeing his house.. It was very big.. As his father was rich.. Suddenly I saw 2 photos hanging on wall with garland.. 1 of it was of old lady.. may be she was Rajat's mother. And 2nd pic.. I couldn't see properly bcz of garland.. Rajat's father and Laksh was talking.. I played ring on my phone and did act of getting call and got out of there.. I took Laksh's bike and started to go to meet swara..

That tree.. Same tree.. on which that devil was there and incident happened with me.. was looking like giant.. That tree was witnessing mine and swara's meeting.  I sat on big rock near by and started waiting for swara..

After sometime,  again I felt movement near that giant tree.. I started to look there but couldn't see because of darkness. I started going ahead then I felt someone's presence there.. I thought, swara was joking with me.. so I called her in calm voice..

Sanskar : Shonaa.. Shonaa.. are you there?? ( no response ) Look don't play with me I also know how to play..

Still there was no response. But then I saw something.. 1 human figure was looking at me from behind that tree.. But that figure was of some boy's.. I thought some random boy will be there why should we bother so I cm back, sat on rock and started to play games on my mobile.. I was stealing glances from there secretly.. Now that figure cm infront.. And I was shocked.. That was same figure who was behind me yesterday. I was sweating profusely.. I was feeling very restless.. that figure was coming near me but I was standing still.. all numb.. I closed my eyes and the next moment I heard swara calling me..

Swara : Sanky….

Sanskar : ( while turning back said ) Shonaa.. how much late you are!!

But when I turned back.. I was totally shocked. No one was there.. Then whose voice was that? Now I was getting scare.. I thought to leave from there but.. If swara cm after I leave then..??? No no.. I can't risk her life.. I decided to stay there.

And again.. That dark figure got highlighted infront of me because of moonlight.. I skipped my heartbeat and I stumbled back and fell down.. Tall, long hands till knees, long reddish nails, big red , cruel and anger filled eyes.. He opened his mouth like some cat does while staring her food.. I felt my heart will come out seeing his long
teeth having so much blood on it.. I couldn't utter a word.. I was all numb.. I wasn't getting what to do.. Suddenly I heard a horrible scream from my backside. I felt like my remaining life will also go now.. That was Swara's voice.. She was screaming like hell.. she was calling me.. There was a lot of pain in her voice.. I stood up shivering.. but that devil was nowhere to be seen. I started running in the direction of swara's voice.. I was madly running, falling in that dark jungle..  She was shouting and screaming loudly.. like how an innocent animal will scream if sm1 beat him mercilessly with stick or hunter, like that Swara's painful screams were piercing in my heart..

How and when I started to cry I don't know.. but gulping my sobs I kept on running like mad searching for her.. But tears didn't stop. I was calling her name like mad.. But her voice was going more far.. I kept on running nearly 1 hr like this but Swara was nowhere to be seen. I was panting heavily, tired.. sweating hard.. My throat become dry calling Swara continuously. I stopped taking support of 1 tree.. My heart was beating faster. And tears were continuously flowing from my eyes.. I somehow, handled myself and saw all over again.. But nothing was there except darkness.. My Swara.. was.. nowhere to be found..

Wiping my tears, I again started to search for her.. suddenly I heard swara's voice which was filled by immense and unbearable pain.. She was moaning in pain..

Swara : s.. san.. san.. sankyyyy..

It was my swara's voice..

Sanskar : Swaraaa.. swaraaa.. where r u??? Shonaa…

I startex calling her in chocking voice.. Tears were unstoppable. I started running on the way of her voice.. Again I heard her voice. I stood for sometime and started guessing from where her voice is coming.. I heard someone was dragging something from dry leaves.. I went ahead to see and got terrified..

Swara was lying there in pool of blood.. all wounded, moaning in pain.. blood was continuously flowing from her wounds.. clothes were tored.. Her all body was filled with blood.. Seeing her state my body shivered.. I was about to run towards swara then I saw that dark figure standing beside swara.. He held swara's hand and started taking her dragging.. Swara was crying in pain.. moaning continuously.. She said while moaning looking at me..

Swara : Aaah.. san.. sankyy.. goo.. goo from.. here… aaahhh.. or.. or.. he'll.. aaah.. kill.. kill u.. tooo.. aaaaaahhhh.. ( she cried in pain )

Now I was all mad and furious ..  my eyes were all red and throwing fire.. I was boiling in anger.. I shouted on that devil on the top of my voice…

Sanskar : Leave herrrr.. you devil….

