Incomplete Love Story: Born to complete chapter 5



Hello everyone I am here with chapter 5??

Part 5

Next Day : College

Swaragini enter the college

Swara – Ragini please meet my Sanku

Ragini – no but

Swara – no but wut you are coming and that’s final

Ragini – ok madam

Swara – that’s like my ragu.. Now come on I don’t want to be late and you will have to meet him

Ragini – ok❤️?

Swaragini leave to meet Sanskar and move ahead ?


Swaragini reach there and are waiting for Sanskar

Soon swara gets Sanku call

Swara – hello..

Sanskar – hello actua

Swara – shut up and listen how are you late we have been waiting since 20 mins and you where are you and who are you with kahi nayi best friend nahi mil gayi na?

Sanskar – no way Sammy I will never cheat you and listen I am with my friend+Brother he gave a sudden visit so now I am coming there with him ok

Swara – ok fine reach Asap or else

Sanskar – ok meri maa

Swasan smile and end up the call but get embossed by their siblings teasing them HeHeHeHe???

?SwaRagini Talks?

Ragini – Ahem Ahem

Swara – haan yea Ragini what happen

Ragini – oho ok I will not tease you but describe how he looks

Swara – ok


?SanLak Talks?

Sanskar – chal lucky warna jhansi Ki rani mere sar pe tandav karegi chal

Lucky – ok fine come on btw we reached see there she is.. Is that her

Sanskar – yes but

Before he could say he hears swaragini talking and stands behind them

Swara – let me describe him
You don’t need words to describe he is simply incredible he is handsome,he is so dashing that all girls will die for him but he is only my BFF you know when you are near him you feel so protective and when he hugs mah I feel so good I feel like heaven on my feet I am sure if u meet him you will say “OMG Swara you have got such a good BFF”

Sanskar was simply staring at her and was really mesmerized hearing her voice about him and is interrupted or disturbed by Laksh ?

Laksh – ahem Bhai lets go.. (To swarag) excuse me ladies

Sanskar – hello Sammy and you must be Ragini right

Swara realises and then gets shy and diverts to cover

Swara – oh you guys come on please and yeah you must be Laksh right

Laksh – right

SwaLak RagSan talk a lot with each other and enjoy company so Laksh decides something

Laksh – today we all are going out for dinner ok

Sanskar – please join us

Swara – ok we join (she sees Ragini and whispers) Ragini don’t worry Kavita has gone for party so bindass raho

Ragini – ok we are joining

All laugh and go home to get ready for the dinner ❤️

Ragini is walking home soon Laksh reached there

Laksh – hey Ragini

Ragini – hi Laksh

Laksh – thanks for joining us tonight ok.. Bye meet you at night and it’s lucky not Laksh ok

Ragini smiles and moves to get ready



Sanlak come to fetch swaragini for dinner

Sanskar is wearing a black formal and Laksh is wearing a white formal ( like they wore in GPA and the party of colors)

Soon swaragini too come

Swara is wearing a black dress (the one she wore in the colors annual party) and Ragini wears and white dress (which she wore in AND TV awards)

Swaragini – SanLak

They both turn and ate mesmerized seeing swaragini and move to them Laksh teases Sanskar

Sanskar – OMG you are looking so pretty Sammy today boys will go flat on you

Swara – thank you

They both go and soon they all go to the hotel and find seats and sit and enjoy the dinner and laugh and discuss about their likes dislikes future present?

Host – hello there are many pretty people in the audience ok let’s come to the point so then I want to say that there are many pretty people in the audience so we are going to host a dance competition ok so I want all of you to come ahead

Raglak push SwaSan in and SwaSan go ahead

Sanskar pulls swara by her waist and brings her close to him and swara puts her hands on his shoulder

Pal.. do pal ki kyun hai zindagi
Iss pyaar ko hai sadiyan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang loon
Mohallat main ek nai
Rehanaa hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jana nahi…
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Teri muskuraahate hain taakat meri
Mujhko enhi se ummid mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Enmein hi hai sadaa hifaajat meri
Zindagaani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai

Slowly both of them move on the beats and are in a deep and passionate Eye Lock and staring at each other lovingly

Teri dhadkanon se hai zindagi meri
Khwaahisein teri ab duaayein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lautunga yahaan tere paas mein haan
Vaada hai mera, mar bhi jaaun kahin
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai

Sanskar spins swara but he loses her balance because of the intense moment and then Sanskar holds her by waist and pulls her closer and stares into her eyes and they finish dancing but aren’t in senses

Soon after hearing claps they come in senses and move apart soon SwaSan and raglak leave for their houses and say bye to each other but somethings struck in Ragini mind

Ragini – guys stay here overnight please

Swara – yes please

To Be Continued….


Next Chapter – Truth&Dare but a different one…


Hope you all like it!! Guys so sorry for the short update but I am busy I will try updating soon!! My next slot is Raglak SS or SwaSan SS I don’t know but I will post one of them till then stay tuned….

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