Incomplete Love Story: Born to complete chapter 4


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Chapter 4


Sanky is shocked seeing Shona surrounded with Riya and her friends and around Shona

Riya -ae chasmish where are you going

Saachi – I am going to have my lunch

Riya – oh you see this canteen is for cool people not for you nerds

Saachi – please let me have my lunch

Riya – ok before all that you need to dance

All the people were shocked listening to Riya and Varun and friends barge there

Samir – Riya shut up and let’s get go

Varun – or else we will complain against you

Riya – what if I don’t leave her haan

Varun – then we know what to do

All Varun friends who were girls surround against her and pull her hair and demand her to dance and one girl slaps her

Riya – this will be really bad for you guys

Riya and her so called goes from there?

Varun one friend Piya – Shona are you okay

Saachi – yes thank you sorry bye I need to go

She thanks all the boys and comes infront of Varun

Saachi – thank you sir for saving me now bye

While going Varun holds her wrist and she turns back and he says

Varun – first a fall call me Sanky and second thing dosti mein no sorry and no thank you ok

Saachi – ok bye

Varun – bye

All of them leave for their work and soon day ends and Varun goes home with a bright open smile


Varun – kaka please give me sine coffee

Kaka – Varun you look really happy anything special

Varun – no not at all I am only happy to get new friends

AP comes there meanwhile and sees Varun happy face

AP – Varun you look really happy aaj Suraj right se aaya Kya

Varun – come on mom I am just being normal

AP – ok now come on get ready and have ur dinner

Varun – ok

Varun Room

OMG today I met a princess let her be s chasmish but she is an angel on world but today after seeing that stupid Riya I was pissed I wish I would have killed her now I have a plan

Varun smirks and calls Smriti and tells her something and smirks

Varun – wait and watch Miss Riya Mathur you are going to suffer tomorrow.. Tomorrow will be the longest day ever for ya



Saachi – thank god Shona today you are safe from Riya the bully thank you Bhagwan
Ji that you sent Sanskar and friends to help me

She thanks god and sleeps thinking about Varun aka soon to be her Sanky


Riya House

Riya barges in really in a anger mood and starts throwing stuff

Adi (Riya bro) – chotu what happen why are you angry

Riya – Bhai I have two reasons

Adi – what is that

Riya – 1. Varun rejected me 2. That Saachi miss diva because of her Varun par mera bad impression pada?

Riya ko Varun kabhi NAHI milega? lol?

Adi – chill for now

Riya – I need a favor from you

Adi – what

Riya tells him something and they smirk unknown of the next tragedy coming up


Note : Sanskar only knows what’s written in Varun dairy and doesn’t know yet about Adi also

Varun – Riya should be Kavita relative she was also like that I wish I can get a miss perfect but I have a miss BFF come on Sanku sleep now or else ?

Sanku sleeps peacefully thinking about his Sammy

Garden Area

Swara messages Sanskar -good night sweet dreams

And gets a reply ??????

She goes to sleep thinking about the day next

To Be Continued…….

Next Chapter – Lajsh entering college,SwaSan talks and college party….. From past Varun plan


Hope you all like it please comment soon and yes one more thing this ff is only by me Tvisha and I will upload soon if I get more responses

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