I started to go near them.. That monster looked at me and laughed in his dangerous voice.. I shivered but kept on walking towards them.. suddenly sm1 held me from back.. and kept hand on my mouth.. before I say anything or protest.. that sm1 spoke..

Voice : shhhhhhhhh… stop right here.. don't go ahead and don't utter a single word.. stay still..

I recognised voice and I turned back in fraction of seconds.

Sanskar : Sss.. swara.. swaraa.. u???

I hugged her tightly seeing her.. Tears of happiness started to flow from my eyes.. She was alright.. My Swara was alright.. but.. then who was the girl who is wounded.. I turned to see and got shocked.. She started standing up looking at me laughing loudly and evilly.. Swara held my hand and we both started to run towards our village.. sm1 was running behind us.. when I was about to turn swara shouted..

Swara : Don't!  Don't see back Sankyyyy.. Runnn!!!

We kept on running. .. sm1 was screaming.. bt after sometime that voice stopped.. I saw my parked bike and got relieved. We both were panting heavily.. all tired..

Swara : ( while panting ) Sorry.. Today I got quite late.. If you would have step ahead, that devil would have been killed u..

I looked at her keeping my hands on my knees while panting.. We were scared because of recent incident but we were started laughing looking at each other..

After getting bit normal from that incident, 

I come near her.. She was standing still.. I took her hand in mine with shivering hands.. My heart was beating fast.. Still I dared and spoke..

Sanskar : Shonaaa… I.. I like you so much..

She was also shivering.. She smiled in her cheeks and nodded her head..

I told her.. holding her hand with my both hands tightly..

Sanskar : Shonaa.. I love you.. I love you so much.. Will you give me support till life long??  Will you marry me??

She closed her eyes silently.. And a teardrop fell from her eyes on my hand.. Her face was showing some kind of satisfaction..

Swara : I was waiting for this day from long 5 years.. I knew you'll come back.. God can't be so merciless..

She couldn't speak anymore and hugged me tightly bursting out crying..

Swara : ( sobbing hard ) I too love you alot, Sanky.. but u knw.. our marriage can't happen. Remember what ur mamu said..

I stopped her from talking further..

Sanskar : I want to marry you only.. and I'll.. Then I don't care if I die also.. I'll make my mom talk to ur mom tmrw only..

Hearing my talks she got scared.. she started pleading me not to come home and all.. She started giving me swear but I was not ready to listen.. I made her sit on my bike and come infront from Rajat's house purposely.. I left her to her home and leave from there.. I was very happy that I'm gonna tell my mom abt swara.. I slept happily dreaming my future with swara..

Next day..

It was so tiring.. I couldn't call mom.. It was evening now.. I told sm reason to mamu and went to meet swara.. She was already sitting there.. waiting for me.. As soon as she saw me she turned her face to another side and started to play with her dupatta.. She was angry.. I smiled..

Sanskar : ( teases ) So.. How's my would be wife??

Swara : I don't want to marry..

Sanskar : Why? Did that Rajat did something? Threatened ur family??

Swara : Think whatever u want..

Sanskar : ( got angry ) You have my swear.. If u don't tell then u won't be able to see my dead face..

Hearing me, she turned to me and slapped me hard on my cheek.. She was fuming in anger..

Swara : Do u have that much guts and courage to learn the truth??? If u got to know the truth na, u.. urself will refuse to get marry..

I wasn't getting what she was saying.. She come and hugged me tightly.. She was different today.. like it was our last meet in this birth.. Night was moving ahead and swara slept in my embrace while closing her eyes.. I was caressing her hairs with my hand and seeing dreams of our future. But one horrible truth was chasing us..

In morning. .

I was talking with Lucky.. in his room..

Sanskar : Rajat's activities are increasing.. now its time to stop him..

Laksh : Rajat? Who Rajat??

Sanskar : cmon Lucky,  arey that Rajat.. with whom I had fought..

Laksh was shocked.

Laksh : Sanky.. are u insane??? He is died..

I was shocked.. Rajat is dead?? When?  How??

Sanskar : What?? When ? How??

Laksh : 2 years back.. 1 tractor smashed him.. near that tree outside of our village..

I got shocked.. That means that day.. it was Rajat's spirit.. who was back of me..

