Incomplete Love Story: Born to complete (Introduction)


Hello guys I am posting this ff hope you like it…
Swara – she is a bubbly girl in collage, Sammie for Sanskar or Sanky!! Loves her family
Sanskar – he is a flirty boy but really protective about Swara and only she has rights calling him Sanku
Shona – really cool girl but is really matured and prefers in books.. Wears glasses to hide her beauty
Sanky – really cool boy opposite Swara and finding a soul mate.. Is flirty but flirts in limit..
STORY – this will be a secret as then you will not have fun dudes!!
So guys I know you are confused but your confusion will be cleared!!! T trust me you will find it fun!!! my friend helped me in this… this is a hollywood movie so its not really my idea but I put my ideas in it..

Shona is Saachi and Sanky is Varun (I didn’t get any name) they both have a flashback it will kill me of be like ADHURI KAHAANI HAMARI… They both will kind of know their past…. I can’t always upload so I will take ton of time to write this❤️
Saachi – Sanky I love you so much
Varun – I love you too Shona and yeah we will meet next time for sure
Saachi – sure and Adi we will meet soon too and that day you will be dead
Adi – let’s see.. I will always let your story be incomplete “ADHURI KABHI PURI NAHI HOGI”
Varun – in your dreams
Sanky throws a knife and Adi shouts in pain and he is Dead forever!!!
VaSa and holding hands jump from the cliff and say we will meet soon and destroy this Adi
They jump and Silence

Swara – dad I am going to Kolkata for my studies
Dad – be careful
Swara – ok
Sanskar – mom don’t you dare talk to him
Mom – believe in love
Sanskar – love is trash
Mom – you will fall in love soon❤️❤️❤️
So guys in flashback my first question is why did they kill Adi?? When Adi died why they jumped off cliff?? What is the story of Varun And Sanchi!!!!
Real life – as I mentioned Swara and Sanskar were BFF but here they are poles apart?? How they meet?? How they become BFF??

For all this keep reading my fan fiction and stay tuned
Till then Bye,Reards,au revoir,adiós and alvida


I will not be able to upload this everyday so I am going to upload this once a week sorry for that but I’m busy hope you all like this.. guys this is very different from NEHA’S TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES

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