Incomplete Love Story: Born to complete chapter 3

Hello everyone what’s up I am here with a update I will upload summary after every 5 chapters???? guys today is short update because I am not posting after some days so bear with me

One more thing VASA are Varun and Saachi aka Sanky and Shona

Chapter 3

Next morning : Swaragini Mansion.

Swara – Ragini what should I wear

Ragini comes to the room and is shocked seeing the clothes all around

Ragini – wth Swara

Swara – help me select

Ragini – ok wear this blue dress

Swara – Awsm you are the best sister ever

Ragini – I know now bye

Swara gets ready and says bye


MM house

Sanskar gets ready in white shirt yellow jacket and blue jeans and leaves to meet Swara



Swara Sanskar meet

Sanskar – Sammie get into the car fast

He doesn’t see her

Swara – Sanku see me for once

Sanskar – Sammie

He looks at her and open his mouth in O shape Swara shakes him and bring him to reality

Sanskar – you are looking really pretty

Swara – thanks let’s leave

Sanskar – come on

They both leave in the jeep and Rom around Kolkata and take many selfies finally they get down in a park

Swasan are walking and suddenly Swara slips

Swara was caught by Sanskar and they had a EYELOCK which was broken by Sanskar

Sanskar – let’s eat

Swara – ok.. Anyway do you know to dance

Sanskar – yes

Swara – come on then

Sanskar – ok

Swara Sanskar stand up and stand and he twirls her and she crashed on his chest then and have a eye moment and then moved sideways and catch one hand to another and Sanku pulls her again to himself and they dance passionately and then he makes her Tilt and holds her they have EYELOCK

Swara – OMG you dance do freakin well

Sanskar – thank you

Swara in excitement hugs him and kisses his cheek and kisses her forehead

They both spend sometime and at last go to the beach

Swasan are holding hands and walking on water when Sanskar gets a naughty idea and splashes water on her face and she runs behind him soon while running they both trip down and Swara on Sanskar they have a good moment when a child comes there they move apart

Child – aunty uncle

Swasan – yes

Child – this rose is for cute couples you look good so here you go

The kid gives and runs away that rose represents many things even hatered

Soon after the day ends they both leave but turn to gift each other

Swara gifts Sanskar a watch which has BFF’s and Sanskar gifts her a SS pendant with a bracelet of BFF

They both hug and reach home!!


Swaragini house

Swara – today was so good

Ragini – tell me what happen

Swara tells everything and they chat


Sanskar was really happy so decided to read the dairy


Varun is Sanky
Saachi is Shona

Sanky and friends are in canteen waiting for Shona

Sanky – when will she come

Karan – dude chill

Abi – see there dude

Sanky sees something and shocked

Screen Freezes At his shocking face


Next Episode – Only Dairy Part


Sorry everyone for short update today and being freakin ate but I’m really busy and my scedule is tight!! if you want to read further plzz see on fb!!! I posted it on fb!!!!

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