Sanskar : Then y she lied to me??

Laksh : who's she?

Sanskar : who means?  Swara.. she said Rajat troubles her..

Laksh : ( hell angry ) Have you gone mad??? She's not here.. She left village long back..

Sanskar : what? But why?

Laksh : 5 years back, That Rajat.. He told all villagers that u and swara have affair.. She'll run away with you.. Swara was crying and pleading everyone not to listen him.. she won't do anything like that.. But no one listened and fixed her marriage.. Swara cried a lot.. That day, Rajat was going on bike.. he stopped it near swara and spoke..

Rajat : U marry anyone.. I'll get u by hook or crook and make u mine..

She got hell angry and slapped him hard holding his collar infront of all ppl.. And after dat day.. She was nowhere to be seen.. All said she eloped with someone..

Sanskar : ( calmly ) Lucky.. Swara is here only.. Bcz of these old minded ppl she's not coming in village.. She's living in jungle Lucky.. My swara is bearing so much..
But now I'll take her out of there.. Today u cm with me.. and yes.. I'll marry to Swara only.. at any cost..

Saying this I patted on his back.. But I felt his restlessness.. But y?

At night..

We both came out and drove to meet swara at our regular place.. I was so eager and was blabbering continuously. But Lucky was listening my talks silently.. When we reached I asked him to park bike and I ran to our place.. He also come after parking bike.. Swara wasn't come yet.. I sat on rock with Lucky and started to tell him..

Sanskar : See.. we meet here daily.. but here we had dangerous experience too.. we saw 1 figure.. may be spirit.. but u don't worry.. Now I'm with u..

I showed him sharp knife which I brought and said..

Sanskar : See this knife.. After that incident I felt we should keep some weapon with us..

I was blabbering alone like a mad.. Lucky was only calm and listening me silently.

Night was moving ahead.. It was too late.. still swara didn't come.. I felt restless..

Lucky : Sanky.. Its too late.. lets leave.. I think she won't come today..

But I said cutting him in between and smiling..

Sanskar : She loves me, Lucky.. Look at your back.. Swara came.. ( I smiled )

I went near swara and started speaking..

Sanskar : What is this madam?? How much late ha?? No one cares for time that's y our country isn't progressing.

Swara was standing still.. Silently!

Sanskar : Shonaa.. I told Lucky about us.. we are going to marry.. no need to get scared of anyone.. If any1 says anything I'll break his ribs..

When I looked at Lucky.. His face's colour was changed..

Lucky : s.. sanky.. to whom you are talking??? What happened to u??

I felt fear in his voice..

Sanky : Arey.. What do u mean by whom? I'm talking with Swara..

I said showing my hand towards Swara who was standing there silently.

Lucky : San.. Sankyy.. You are hallucinating.. She's not here and nor she'll come..

Now I started to laugh.. And I said while laughing..

Sanky : ( laughs ) Shonaa.. see.. this Lucky's eyes got damaged.. He can't see you..

Saying this I started taking her hand in mine and my heart skipped a beat.. I felt goosebumps on my whole body.. Her hand is not coming in mine.. She was near me but I couldn't touch her.. While touching her my hand was moving in air only..

Sanky : Shh.. sh.. shonaaa.. ( my words were trembling now )

And dats it.. Lucky couldn't take it anymore and shouted loudly..

Lucky : Your Shona is dead.. did u hear? She is dead.. They killed her by giving her pain each n every second..

Hearing his words I shivered.. My world turned upside down.. I felt someone stabbed my heart 1000 times.. I collapsed on ground with a thud like lifeless body.. Seeing swara infront of me my eyes got filled with tears.. same happened with her.. Lucky sat down holding his head with both of his hands and started telling me crying miserably..

Lucky : She loved u like anything.. But.. Dad didn't wanted this marriage to happen..

Lucky started telling gulping his sobs..

Lucky : Village ppl fixed her marriage.. but that bastard.. Rajat!! He used to trouble her alot.. He always used to say that I'll make u mine.. She was so sick of this daily troubling.. and 1 day she slapped him hard saying don't dare to stop her way again and talk with her rubbish things..

Silently swara come near me and sat beside me.. Wiping his tears Lucky continued..

Lucky : Rajat was hell angry on swara bcz she insulted him infront of village ppl.. It was rainy days.. Swara was coming from mandir.. Rajat and his friends were waiting for her and when she cm they kidnapped her forcefully and took her to Rajat's farmhouse. And.. and.. All raped her there..

Lucky's each and every word was stabbing my heart.. Tears were continuously flowing from my eyes. She was also crying silently keeping her head on my shoulder. Lucky continued..

Lucky : bt that bastard doesn't stop only on it..  he called his another 3 friends and asked them too to rape her.. bccz swara insulted him infront of them..

They used to give food to ur swara only to keep her alive & again…. used to fulfill their lust..

Lucky's every word was tearing my heart.. I wanted to shout loudly.. cry loudly.. but I gulped my sobs and started listening..

Lucky : After 3 weeks of swara's kidnapping.. those bastards made rumours that she eloped with someone. I got doubt on them.. so I spied on them and chased them secretly till jungle. I saw Rajat's farmhouse there.. They were 3,4 guys.. I waited for them to go and when they went.. I get inside and seeing scenario infront of me.. I felt someone tore my heart..

Lucky couldn't take it anymore and started to cry vigorously. . I was in same condition.. He managed himself and continued..

Lucky : Your Swara.. who once used to be like fresh flower.. was lying there.. lifeless.. all quiet.. and pale.. Only few clothes were covering her.. only lilttle voice used to cm from her throat..

" Maa.. maa… wa.. water.. waterrr.. "

As soon as she felt someone's presence, she opened her eyes and looked at me.. She tried to cover herself seeing me.. bt.. she had not that much energy.. She couldn't even left her hand up.. After bearing so much pain her tears also got dried.. I went near her and tried to cover her by clothes which was lying there.. she said me..

" How is my Sankyy..???"

Hearing Lucky's words I bursted out crying.. I was crying miserably.. Lucky continued wiping his tears..

Lucky : I was going to rescue her bt they all cm suddenly.. They threatened me saying I also have 1 sister.. They told me that if I said anything to anyone.. they'll do same thing with.. with my sister diya and will kill her.. I had no other option.. They literally threw me out of there.. and later I never dared to go there.. I wanted to tell u.. bt how to tell u and what?? But I knw.. After doing all this also they didn't let Swara alive..

Saying this he stood up and cm near me..

Lucky : come.. lets go home..

Sanky : ( blankly ) You go.. I'll come later..

Lucky went from there.. After he went.. Swara broke her silence and started to tell me in chocking voice..

Swara : 3 weeks.. 3 weeks those beast were fulfilling their lust through me.. 1 boy even paid to Rajat.. Laksh got to knw abt them so they got scared.. that night I was moaning in pain inside.. semiconscious state.. I felt they were putting woods around me.. They were going to burn me alive.. They burnt wood and fire got spreaded.. I prayed to god for last time..

" Thank you so much God.. for freeing me from this hell.. But plz.. don't let me get peace until I meet my Sanky.. "…

I was burning.. I was in great pain.. but didn't have energy to shout also.. I was only moaning in pain.. I died after sometime and become ash in that fire.. The death they gave me, I gave them much more horrible death than this..

I heard Swara's words and hugged her tightly.. They burnt alive one innocent pure soul.. I wiped my tears and took out knife from my packet.. I was about to stab myself but Swara hold my hand nodding no and said..

Swara : If I wanted to make u mine by killing u then I never saved u from that Rajat's soul 2 times.. We don't need dare to die, but we need it to live after bearing so much pain n sorrows.. I won't like u being dead like insects.. 1 swara died therefore world didn't stopped.. I was only waiting to meet you.. now I got free.. I'll get peace..

I took her in my embrace hearing her words.. She started to go away from me.. I started to get panic..

Sanky : Shonaaa.. Shonaaa.. no.. You can't leave me.. How can you leave ur sanky.. u knw na.. I can't live without you.. plz.. plz come back.. plz don't leave me Shonaa.. I love you.. I need you.. ( I cried out. )

Swara : I love you too Sanky.. But I need to go.. I can't stay.. And what if not in this birth, I'll born in next birth only for you.. to complete our INCOMPLETE LOVE STORY..!!!

Saying this she spread her hands and got vanished in sky.. I sat on my knees while crying and cried my heart out..

" Swaraaaaaaaaaaa….!!!!!"……

The End!!!


Hey guys..
It was different concept..
I hope u liked it..

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